A/N: Sorry if this sucks, this is my first story for South Park! It's kinda hard that this isn't a PG fandom...

Takes place after "Kenny Dies"

Letter portions in italics, conversations normal font.

Dear Kenny,

Everyone has been pretty fucked up since your death. By everyone, I mean me and Kyle. Cartman's such an asshole for doing that with those damn fetuses, but I can't change what happened. I'm actually sure that the fatass feels horrible about it, but I'm also not certain if he even has feelings.

You're probably busy with something up where you are, but maybe you can take the time to read this letter to you. It's not like I can mail this to Heaven, but I thought you could read it with your spirit or something right? I'll leave it out on my dresser tonight.

Today, I went to the bus stop, and you know what I saw? I saw Kyle actually crying. He doesn't do that very often. Cartman, being the mega asshole he was, was making remarks about how Kyle was being a sad, stupid Jew. Kyle must've been really fucked up, because he didn't even punch Fatass or anything. I actually did that for him.

"Cartman, how the hell does being a Jew relate to this?" I asked him. He just shrugged. "God damn it Cartman, just fuck off."

"Yeah Cartman, fuck off." Kyle agreed with me, and sniffled. At least he listened and shut up. It was just a bunch of awkward silence when the bus finally came. We shuffled on, and then me, being the kind considerate friend I am, let Kyle have the window seat.

And then...I just realized that I'm actually replaying out all the events that happened today. I'll do a recap, because I only have one piece of paper right now, and I'm already halfway through this sheet.

So basically, we went to school and we pretended to pay attention in school, and then it was recess and everyone half-heartedly played a game of Dodgeball. Cartman, Kyle and I sat on the ground. Here was some of the conversation we had:

"You think Kenny will be here at school tomorrow?" Cartman asked.

"In case you forgot fatass, Kenny's DEAD." I said to him. More awkward silence.

"Some days, I kind of wish that I didn't try to fight that hemorrhoid I had." Kyle stated rather bluntly.

"Because you'd be up in Heaven with Kenny?" I asked.

"No, just so I can get away from him." Kyle jerked a thumb in Cartman's direction, who was oblivious. A lot more silence.

Today was just a weird day Kenny. I didn't realize how much of a impact you had on us. All I can ask is "Will you be back tomorrow? Or are you gone forever?"

Please come back Kenny.

Your friend,




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