"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

-Dr Seuss.

He'd been an idiot. He should have tried harder, worked harder. He could've helped him.

But it was too late.

He'd first noticed about a month ago. Edward had stumbled into his room looking particularly weary. Jonathan had asked what was wrong but he hadn't replied, instead curling up in a ball on Jonathan's bed. That was when he began to take note of his friend's appearance. His skin was pale, paler than usual. His usually vibrant green eyes were dull and sunken. He also appeared to have lost weight, not a lot but enough thatJonathan could tell.

A few days later, Eddie told him.

Cancer. A brain tumor to be exact. It was almost painfully ironic, what with Eddie's brain being his most prized attribute.

He'd cried, not openly of course. He wasn't about to break down in front of Eddie. Eddie, however, didn't. Eddie, who cried over the most insignificant things, did not shed a single tear at the possibility of losing his own life. He'd just languished around the warehouse, rarely speaking or doing much of anything. He'd watched Jon listlessly as he wrote different formulas and equations, mixed all manners of chemicals and additives; he'd done everything within his power to try and cure his friend.

In the meantime, Eddie had refused any conventional treatments. Chemotherapy was out of the question in his eyes, and honestly Jonathan couldn't blame him. It was more than he could take, than anyone should have to take.

Jonathan's research seemed to be useless; he hadn't found anything remotely helpful. He'd asked Victor, Pamela, even Harley. Even with their combined medical knowledge they couldn't find anything that he could work with.

And Edward got worse. He slept more, and during his few waking hours he'd keep to himself, only rarely seeking comfort from Jonathan. He'd be lying if he said it hadn't frightened him. Eddie hated being alone, but that seemed to be all he wanted to do.

It was like that for about three weeks. Jonathan lost countless hours of sleep worrying over his notes, but he couldn't care less. He just wanted Eddie to get better.

But people rarely get what they wish for.

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