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Chapter three: Welcome

Penelope. Leo thought, sounding out the name in his head.
It was a nice name, long but pleasant, like someone singing a song. It suited her, he decided.
Penelope was sitting there, her head in her hands, silent but definitely desperate.
"That's a nice name" Leo told her to cheer her up "Any last one?"
She looked up, obviously trying hard to remember something. "I think...something starting with R"
Leo almost laughed at the strained face she was making, but knew that would be totally inappropriate.
"Penelope R. then it is" he smiled at her, earning a little sad smile back.
"Hey," Leo's voice was soft "Don't worry, it'll be okay. This sort of thing happened to my best friend, Jason, and he got his memory back sooner or later. And for now, you're safe here, and
believe me, this place is really cool."
He hoped he'd succeeded in comforting her, and she did look a little happier.
"Do you live here?" she asked, gesturing around the room, meaning the house.
"Oh no" Leo laughed. "I live in cabin nine, the best and coolest cabin there is!"
"Cabin?" she asked, confused.
Leo realised she hadn't seen anything here at camp except the inside of this room, so he decided that a little tour might cheer her up.
"Come one" he grinned, offering his hand to help her out of bed "I'll show you around."
Penelope hesitated, then smiled and took his hand. They walked out of the Big House and, with a swiping motion of his hand, Leo said
"Welcome, to Camp Half-Blood!"

They walked through Camp, Leo showing Penelope everything: the amphitheatre, the pavilion, the lake and strawberry fields, the edge of the forest, although here he decided that actually going in might be a little to risky at the moment.
All the while Leo kept up a constant flow of conversation, trying to distract Penelope and cheer her up. She was a good listener, and soon he found himself telling her about when he'd found out he was a demigod and his first quest with Jason and Piper.
Penelope looked impressed, yet also a little, Leo wasn't quite sure how to name it, melancholic maybe?
"You're really brave" she said, matter of factly, but Leo felt himself blush anyway.
"Not really" he mumbled, casting around for something cool to say. Instead he saw where they had arrived and stated, with an air of a tv-presentator "And these are the cabins!"
They were standing right in the middle of the low buildings, each one marked with the symbol of its god or goddess.
"You sleep here according to who your parent is?" Penelope gathered. Leo nodded, naming each of the cabins' gods.
"You're a son of Hephaestus" she said, not asking.
"Yeah, how did you know?" Leo wondered, but then realised that he wasn't really hard to define what with his caroused hands and tool belt he always wore.
"How do I know which one's mine?" Penelope asked, looking around uncertainly.
"Well, normally your godly parent claims you when you're 13, but sometimes they're a bit late.
I only got claimed when I arrived here. How old are you?" the question had left Leo's lips before he could stop it.
"I don't know" Penelope said, but she didn't look angry at Leo's insensitivity, simply sad.
"You look around 16 or 17" Leo told her, quickly. "Does any of the cabins feel, I don't know, right to you?"
He didn't know if this would work, but it was worth a try anyway. Penelope walked around the buildings, taking her time to look at each one in turn. Leo noticed that she seemed to linger in front of two longer than any of the others: Poseidon's and Hecate's.
When she returned to his side she looked, if possible, even more confused.
"Well the one over there" she pointed at Hecate's cabin "feels...strong. But that one" and now she motioned to the Poseidon one "that one seems familiar as well. What does that mean?"
Leo shook his head, he had no idea. It sure was odd though.
Was Penelope a child of Hecate? She certainly seemed kind of magical to him, what with her dark hair (which shimmered slightly red in the sunlight) and bright, diamond eyes. But then why did the Poseidon cabin draw her attention, too?
Unless...No, that was impossible. Or was it? Could this girl have two godly parents? But then that wouldn't make her a demigod. She would be something else...
Just then, a shout brought Leo out of his reverie. He looked up to see Annabeth hurrying over.
"There you are Leo! I've been looking all over for you!" She stopped as she noticed Penelope at his side.
"Is this-" "That's Penelope" Leo interrupted her, suddenly protective. "I found- she arrived at camp

