This gig was definitely on the road. The songs were chosen to better fit the venue (Evans club): They were a mix of Christmas and pop rock music. Sharon (with Ima's help) had even convince Eyal to sing one with her. The song 'Baby, It's cold outside' Sharon had said was perfect for Eyal. A crooner song that was more talked than sang. It was composed by Frank Loesser in 1944 and recorded by Dean Martin in 1959, Eyal preferred version but for Sharon it was Lady Antebellum's.

It was time to take the next step and that was a full pre-show practice. Sharon was really impressed. Andy and MP were the only ones with experience but with what she saw all were quite good at their respective roles. Eyal especially, she was seeing a side of him that was not expected. He was quite a performer, she even suspected he was enjoying his experience.

The instruments were all set up, Auggie organised them so he could operate the synthesiser with all and he handed print out copies of all the parts: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Saxophone and Drums. They needed to check if they were in time with each other, with some songs it was fairly easy, but for others it require that Auggie use the metronome. Eric and Vincent were filming their performances for use as footing to fortify their cover in a future mission.

Time had come, the Club was at full capacity, the Canadian cruisers and Eyal family filled most of the seats but there were some regulars. Cousin Evans was real happy to see the group coming to help him out. Kevin and Avi had a special permission to be present, them being under age.

"It's show time" Sharon shouted to get the gang in the right mood. Eyal looking at her and seeing that she was really in her element and with her introduction, the audience was sold. Telling them she was Canadian and introducing her partners 2 Canadians (herself and her daughter MP) 4 Americans (Auggie, Annie, Vincent and Eric), 2 British (Robert, Andy) and 2 Israelis (Eyal and Jake). She asked that tonight all should leave religions and quarrels at the door, that the songs the band were going to sing were just that; songs and lovely lyrics, not propaganda or doctrines of any sort. We are all here for one thing: To have a jolly fun night!

Opening was a song from Sade 'Smooth operator'. A good song for Jake to add his touch of the saxophone. It was Auggies choice and not one of Sharon usual songs. She had to scramble to learn in but it came easy, some lyrics reminded her of Eyal (before she started dating him that is or at least she hoped!).

He's laughing with another girl
And playing with another heart.
Placing high stakes, making hearts ache.
He's loved in seven languages.

Jake was an instant hit!

The second song was sang by Annie - Katy Perry "Last Friday Night' and it had the young's … and the olds… dancing!

For the third song, Sharon made Evans bring two high seat bar stools, patted on one of them so to flirtatiously invite Eyal to come over. Boys was he playing his part quite well, a complete natural!

Sharon introduced the song "The lyrics in this duet are a conversation between two people, I'll name them "Mouse" and "Wolf". They have returned to the "Wolf's" den/home after a date, and "Mouse" decides it's time to go home, but "Wolf" flirtatiously invites her to stay as it's late and "It's cold outside. You'll notice that "Wolf' and "Mouse" aren't quite listening to each other." The music started, all saw that the two were openly flirting with each other and having fun playing for favors of the audience. It was a standing ovation as the music ended.

They were up to their last song before a well deserve break. It was Annie and 'O little Town of Bethlehem'. It was a last minute addition and Annie had learned it in the afternoon. She stumble on a few words and to everybody surprise, Eyal took it over in Hebrew with Annie joining him also in Hebrew. MP took over for Sharon and sang vocals in Hebrew. It seemed as it had been planned just that way. That did the audience in, as the music finished all were on their feet!

Back stage all were ecstatic, they couldn't believe what had just happened.

"Eyal for a guy who did not want to stand on stage with a guitar you sure outdid yourself. How did you manage that last one?" Sharon putting her arms around Eyal shoulders while he was sitting on the couch. Lovingly, he pulled her over and sat her on him.

"Well I heard Annie signing it over and over, over and over….. (Annie rolled her eyes at him and slapped the back of his head) so I just started saying it in Hebrew just to see how it sounded and the lyrics stuck."

