Exciting announcement I have for you lovely people! (What's with the yoda talk?)
Sorry this isn't a new chapter for this storry, but in fact it's something even more exciting!

I'm happy to tell you that I have started the sequel to "The Light in Sky" and have published the first chapter only moments
ago! So, if you still feel like finding out what happens to Leo and Penelope in their next life, check out my new
story "Not a Demigod" which follows the adventures of Erin Carraway, a girl who (careful spoiler) is not you average teenager.
However, Erin is also definitely not a half-blood. What is she then, you might ask?
Well, read and find out my dear friends :)
There will be some mentions of Leo and Penelope in the future of the story, but as they're dead in that universe (sad sniff) they obviously
won't make an appearance themselves.
And now I apologize for this horrible way of tricking you into reading this announcement, but I only wanted to tell you :)
I hope you have a lovely day and I look forward to hopefully reading your opinions and reviews for the sequel!
Grace out ~