"Boy Get down here! its 8 in the morning and my breakfast isn't sitting on the table!" O god. I forgot to set my alarm this morning so that I could get up and cook uncle Vernons breakfast, I am really going to get it this morning.

" IM COMING!" I run downstairs as fast as I can and hope that he will let it slide this morning but knowing Uncle Vernon, I can expect to be beaten. As I approach the bottom Step im shaking like a leaf and praying to merlon that It wont be a bad one this morning. When I walk into the room there standing in the middle of the kitchen with the belt in his hands. I look around and realise that Aunt Petunia isnt in the kitchen. Usually she stands there and as soon as i walk in she leaves and goes somewhere. The beatings are always worse if she is already gone.. " Where's Aunt Petunia?"

"She had a breakfast thing with some of her friends. Now get over here and turn around."

"Uncle Vernon Im sorry i promise that i wont do it again but please dont beat me this morning."

"To bad boy you have said that before and you always do it again so this time im not going to back out of it you are going to get over here and take it like the little freak that you are."

He takes a step towards me and grabs me by the upper part of my arm. he starts to drag me towards the basement. Now most people would think o the basement isnt that bad but they are dead wrong. in the basement at number 4 private drive, is chains whips and what ever else you can think of unlce vernon ised the chains that were hanging on a beam so that my arms were above my head. I knew that l was gettign whipped the question is what is it with this time around. I hear his belt start to come undone. and i know thats what he is going to use.


one after another after another for about a good 10 to 15 minutes. Finally he drops the belt. Its over finally over. but man i have never been so wrong.

"Now, I didnt get any last night and im felling... a little tight. so gues who gets to take care of that?"

"NO Uncle Vernon please i promise, i wont do it again I swear it but please dont do this PLEASE!" I have never begged for anything in my entire life but right now im begging for my life. the last time that uncle vernon did this it hurt so bad and i was bleeding. and i could barely move when he was done. it felt like my body was being ripped in half.

"I want to hear you scream."



I sat up like a rocket. When I opened my eyes hermione was right next to the bed looking at me with her hands on my shoulders.

"W-what? Hermione what are you doing up?" I ask.

"You had a nightmare. and please dont try and lie to me i could hear you mumbling and thrashing through the wall. What was it this time?"

Ever since i ws adopted by her parents, i have felt safer but i still have nightmares. some nights are worse than others. I likft my hand and start rubbing my scar. for skome reason everytime i have a nightmare my scar hurts. "It was the same... the time uncle vernon, the time when he."

"Its ok Harry. You dont have to tell me." She says. One reason why i love Hermione is she is so understanding. I have had this nightmare more than one time. So she knows what it is without me even having to tell her.

She reaches over to touch my arm and i could see her out of the corner of my eye but it just didnt comprehend in my brain that I was safe. As soon as she touched my arm i Jumped off the bed with a yell and landed on the ground, curled up in fetal position, saying im sorry over and over and over again.

"DAD!" I can hear Hermione yelling but it sounds like its all a dream. all i see in front of me is vernon with a belt in all his glory saying i want to hear you scream.

Hermione POV

"DAD!" I yell for dad. The last time Harry did this. He was the only one that was able to bring him out of it.

I can hear dad running up that stairs. I also hear a second set of footsteps so i can only assume its snape.

I was right.

They both enter the room. Dad takes one look at Harry and runs to his side. He lifts him up onto his lap. But Harrys starts thrashing and sobbing and saying im sorry over and over and over. I can see dad Whispering stuff in harrys ear. Finally he stops thrashing and saying im sorry and just lays there sobbing. Eeven that stops and harry is fast asleep.

Dad lays him on the bed and waves for me to follow. I follow him downstairs.

"Hermione, What happend?"

"I Im not sure. i heard him thrashing in his bed and mumbling so i went in there to wake him up. Once i got him up he told me what it was about. All i did was go to hug him and as sooon as i touched his arm.. he flipped. thats when i called you."

"OK. Did He say wht it was about?"

"When vernon... oyu know."

"Ok. why dont you go down to the stables and let aslan out for little bit. ok?"

"Yes daddy... Daddy are you mad at me?"

"No Hermione. I am just going to make some dinner. I just thought you might like to see aslan and calm down."

I smile at my dad. he always knows what makes me feel better. So I head to the barn to let aslan out. I was out there for atleast 30 mins when i suddenly hear footsteps. I thought it was my dad or even harry but when i turned around i was speechless.

"Hello Miss Granger. Long time no see."

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