Evans came in the make shift dressing room and he was happy bar/club owner! "Are you guys accepting contracts? I can rebook you any time. You're great, I just can't believe it's the first time you're playing together!"

Ima came in and went directly to Eyal and planted two big kisses on his cheeks. "You made me cry tonight, do you realize this is the first time I heard you sing. My my you have your father voice, I so loved to hear him sing! Thanks for the sweet memories son!" Ima was not the only Lavin with teary eyes!

"His father sang!" said in unison Annie, Auggie and Sharon. She and Auggie turning around at the same time, hitting their water battle together and creating quite a mess!

"Yes, and he sang quite well. I loved to dance, Abraham not that much but he loved to sing. Eyal seems to have inherit both our passions"

Sharon putting her hands on his chest "Another thing we have in common: Your mother danced and your father sang…. My mother sang and my father danced. We seem to have inherited both. I now have a partner in love and in crime plus a singing and dancing partner. What more can a girl ask! You really are full of surprises and you're the one accusing ME of being secretive! I knew you were enjoying yourself…"

Andy asked "What's the menu for the rest of the night Sharon?"

"Andy, you haven't looked at your sheets" Auggie nervously responded.

"No worry I play by ear and Sharon has a way of surprising everybody on the second half of a gig."

"Not this time Andy, playing as planned, we don't have a trained group well at least I thought we didn't. You guys are really really good! For the last piece Dad will be signing 'Auld Lang Syne' Ima get ready to shake off those ladies from the cruise ship, from experience they're going to go gaga with him."

"Don't worry Sharon, I have some secret weapons of my own, they won't touch him!"

"Come to think of it, I might make one change"

"Told you" Andy mocked Sharon

"Eyal could you join me as my dance partner in "Rocking around the Christmas Tree" Dad will open with his song and we'll close with a singing and dancing. It should put the audience in a dancing mood! The more they dance the more they drink!

Evans added, "She a keeper Eyal, don't let go of this one. If you don't plan to keep her, I'll take her any time!"

Eyal held Sharon quite possessively "No need Evans, she taken as long as she'll have me. For the singing and dancing, I'll do it Sharon but for your eyes only! I would love to end this night looking in those beautiful blue eyes of yours while singing and dancing the night away."

The second part of the gig went as well as the first. All in all it was a lovely night for the clients and the team. Robert, like Sharon had predicted, was sought out but Eyal and Jake also seemed to have a lot of fervent admirers. Some regulars asked when the next show for that band was!

After the signing some of them danced a bit. Ima and Robert were the center of attraction, they dances beautifully together. Ima asked Sharon and Eyal to join them but they declined. Neither wanted to put the attention off Ima and Robert and also both of them were very tired.

Sharon was eyeing MP, she seemed to be bothered a bit by the attention Jake was getting. Mother's instinct something was effectively going on between those two. Eyal approached "Is Jake causing problems?"

"Nope, but something is definitely going on between those two. For now don't have time to explore it, we leave tomorrow for England and we have a lot to organize! A first for you … Daddy!"

"We have time to take care of all that tomorrow. Tonight I have a surprise for you."

Sharon looked up at Eyal "A surprise, when did you have time to organize a surprise"

"I have my ways. Ima and Robert are taking the boys, MP and Jake have been invited to spend the rest of the evening with Annie and Auggie, don't worry Jake will be on his best behavior …. I saw to it… and you're coming with me. Put this blindfold on"

"Eyal, you're kidding"

"Nope and here just a touch of my perfume, so you won't guess the place by the smell my little master spy."

"Eyal, where are you taking me, I don't quite like being blind in a place that I could recognize by the smell…. Not good!"

"No worry, no danger" Eyal whispered softly while gently massaging her shoulders.

Eyal helped Sharon in the car and drove to their surprise destination.

"Here we are, My Lady" Eyal taking Sharon hands, pulling her flush to his body and guiding her to their final stop.

