A companion piece to Autumn, Princesses and a night out (Chapter 12)

NY - AU (one year later)

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Shuffling over the threshold Tyrion released an exhausted sigh, throwing his keys and cell phone in the bowl at the door he threw his bag in the other corner, kicking the door shut behind him with his foot.

He silently swore to himself he would one day start screaming, locked in his office, damning his father for insisting he worked for him.

"Tyrion, is that you?" Sansa's lovely voice reached his ear from somewhere in their outsized apartment towering over Central Park. The august sun flooded the living room through the large panorama windows, reflecting on the polished floor.

"Yes it's me" Tyrion answered her, stepping in the light strolling unenthusiastic to his new armchair at the fire place. He was too tired to go find his wife right now, the figures in his head were still flying around it like cartoon birds.

"How was your day?" The question came from a still undistinguishable place in the large apartment.

"Fine." Tyrion called back, his voice echoing in the room. "And yours? – Where are you?" It was kind of silly, he didn't want to shout to her, Tyrion wanted to see Sansa, at least one light for the day. He settled on his new overgrown chair, his head dizzy.

They had been out last night, another fruitless performance of trying to pair off Jaime and Brienne. Sansa's efforts for them had long become rediciulous. The night had been long and so she had been asleep when he had left this morning.

"Just a sec, I am coming." Her voice was melodic as ever. "I have to show you something" the bodiless voice added seductively.

"For me?" Tyrion's interest was spiked instantly, a wide grin spreading over his face. He loosened the buttons on his jacked and made himself comfortable in the armchair, excited for what could come.

"Perhaps" Sansa appeared in the room and Tyrion chocked at his grin. "Don't you like it, I had it made just this afternoon."

Mouth gaping open, Tyrion gripped the armrests of his chair in pure shock, horror causing cold sweat running down his spine.

"What…, Why?" He stammered helplessly, his eyes wide and irritated.

Sansa stood barefoot in the doorframe, hugged by a light summer dress, her long hair shining in the sun, shining like gold, Lannister gold.

"I wanted to try something, isn't it lovely?" She smiled innocently at him, gliding her hand through the blond hair. Seemingly ignoring his dread, she paced over to the couch and let herself fall, sprawling on it, lolling wanton. "I always thought Cersei had a beautiful hair colour. So today at my hairstylist I thought to myself, a try can't hurt" Sansa continued cheerfully as if Tyrion wouldn't be pale as dead.

The anticipation he had felt for her surprise had turned flaccid, replaced with cold stone. And she had to mention Cersei. The feelings Tyrion connected with her new hair were all but pleasant. The last he wanted was to be reminded of his sister in bed.

"I think the colour goes good with my eyes, I think I will keep it." Sansa threw him a glance. He still starred at her without closing his mouth, hoping all was just a bad dream. "Maybe I won't return to my old colour at all." She declared, observing how Tyrion tried to form words.

"Wh…wh…why?" He managed to breathe just before his eyes detected her smile turning wicked - she was feasting on his terror. The realisation came like a lightning bolt: "you punishing me!"

"I would never do that" She countered in fake outrage.

"Really?" Tyrion's brain slowly started to work again. Sansa was sitting up, tiptoeing lightly towards him, before gliding elegantly across his lap. She threw her slender arms around him, her face closing in on his.

"Why would I punish you?" Her grin betrayed her, but her voice was as innocently as ever.

"I don't know." The moment he said the words he knew he had made a mistake, Sansa's face slowly backed up from his, her eyes narrowed menacing.

Tyrion gulped, his mind rushing to figure out what he might had done wrong. Had he once again tricked her brother too much? No. Did she knew he showed Arya the site where she could send elephant shit to her foes? Hopefully no. He hadn't forgotten any anniversary, he knew that, or a date?

The suspense was killing him, but when it stopped it wasn't better. Sansa put on the innocently mask again, smiling sweetly, she over dramatically laid a finger on her lips and started.

"You know I think I should buy some knew clothes to go with my new style, maybe Cersei could advise me. Then we would look like sisters,…"

"Sansa. Please" he begged, images surfacing in his head, very unpleasant one.

"…we could go out…"

"Sansa" She tormented him, the image of her looking like his sister, dreading.

"… four of course …"

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts he ordered himself happy thought, Sansa at the private beach on their honeymoon island…

"…Cersei is single, but perhaps Jaime can come, he hasn't anyone, as long as she hasn't found a new one yet of course…"

She hates her as much as you Tyrion, she just torments you – Wait Jaime?

"… Maybe she can go out with this guy from Spain, what was his name…"

"Is this because of yesterday?" Tyrion interrupted her disbelieving, observing how her masked fell and her face turned beautifully wicked again.

"I'm not sure what you mean by that." Tyrion gazed into her eyes and knew he was right.

"I just said perhaps your idea of set up Jaime and Brienne wasn't that good." Tyrion tried to argue with her about what had happened, looking as innocent as possible.

"Your tongue was a bit sharper than that" Sansa pointed out, and remembering Tyrion couldn't deny he was guilty of that. "And they are perfect for each other." Sansa stated firmly.

"You try this since two years, and…"

"First, it's one and a half, at most, and second." Sansa straightened up: "I know when two people are good for each other, like Jeyne and Podrick."

"They had two dates in three month, and only because I made him drunk." Tyrion corrected her view on the little pair of her friend and his assistant.

"They just take it slow that's all." Sansa explained confident. "And Jaime and Brienne wouldn't still meet if I wouldn't be right"

"A good point, but…."

"No but, just admit I am right" Sansa cut his try to argue of, looking expecting at him. "You must trust me in this, not making fun of me."

"Is the dye washable?" Tyrion asked raising an eyebrow, deciding it was his time to be wicked

"Why?" Sansa now looked puzzled at him

"If not, I suffer one way or another. You see, I must think economical whit admitting to be wrong."

"You" Sansa growled but at that juncture she returned his grin vicious. She slid down from his lap, slowly advancing to the corridor leading to their bedroom, looking over her shoulder to him. "Are you coming? I have knew lingerie." Smiling seductively she was to disappear in the corridor adding: "Cersei told me she has the same"

"Fine fine fine, I apologize" Panic struck Tyrion jumped after her. "You are the wisest, I am sorry." Sansa disappeared behind the frame only her head with this awful blond her peaked out.

"And…" She insisted.

"I should not make fun of your opinion in love questions" Tyrion admitted like a child, apologising with his eyes on his feet.

"Are you coming then?" Sansa called for him.

With new vigour Tyrion's eyes flew to the frame, startled when something blond hit his face. Stunned he scrambled around with his hands before he got hold of it.

"A wig?" He exhaled, glancing after Sansa in amazement, she had already disappeared towards their bedroom. The apartment echoing with frenetic giggling.

Clearly relieved Tyrion threw the ugly thing to his side and followed her: "You know I just today had an idea for Halloween this year"

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