It was a rainy day and everyone at the guild was quiet. It was pretty unusual. Everyone was just sitting around looking kinda sad. Even Loke looked sad, he wasn't flirting with girls nor were their any near him. All I could hear was the sound of the rain hitting the roof.
"Hey Mira, why is everyone so quiet?" I asked Mirajane as she cleaned a cup.
She sighed "Two years ago, Fairy Tail's strongest team left on a S-Class mission. They've been missing ever since. No one knows what happened or where they are."
I was a bit shocked. Our strongest team missing for two years without any trace of where they are?
"What were their names?" I asked curiously.
"Their names were Nikki and Mackenzie but everyone calls her Mack. Nikki was a Earth-Make Mage, Mackenzie's was a Dragon Slayer who was half human."
"Half human? What else was she?" I kinda felt like I was asking to many questions, but I wanted to know.
"Mack was the daughter of the Celestial Spirit King."
My eyes widended. I never knew he had a daughter.
"His daughter? But how does she know Dragon Slayer Magic?" Now I really wanted to know .
"Your best bet is to ask Loke any questions about her. She would always hang out with him when she was here." Mirajane responded with a smile.
"But whenever I get close to Loke he spazzes out and runs away." I sighed.
"I'm sure he'll tell you, Lucy. I know that Loke did care about Mackenzie." She reassured me.

I let out a small sigh. I was about to walk over to Loke to ask him some questions but then the guild doors opened.
"Hey Dragneel! We're back!"
"Oh yeah!"
I was a bit confused. It sounded like two girls. Not long after, most of the guild had ran up to them and were talking to them. Natsu and Gray seemed really happy to see them. Even Happy was...well...Happy! After all the noise died down a bit I saw two of the three team members come over. There was a girl who looked around my age. She had light brown camerel-ish colored hair with gray eyes. Her top was a aquamarine tube top with a white jacket type of thing. Her bottoms consisted of a gray skirt with a aquamarine belt and black leggings which matched her black boots. She sat next to me and smiled.
"Hey Mira! It's been a while, huh?" She smiled at Mirajane.
"Nikki, it's nice to see you, and Mackenzie again. Speaking of Mackenzie, where did she go?" Mira asked somewhat concerned.
"You know Mack, she went to go see lover boy over there." She chuckled pointing backwards in Loke's direction. "That's Mackenzie for you." Mira joked smiled before Nikki directed her attenchion to me. "You must be new around here. Lucy right?" She smiled at me. "I'm Nikki and this is Kale." "I'm Lucy but it seems you already know that!" I was curious about all of them. No one at Fairy Tail had ever mentioned them. Then I saw someone else come over to use out of the corner of my eyes. I looked over to her. She had long brown hair and green eyes with a gray hoodie and sneakers with black shorts and fingerless gloves.
"Hey Mira!" She greeted with a smile that reminded me of Natsu. "Mack, It's so nice to see you again. Loke's not with you?" Mira asked her with concern.
"He woulden't come over here because of someone named 'Lucy'?" She had a confused look on her face. She looked over to me and I guess she knew who I was. "Sorry about Loke...He doesn't do to good with Celestial Wizards...But I guess you already know that by now." She smiled and sat down next to me and held out her hand. "I'm Mackenzie, but everyone calls me Mack!" I took her hand a shook it. "So you and Nikki are a team?" I asked her. She smiled and nodded.
"That's right! I've been at Fairy Tail since I was little! It's like a home to me...We're all one big dysfunctional family!" She was really happy to be back. I wonder if she was always like this.
"Only you can come up with something like 'dysfuntional family.'" Nikki added. I laughed a bit. "So I hear your half Celestial Spirit? Why aren't you in the Celestial World?" I asked her. She looked a bit sad after I asked but then she smiled more. "To be honest...I've had a bad past with Celestial Wizards...I try not to think about it. But that's okay cause ever since I joined Fairy Tail, I've never been a lot happier! I never thought I'd met anyone like I have here." She was really happy about not being at her real home. "Fairy Tail is pretty crazy huh?" I asked. She smiled at me.
"Fairy Tail is the best guild ever!" She cheered.
"So I hear you hang out with Loke a lot?" I smiled. She blushed a bit.
"Well...Loke is the best guy friend I have at the guild. I like hanging out with him. Even if he does flirt with every girl...I'll never understand men..." She mumbled, Loud enough for me to hear. I laughed a bit. Then the Master came down. Why he didn't come down when they first got here, I don't know. But he's down here now and I wonder what he has to say.
"Now that Mack and Nikki are back at the Guild, I think you two should go on a mission with someone other than eachother."
"We just got back and you already want us to go on a mission?" Nikki questioned.
"Yes, and I am pairing you two up with someone myself."
"Awww did you pair Mack up with Loke!"Nikki taunted only to have Mackenzie blush.
"I don't like him! Would ya quit teasing me about it!" She protested.
"Stop fighting you two! And yes, actually, I have paired Mackenzie up with Loke. But Nikki, your going with Natsu." Master said.
"You want me to go with Natsu!? He's gonna burn everything to a crisp! Why not have Gray go with him!" Nikki yelled. Mackenzie looked like she had totally zoned out of the conversation.
"Mack...? You alright?" I asked, Drawing Nikki and Masters attenchion to her.
"Oh...uh...Yeah..I'm fine..." She smiled nervously.
"Aw I bet she's thinking about Loke!" Nikki teased. Mack only rolled her eyes. "Yeah that's it." She joked. "Now I gotta go find him so we can go on our mission together." She walked off to the back to go find Loke.


Damn Nikki. Always teasing me about Loke. Okay, so maybe I did have a bit of a crush on him. But it doesn't matter since he has like 50 other girlfriends to give attenchion to, so why would I bother? I walked over only to see Loke with some girls, one on each side of him. I sighed and walked over to him.
"Hey pretty boy, Gramps paired us up for a mission together." I said to him with the straightest face I could manage. Which is rare since I'm usually really weird and kinda goofy.
"Alright then, Princess." He smiled and winked at me as he stood up and we walked out the doors of the guild.
"Could ya not call me princess? I'm not your girlfriend, Loke." He laughed. "I amuse you?" I questioned. "Your cute when your serious." He smiled.
"Two years and you still haven't changed." I smiled at him and we kept walking.

~Time Skip~

Our mission was to find two wizards who have been after other wizards to force them into joining dark guilds. "We've been walking for an hour...How are you not tired?" Loke asked.
"I occupy myself by daydreaming." I smlied. Then I slowed down my walking pace until I wasn't walking. Loke gave me the strangest look.
"LOOK OUT!" I grabbed Loke by his waist and jumped out of the way.