"Eyal don't know what or where this is but can guess what we are going to end up doing. Not to discreet with hiding your 'readiness' Sharon whispered to him with a sexy smile.

"Oops… would notice that! Well looks like I'll have to keep you in front of me at all time because where we are going, there are lots of young minds. Wouldn't want to give the bad example."

"You really know how to intrigue a girl, young minds, the smell, I have absolutely no clue."

"An you call yourself a master spy, I can tell you a couple of ways I would have found out where we are"

"Eyal, spy mode is off, I'm not in competition with you for our craft. I really love surprises and if I knew what you were preparing it would ruin the delicious anticipation with premature fulfillment." Sharon whispered, she was feeling quite flirtatious.

"Point taken, you are absolutely right, love"

They had reached their final stop, Eyal slowly took the blindfold off and Sharon knew right away where they were: The dorm room where both of them had their first encounter together. Eyal had arrange for it to be decorated exactly in the same manner when she had left it numbers of years ago. Sharon suspected a mutual friend called Annie may have helped out with decorations base on her photos.

"Eyal, this this is…." Sharon started crying, Eyal pulled her close to him

"I wanted to close a couple of circles with this trip and for me this was the most important one. I'm going to show you, my lady, what our first night together should have been!"

His strong arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her in close for a couple of quick kisses while spreading a blanket on the flood and depositing a small basket on it.

"You want to have a picnic at this hour, I'm really not hungry Eyal"

"No, not quite, a nice Brachetto d'Acqui, a lightly effervescent, fruity, low-alcohol wine with chocolate covered strawberries. Just to put us in the mood."

Being held close to his rock hard body and surrounded by his arms, herownbody heat was rising very rapidly "Don't think that's going to be necessary"

"Indulge me, I want to make up for our first night"

"You don't have to make up for nothing, we were young. I didn't feel cheated or let down and as I remember we both wanted it: A little thing called teenage rampaging hormones!" Sharon accepting a glass of wine and both of them biting in a strawberry then exchanging wine and strawberry tasting kisses.

"Quick sex is not/will never be my style. I have a chance to correct a wrong, relax my beautiful lady, I will show you how a woman should be treated!"

Feeling his heartbeat against her back and inhaling his masculine scent, those alone were more than enough to send her in a wonderful amorous feeling. The small kisses he was planting on her neck were tantalising. She turned into him and started to unbutton his blouse, he tried to stop her but she would not hear of it: "No, you don't. This is not going to be a one man show. I also like to please my partner. Love this surprise, it's a wonderful and very thoughtful way of putting an end to our trip! You're the most chivalrous man I know Mr. Eyal Lavin and you're all mine, I'm not sharing!"

"Love a possessive woman!"

Both of them commencing a wonderful night of pure ecstasy each searching to please one another.

Sharon was the first to wake up, her head resting on his chest, she couldn't help but rub the back of her hand on the contour of his face and day old beard. He grabbed her hand "Don't start, my old body can't take any more. We might be in a student dorm but we, we'll I, am not a teenager any more, sorry I'm completely beat! Happy to say that you, Mrs. Welby, are now my record holder for the numbers of bouts in one night."

Sharon hovering over him and planting a kiss on his lips "You were the one to mention that record of yours…. knowing full well I would bite. Loved my night, hope we never lose that special desire we have for each other, it's earth shattering. I feel so safe and protected with you, you're a wonderful partner"

"And so are you! Must admit I'm getting a bit spoiled, love that I'm not a 'one man show' as you said. A guy can get use to been treated that way."

"Eyal, you should know it takes two to dance a beautiful tango!"

Just then Sharon cell rang, looking at the incoming text, she showed it to Eyal. It was from MP

'Mom, can Jake come with us to England. You and Eyal are going to be together, Avi and Kev are the best of buddies and I'm going to be alone.'

"Love, think Jake can take some down time between missions?"

