"Miss Mackenzie Jones...nine years has been far to long." Katherine...Katherine Haze...I remeber everything so clearly now. I could feel myself shaking in my shoes. "Let's make this quick." She drew out a gold Zodiac key. "Open! Gate of the Scales! Libra!" There was a flash of lights and then there was a Celestial Spirit. "Get the girl, Libra." She demanded "As you wish." Libra Responded. I was about to move out of the way so she coulden't hit me but I coulden't! I was thrown into a wall. Stupid gravity magic. "MACK!" I heard Loke yell. Nikki was already trying to help the others since she didn't want to destroy the guild by using her Earth-Make Magic inside. I stodd up and boy, was I dizzy. Everything was swirling. Everything went black.


Who was this chick?! I had no idea what was going on. Mack was knocked out cold and none of us could move due to Libra's gravity magic. Celestial Magic. Great. "Sorry to cause such a mess. But I have businuss to take care of with Miss Mackenzie, here." and with that she left with Mack. Natsu was about to run after her but she was gone. "What the hell!" I heard Nikki cry out. "Who was that?!" She questioned.
"We have to get Mackenzie back!" Natsu shouted.
"We're going to get her back." I said. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy.


My head KILLS right now. Where the heck am I? I blinked a few time and everything in my view became clear. Was I in a cell? I tried to move but my wrist was chained to a wall. Perfect. Just Perfect. I heard the door open and I looked up. Katherine...
"It's nice to have you back, Mackenzie." "What do you want with me?" I asked "Nothing really, I've been looking for you ever since you ran way nine years ago." She smiled at me. "It's simple, really. I just want to continue our contract." "Never" I said dryly.
"You don't have a choice." She snickered. I noticed she had a whip in her hand...I could feel myself starting to shake. I was scared. I almost never get scared.
"What's that for?" I asked nervously.
"Oh this?" She asked holding it up into view.
"This is your punishment, my dear." She laughed a bit before letting the whip ring out. She swung it at me and I yelped in pain as it made contact with my skin. That brought back so many painful memories that I don't want to remember. What's even worse is that I remember it all so clearly. She kept hitting me and each time I let out a small yelp with pain. She seemed to be enjoying this. "Just like old times." She finally stopped and walked over to the door. "Your still a weak and useless spirit. Like always." She shut the door. My arms hurt like hell thanks to that whip. I was bleeding too. Great. All those memories came flooding back like a river in my mind.


I recoiled in pain on the rugged floor.
"YOU USELESS SPIRIT!" I wish she would stop yelling at me. It's not my fault I can't use magic.
She hit me with her whip again.
"Please...Please stop..." I cried. I could feel the wet tears stream down my face. I hed my arm over my head to avoid getting hit in the face as her whip made slapped against my skin again. I yelped in pain.
"Your just a useless spirit! Who cares if you die!" She shouted. She was about to hit me when someone stopped her by grabbing her hand. I looked to see my brother, Brady. "Brady..." I mumbled under my breath.
"What are you doing here! I didn't summon you!" Katherine yelled at him.
"Your abusing my sister, Katherine. "So what? It's not like can do anything about it." "She might not be able to, but I certainly can." Brady responded with a straight face.
"You always have to come and save your stupid little sister! I'm not letting you get away with anything!" She gripped his key in both hands. I saw his eyes widen just as mine did. "Katherine don't do it!" I shouted out, she snapped his key in half and with that, he was gone. My brother...was gone. She let his broken key drop to the floor. "Brady..." I tried to stop the tears from coming out but that's all I could do at the moment. "Go back to the Spirit World." She closed my gate.
"Pathetic..." Was the last thing I heard her say before I went back to the Celestial World.

~End Of Flashback~


"Do we all know the plan?" I asked everyone, all of them nodded. We headed out to find Mackenzie and bring her back to the guild. It was me, Nikki, Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Lucy. Yes. typically I wouldn't come becase of Lucy, but her being a Celestial Wizard is the least of my problems right now. Happy was flying above to see if he could find anything that looked suspicious. He told us he found what looked like an old abandoned guild house. So that's where we went.

~ Le Time Skip To The Abonded Guild House ~

" down much?" Nikki questioned as she looked around.
"All we need to do is find Mack." I told her.
"I've never seen you this worried, Loke." She told me.
"She's a guild member. You should be worries too." She gave me a cold look. "What?" I asked.
"Your pathetic..." She sighed. Someone's in a bad mood. "If your looking for Mackenzie, I'm not going to let you find her." This voice was different from the one at the guild. It sounded like-
"Libra!" Lucy shouted.
"Master has ordered me to keep you away from her. I was told not to let you find Mackenzie." She used her magic to send us all flying. "Loke follow me." Happy whispered. I nodded and followed him while Libra was distracted with the others. He led me to a tunnel.
"What is this place." I asked, looking around at all the dust and cobwebs that surrounded the halls.
"IF YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING TO E SAVED YOUR WRONG!" That voice was familiar. I ran with Happy by my side as we came across a room. I opened the cell door to find Katherine and Mack. They both looked at me. "It's you..." Katherine muttered, loud enough for all of us to hear. "Loke get out of here!" Mack yelled at me.
"I'm not leaving without you!" "It doesn't matter! I'm going to die here anyways!"

A/N: I like the story so far! I'm not to keen on the "abadoned guild house" but I didn't know what else for it to be so I just went with that. Thanks for all the favs! You guys are awesome!"