Author's note: I saw a sneak preview of "Civil Wars, Part 1" that ended with Meelo pointing at Bumi's stomach and asking, "Do you have a baby in there?". This is what I think might happen next. Not that I think this will actually happen, it's sort of an alternate interpretation, if that makes sense.

Update 9/19/13: Okay, so I just rewatched the clip and realized that it was Jinora who air-scootered up with Meelo and not Ikki. Sorry about that. So I guess this is now an AU or something.

Meelo pointed to Bumi's protruding stomach. "Do you have a baby in there?" he asked.

Everyone laughed. "Men can't have babies, silly." Ikki said scornfully.

"Why not?" Meelo asked innocently.

The reactions were varied. Bumi and Kya still looked amused. Tenzin looked embarrassed. Pema looked somewhat nervous. Ikki giggled; she didn't know the details but she had an idea of how it worked.

At last Tenzin spoke. "Ah... how about I tell you when you're older?"

"Heck, why not tell him now?" Bumi lifted the small boy onto his shoulders. "Come on, Meelo, let's get away from your old-fashioned father and I'll tell you everything."

"Bumi!" Tenzin said sharply.

"What's going on?" Jinora asked, walking onto the porch.

"Uncle Bumi's trying to give Meelo THE TALK but Daddy won't let him!" Ikki told her.

Jinora looked from one family member to another. "Why shouldn't he know that? I knew when I was four."

"WHAT? But- that's not- how-?" Tenzin sputtered.

Pema said, more calmly, "Sweetie, who in the world told you at that age?"

"Korra, but I wasn't... supposed to... tell anyone... about..." the ten-year-old put her face in her hands. "Oh great."

Tenzin turned to his wife. "I don't like where this is going."

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