"How should I know, I'm not his handler or babysitter" Eyal was a little frustrated, have a fellow Mossad agent to babysit was not in his plans.

"Come on, you could use your contacts with Mossad to help teenagers in love"

"Sharon, you know Jake is a fully trained Mossad operative. You sure you want MP falling for him, could spell heartbreak."

"It's already done, don't tell me you didn't notice"

Eyal eyeing Sharon with a sly smile "Saw it the first day we were at their safe house. Been there, done that and also know that at one point it's going to hurt for one or both of them"

"I know but we can't do nothing about it, it's their life to live. I plan on talking to her but if they can have a bit of carefree time together, it will be a least that. I can't shake that there is more to Jake than meet the eye."

"With a Mossad spy there is usually more than meets the eye, trust me on that. I'll see what I can do. I need to turn in my file on the Hanna-Daniel report. I'll try to speak to Rivka. Don't get your hopes up, this is Mossad we're taking about, not your local Glee's club. I'm just glad I'm not their age, really don't miss those life learning experiences! What's MI-6, policy about dating a foreigner and come to think of it MP is the granddaughter of MI-6 top boss, you certain Jake is not trying to turn her"

"Nope, trust my daughter fully and got news for you…. Mossad already tried with an epic fail! As for dating a foreigner there is officially no policy, not that it would matter for MP. She's fully trained but she's more of an asset for MI-6 than a full fledge spy. The privilege of having a high place Granddad and mom seen to it also. If MP wants to continue in this line of work she can take her decision at a later date. For now she's a student-athlete with a little extra side-line, simple exchanges of low level intel."

'Care to tell me how Mossad went about to trying on turning MP" Eyal was feeling a bit uncomfortable with Sharon's last statement, a bit like being caught between a rock and a hard place.

"Can't tell you much but let's just say, MP sense something was not right, called me, I called my dad and we let Mossad play their cards. In the last stretch, they met up close and personal with my dad instead of MP. Boys, would I have love to be a little bird and see that meeting, Robert can be quite a badass went pushed! Result it cost them lots of time and money, MP had a blast and it came close to creating a large rip for inter-agency collaborations! Don't think you guys are going to try that route with MP again."

"I'm surprise your dad even considered me for team leader."

"Eyal, it's just a game, sometime a very dangerous game but all in all, turning assets is a must. You have double, we have double, you might have turned some MI-6 agents, and I might have turned some Mossad agents. My dad gave you the job because he looked at the full package: the man, his talent, his ethics, his morals, his agency and how he works his agency, in other words when confronted with a mission or action that goes against his code of ethics that this man could say no and walk away. You Eyal Lavin fitted the bill perfectly."

"Glad Robert has that view, we are not our agency. Hey come to think of it, you have the security clearances, would you care to join me at King Saul Boulevard."

"I'd love to! Rivka should be delighted to see me. Last time I faced up with her, let say it didn't go to well." Sharon was laughing and Eyal was starting to have second thoughts about his invitation!

"You talking about that marriage stunt you pulled in a Las Vegas mission, Stunt that got Jacob and Rufus 'married'

"Yes and it wasn't a stupid stunt, you should know, it was quite creative one. I did it for a very valid reason. If we meet up with either Jacob or Rufus, I'll ask them if I can let you in The Secret"

Eyal side glanced Sharon with a suspicious look.

"OK Mr. Lavin, enough talk, we really have to get up. You don't have only you to pick up after, your son is going to be travelling with us remember!

"Sharon, he's 14, think he can take care of himself and knowing Ima and Hanna, they must have prepared everything for him. Our plane leave late tonight, we have the full day ahead of us."

"Eyal, he's never traveled, he's going to need some of your 'savoir-faire' and reassurance, come on get up!" She pushed him a bit harder than expected and they both tumbled to the floor. Sharon had forgotten they were in a student room and in a 'single' bed!" Well one thing led to another and finally they got dressed… a full hour later!

