A/N: I just saw "Letters to Stan" and I just want to apologize to the author of that story! I DON'T MEAN TO STEAL THE IDEA AT ALL! I was getting into South Park and when I saw the episode where Kenny died "permanently" I wanted to write this fic, but I was afraid it'd be an OOC mess!


Dear Kenny,

Actually Stan showed me his letter thing yesterday, and he told me that he was going to try to convince some of the people at school to do it. It's kind of a stupid idea, since you're...dead and all...but um...I decided to do it. What am I supposed to say?

That we should have found out Cartman's motives earlier? That we could've stopped him? That we could wish that all those cards and balloons would help you get better? That we should've tried to make you better? I feel guilty Kenny, and I don't know why.

If anything, Cartman should be guilty, but I'm pretty sure he's not. Stan was telling me that he thought he should've visited you when you were alive. The only thing is, it's over now. There are no more should'ves and could'ves and would'ves. It's just that it's too late now.

I know that we weren't the best of friends, but we were still friends. I cried at the bus stop earlier, and Cartman was insulting me, but I didn't listen to him. I thought you were going to be there this morning, alive and well, but you weren't there Kenny.

You weren't there, and that was when I kind of hyperventilated. Does this sound more like I'm venting to you? Sorry, I don't know what to say in this. I'm not sure if you'll even see it, but I'll leave it on my nightstand. Maybe you could arrive at my house in your ghost form, or whatever you look like, and you could just take the time to read the letter.

I sound pretty pathetic right now. The point is that Cartman's an asshole, and that I feel like I could've, like I could've...well I don't know. I guess I really don't know a lot, but I'm sorry.

Like, I could've been there. I could've been a better friend. I should've gotten to know you better, but now it's too late. It's sad how cruel God has to be. I wish he didn't take you away from us. Your life was, well, it seemed sort of shitty. I know Cartman gave you crap about being the poorest kid in school, but you were a pretty cool guy.

You didn't deserve to die this early. Every day, when we go to the bus stop, I'll look for you Kenny, but you won't be there.

I'll copy Stan's ending to his letter and say:

Please come back to us.