this morning."
Annabeth smiled at Penelope, who looked a bit afraid.
Leo could relate, Annabeth had scared the Hades out of him the first time they'd met. Those grey eyes just seemed to peer right inside you, and always looked like they were calculating a million different means to outsmart you.
The daughter of Athena could be a bit intimidating, but now she had a kind look on her face, as she
"Nice to meet you, Penelope. I'm Annabeth. Ryan told me your story and I'm really sorry that you're lost. But don't worry, you're welcome here and we'll help you get your memory back."
Through all of this, Annabeth's voice stayed very sincere, and Leo felt glad.
Penelope would be needing some friends, that was sure. She herself smiled at Annabeth:
"Thanks, Annabeth. You're a daughter of Athena, aren't you?"
"Yes, how did you know?" Annabeth asked, surprised.
Penelope shrugged, "You just seem like it"
Did she? Leo wondered, looking at the blonde girl. Well, the eyes, intelligent and scrutinising, were a give a way he supposed. However she was also pretty enough to be a daughter of Aphrodite. Then again, so was Penelope...
"So" Annabeth wanted to know "Any idea on who your godly parent might be?"
Penelope pointed again at the two cabins, Hecate's and Poseidon's. "Those two seem more familiar to me than the rest. But maybe that's just coincidence."
Annabeth's eyes widened. "Po-Poseidon's?" she asked, a slight quaver in her voice.
Leo instantly felt sorry for her. Annabeth's boyfriend, Percy Jackson, was a son of the sea god and had gone missing several months before.
Then, only a few weeks ago, they had found out that Jason and Percy had been swapped by
the very annoying goddess Hera, placing Jason here and Percy at Jason's old home, Camp Jupiter, a camp for Roman half-bloods.
Yet they didn't know for sure if Percy was there, or if the Romans hadn't already killed him.
Romans and Greeks didn't usually get along.
"Yes" Penelope said "Poseidon. Does that mean anything to you?"
Annabeth didn't answer, but instead asked her another question. "Listen, Penelope. Can you
remember...Is there anything you remember from your life before?"
Leo thought he knew why Annabeth was asking this. Jason had lost his memory, so it was probable that Percy had lost his, too. And now Annabeth wanted to find out if Percy still knew who she was.
Leo could only imagine what that must feel like.
Penelope looked at her, sombrely. "My name." she said.
Annabeth gulped. "Your name" she repeated. "Nothing else?"
Sadly, Penelope shook her head. "No, nothing, except that I was in the sea before I got here. Why are you asking?"
She didn't sound nosy, only concerned, which Leo thought was kind of sweet, as, after all, it was her who was suffering from amnesia, not Annabeth.
With a moments hesitation, Annabeth told Penelope the whole story of Hera's plan. At the mention of her boyfriends name, Percy Jackson, the briefest change of expression flitted across Penelope's face. Was it recognition? But it passed so quickly, Leo couldn't be sure.
When Annabeth had finished, Penelope looked horrified. "Oh my god, Annabeth, I'm so sorry!"
Annabeth nodded, coughed and then said, "Well, er, dinner will be ready soon. So, see you there."
She walked away, but turned back once and called out "And Penelope?"
"Ye s?"
"Two things: Your accent's British, I think. And maybe you'll be claimed at the camp fire tonight."
She smiled, and left.
Penelope looked at Leo, a hopeful expression on her face. "My accent's British? So I'm from Europe?"
"Probably" Leo answered, trying to wrap his head around this whole situation. "Or maybe your mortal parent is. Anyway- you hungry?"
She nodded eagerly and together they set off towards the dining pavilion.
Unnoticed by her, Leo watched Penelope walking next to him. There was an aura about her, that Leo found intriguingly mysterious.
This evening's not over yet, he thought as they arrived at the dining pavilion.
He didn't know it then, but he was about to be proven right.