Eyal was surprise, a number of people at Mossad seemed to know Sharon or Mouse as they greeted her. Their visit with Rivka went quite well. Eyal was praised for his low-profile handling of the Hanna-Daniel affair (the operative word being low-profile) and he easily became Jake's new handler/trainer/babysitter for a 2-4 week period with no missions in view. Rivka seemed delighted that Eyal was taking an interest in the young operative. Sharon was now more than certain that Jake had something special, Rivka's body language was sending strong indication that she was hiding something. Sharon took a mental note to talk to Eyal again about it. And best of all for Eyal, both ladies had been quite civilize with each other. Rivka even joked with Sharon at Eyal expense. Before leaving Rivka recalled Sharon, pretending to give her a souvenir of her visits. She whispered to Sharon: "Don't know if it's his new job or 'love' but it's working miracles. Never seen him look so rested and hearty convivial. And you, my dear, have mature quite a bit since I last saw you, don't know if it's Eyal influence but if so you two are good for one another. "

Sharon hug Rivka lightly "You are right Rivka, I think we do help one another. Loved seeing you and this time I'm leaving standing on my two feet!"

Finally coming out of Rivka's office Eyal looked at Sharon with an admiring smirk "I'm proud of you love, we've been here more than 2 hours and the roof is still on top of us. We have time for one last stop, where would you like to revisit!

Sharon rolled her eyes at Eyal "Let's stop by your gym facilities, that's where I'm most likely to meet old friends. Also, how can we find out if Jacob and/or Rufus are in the place? Didn't want to ask Rivka, she was in such good mood, though it was best to leave that souvenir out of our conversation."

"Very wise decision, love" Eyal laughing put his arm around Sharon shoulders and brought her close to him and kissed her head. She was happy even a bit surprise to see that Eyal didn't shy away from being seen close and personal with her in his work environment. Sharon couldn't help but notice that Rivka was right, he was very much at peace with himself even carefree. She had fallen in love with him before this trip but she was loving even more the man he was becoming or re-becoming!

"Eyal, you still think there isn't anything special with Jake?"

"Sharon, I'm on it, there definitely is something that doesn't feel right. Hey, just got a reply from Jacob, they are both here, they will meet us in the gym."

Jacob and Rufus were happy to be meeting up with Sharon. The foursome decided to grab diner outside of Mossad's headquarters


Eyal guided them to a small diner where he was held up by a couple of old friend/assets.

Finally joining his trio, Sharon had ordered for him "Thanks love, good choice, Swarma and mint tea, you're getting to know me quite well. I see you could not stay away from fried food"

"What can I say Eyal, you a a fine cook and a 'connaisseur' as food is concerned but I was craving some junk food, those breaded chicken cutlets- Schnitzel made my taste buds come alive!"

Jacob and Rufus were looking at Sharon and Eyal interact and were wanting to ask if the two were a couple but knowing Eyal reputation for guarding his private life they choose not to pursue it. It was Eyal that filled them in "You are wondering if Sharon is on a mission or my companion aren't you?

Rufus face reddened and Sharon puffed out laughing. "It's OK guy, it's not a secret, and yes we are effectively together. We are not your typical couple, it's not often that you have a MI-6 and Mossad match-up! And how is your couple doing?

Eyal looked curiously at Sharon then at the two agents. Rufus shifted in his chair, grinned at Sharon and started talking "Eyal, Sharon asked us to bring you in our little secret, so here goes: First let me tell you outright: That Las Vegas chapel stunt she pulled saved our careers. See we were and still are gays. They were rumors about us and we were pretty sure that this mission was to be our last. In those days, homosexuality was not accepted in the spy world. We had finished the mission up early and were bored out of our minds. Having nothing to lose we started talking with this free spirited redhead and her teammate, Andy if I remember well (Sharon acknowledge).They seemed sympathetic and forbearing so we shared our problem with them. To cheer us up, Sharon proposed that with the money that no one knew we had, to pay us a fun night around town. Boys did we ever have fun. On our way back we passed by those 24 hours get married fast chapels. Sharon looked at us and had a brainstorm of an idea. She rang it by us and if was so silly that we decided to give it a go, we had nothing to lose! The idea was for us to get married and register the act. Sharon arranged it for MI-6 and Mossad to get a wind of it so for our agencies to undo her 'wrongdoing'. Let's say we were all in trouble for that stunt … Rufus had to stop and catch his breath, he and Jacob couldn't stop laughing even after all those years. Sharon took over

"Well my thinking was that since there was a rumor about them, why not feed the rumor to the max. In those days no one would believe that they could be crazy enough to pull such a stunt if they were effectively homosexuals. So when they went back to Mossad, yes they were in trouble but not for being gay but for acting stupidly and for putting their cover in danger. Nothing else mattered. A bit like knowing you're in trouble for stealing your dad's car and crashing it so dad would worry about your wellbeing instead of his car. A bit over the top but like they said, they had nothing to lose.

Jacob added "It worked better than expected, we were even asked to participated in a total of three missions were it was necessary that our cover be gays. Each time Mossad gave us the speech 'Since you two were stupid enough to get a fake a gay wedding, you are the perfect candidates for this new mission" We still had to be discreet about our homosexuality but we were never bothered afterward. We have been honest about our sexual orientation for 5 years now. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in Israel have advanced in those years. Same-sex sexual activity was legalized in 1988. Tel Aviv has frequently been referred to by publishers as one of the most gay friendly cities in the world, famous for our annual Pride Parade and gay beach, earning the nickname "the gay capital of the Middle East" by Out Magazine. According to LGBT travelers, it was ranked as the best gay city in 2011."

Rufus continued "Eyal if it wasn't for Sharon's 'Stunt' we wouldn't be having this conversation. That mission with her is and will stay my best souvenir as an operative. After meeting up with her and Andy, Jacob and I never accepted to try to turn an MI-6 agent. We were too respectful of one crazy redhead! You, Eyal Lavin better take good care of her, she one special lady. If not you'll have us to answer to!"

Eyal looked at Sharon and shook his head, "Sharon I owe you an apology. Love, it seems I still have a lot to learn about you. Does your father know about this?"

Sharon had a huge smile across her face "No, he still thinks I had one of my 'Hamster go-round' ideas, don't want to ruin my reputation for being an AS for stirring trouble!"

Sharon and Eyal left Rufus and Jacob to finish their lunch. Before leaving, they insisted in giving Sharon the ring they had used to get 'married'. Eyal grabbed it and put it on Sharon thumb "I now pronounce you, Sharon Welby to be joined to all Mossads lost souls"

Finally alone, Eyal pulled Sharon close to him and kissed her lovingly. "That I would never have imagine. You and Annie are really one of a kind. How can you manage to live this life with too much cloak and dagger and never lose that desire to help out people in need?"

"It takes one to know one, Mr. Eyal Lavin. You are as good at doing the nice human deeds as I am. Only you having the reputation of being dark and stone cold, it doesn't get notice. I, on the other hand, see right through you, Mr. Stone face"

"Since we're clearing the air and this is our last day in Israel, there is one last thing I would like for you to explain to me, that is if you want to 'What's your relationship with Andy.' I know you guys have a special bound. I love you Sharon Welby, just like to know if I'm in for competition down the road!

"Eyal Lavin would you be a tiny bit jealous" Sharon playing with the zipper of his windbreaker

"I admit I might be, saw you two interact a couple of time and your relationship is 'special'. Don't know what it is but there something…."

"Let's get in the car, don't want to risk having unwanted ears around."

"Sharon, you don't have to, …."

"Eyal, I promised to be up front and honest with you and that's what I intend to do. I am fully committed to having a wonderful and loving relationship with you. I love you big time Mr. Eyal Lavin. I have wanted to tell you about Andy but it never seemed the right time. What I'm about to tell you has to stay between us. Only me, Andy and my father, my real father that is, know about this. Andy is really my half-brother. Andy's parents and mine were best of friends. My mother and Andy's father were spies and often gone away for long periods on missions. To put it simply my father and his mother had an affair, both of them were feeling quite lonely at that moment. Andy was the end result. To this day, Andy's father doesn't know about it. My father had to tell us because Andy contracted leukemia while in med school and needed a bone marrow donor. They couldn't find a match and time was running out but my father knew there was a chance that I could be a donor. He also knew that we, being both trained in medicine and spies, would figure it out eventually so he admitted his affair. He also made us promise to never tell Andy's father. Andy's mother had died giving birth to him and it would have destroyed Andy's father to know that Andy was not his child. Being married to a spy is not easy for 'normal' partners. I never blamed my father, he was a good man. I'm only sorry he had to live with his actions, I know he felt guilty the rest of his life and not being able to acknowledge that Andy was his son must have been the worst of punishment. Andy adored my father and he also never blamed him. As for the marrow donor, I was a match and Andy won his battle with leukemia. So you were right Eyal, there is something very strong between me and Andy but you don't have to be jealous about it."

"Sharon, I'm lost for words, your secret is safe with me. Andy was OK with you telling me this."

"He trust you fully Eyal and he was also scared out of his wits that you would corner him one of these days wanting some explanation. You seem to have a certain look that scares the hell out of people!"

"Sharon Welby, I don't know what the future has in store for us but I can only guess that it won't be boring. Just promise me that you'll try at least to stay away from Mayhem and Murder for at least the next 4 weeks, really would like to experience some normal family life/time with you, your children and my son"

"Normality is boring, can't promise you the mayhem part but I will try to stay away from the murder part"

Eyal pulled the car over in a quiet and secluded park, shifted his seat all the way back, recline the seatback and put on his best sexy look. "You ever tried some epic car-sex before Love"

Sharon responded by getting on his laps, pulling his t-shirt off, with his help pulling down his pants, placing her t-shirt as a protective barrier from for the leather seat and making a few adjustments, fun stuff as she called them : Strategically she angle the car mirrors so they were directed at the action, left the windows rolled up so for them to get all steamy, turned the seat warmer on while the air conditioner was still running because she knew transitioning from hot to cold would make his skin ultra-sensitive, re-clipped the seat-belt over him, ordered him to lift his hands over his head, and use her bikini bra top to bind them to the headrest, put his favorite CD in the car CD player, finally she slipped his sunglasses over his eyes to restrict his vision, adjusted the steering wheel to use it to help her rock her body back and forth and then just had her wicked way with him.

"So I gather you did try some epic car-sex before…. don't want to know when and how as long as from now on I'm the only one you'll be having it with! Love dating an English spy... especially looking forward to leaning all those James Bonds sex moves. I really have to ask Robert to get the A-team some training in that area, MI-6 seems to have quite a handle in that department!"

"You haven't seen anything yet, ready for round 2 Mister Lavin…..

THE End - Is it Fate or Destiny… it's lots of both but Eyal and Sharon, for sure, are now just where they want to be!

I really liked my first try a writing a fanfiction. My story is not a typical Eyal / Annie story so I know I'm off books or off the grid but I never play safe in anything I do. Hope you liked it even if this story was not a typical CA one. I especially would like to thanks Taliahah: Your kind words and encouraging notes helped me a lot. I plan on writing more stories but I'm sticking with the A-team and Sharon. They still have a lot to live through! (If you read between the lines, I left some hints to what could come up next for them).

I'm wishing all readers a really lovely 2014 year, looking forward to some reviews and hope my broken English was not too bad of a read, wish I had more time to review and rewrite! I first planned on publishing this story on the 25 of December (25 chapter on the 25 of December), but didn't get the time to do it so hope you're still in the holiday spirit!

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