Diagon Alley, London

"Come on!" whinged Apollo Black, dragging his uncle down the middle of Diagon Alley. "I want to get my wand first!"

"I want to get my books!" demanded Artemis Black, Apollo's older twin sister, who was dragging the hand of their mother.

"I'm thinking we spend the afternoon at the Cauldron, eh?" asked Sirius Black, former Potions Professor at Hogwarts of his companion, Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Remus Lupin.

"Well, I'm actually here to make sure that Flourish and Blotts got the right edition of the books I requested," countered Remus.

"But, shopping!" countered Sirius. He waved to his wife and brother-in-law begin drug down the alley by his twins, "I don't want to be a part of that, and neither do you."

Remus chuckled, "Okay, but only a butterbeer for me, I've still got to put in my duty as a Professor, as you well know."

"Hey, I'm retired now, you won't see me at Hogwarts except for Quidditch games and Hogsmede weekends for seven years, at least."

"Albus convinced you to come back once the Twins are done?" asked Remus.

"Winnie's still there for two more years, since it won't be till then that the twins can even think of taking Mundane Studies, but yeah, I've got seven years, and then I pretty much have to come back. If only because of Jimmy's sprogs making life hell for the rest of the Professors," said Sirius with a smile. "Hopefully Arty and Appa will take after their father, rather than my godson."

"Speaking of Harry, where is he, doesn't this trip usually revolve around him?" asked Remus.

"He didn't want to spend his day was a pair of eleven year olds, so instead he's planning on coming down on his birthday with Nev and celebrate their adulthood." replied Sirius. "He's more his mother's son than his father's, Nev too at that, more Alice in him that Frank, which is good, I don't think Hogwarts would have survived having two Marauders and the likes of James and Frank around at the same time."

"It did perfectly fine our first time through," countered Remus.

"We barely knew what we were doing. I mean, we're Professors, well, you are and I was, and will be, so we've got loads more knowledge than we even had as a seventh year."

Sirius and Remus' conversation was cut short, as they noticed that the alley had gotten quiet all of a sudden, and the witches and wizards along it were looking up.

The two Marauders followed their gazes, and saw the oddly rolling orange cloud to the south.

Just then, Jimmy apparated beside the pair of them, "Guys, we've got to go."

"Jimmy, what's going on?" asked Sirius as his arm was grabbed along with Remus'.

Instead of answering, the Emperor disapparated, taking them to Skyfall.

They were greeted by Artemis and Apollo, but curiously Winona was missing.

"Jimmy, why did you bring us home and where's my wife?" asked Sirius.

Just then Winona apparated in, bringing in Yolanda Wright, Jimmy's first paramour, and her daughter, Hanna Shepard.

"Winnie, what's going on? Why did you bring them here?" asked Remus.

"It's a long story, but let's just say that London's not going to be there in a few hours," replied Winona.

Sirius turned to talk to Jimmy, but he wasn't there, having disapparated again.

"What's going on?" asked Sirius.

Just then Jimmy reappeared, this time bringing Harry and Petunia Dursley.

"Jimmy, wait, what's going on?" asked Sirius again.

"It's the second of July, Sirius, by the fourth the invasion will be over," said Jimmy, before disapparating again.

"Harry, what's going on?"

Harry Potter, nearly seventeen years old, just shrugged, "I don't know Sirius. Jimmy just popped in, grabbed Aunt Petunia and me, and then came here."

"Dudley and Vernon were watching the telly," explained Petunia. "Those things are all over the world."

"What things?" asked Sirius, just as Jimmy, Vernon, and Dudley apparated in.

"They're space ships, giant space ships," explained Jimmy.

"Space ships?" asked Dudley. "Like, alien spaceships?"

"So magic and aliens?" asked Vernon in a huff. "It's bad enough there's one, but now both?"

Just then Winona apparated in with her third batch of mother and child rescues, "We think it's because of Riddle being defeated so quickly."

"We, wait, who's we?" asked Sirius. "I thought that was Lily."

Winona paused, letting go of her nephew and his mother and cupping her husband's cheek, "Sirius, honey, He came back, at least for a while. You don't think Quirrel left after the Sorting feat because of the curse, now did you?"

"That's what you and Jimmy said, that's how you convinced Albus to let to take the curse off, so that Moony could take over Defense," said Sirius.

Just then Jimmy apparated in with one of his dalliances and a daughter, "Winnie, go, I'll take over."

With a peck on Sirius' cheek, Winona disapparated again.

"Jame Tiberius Shepard, what is going on?" asked Sirius.

"It's a long story, and most of it's a secret," said Jimmy. "And I'm talking magical secret here, not just a normal one. Suffice it to say, Riddle wasn't destroyed until just under six years ago. I took him and Quirrel, whom he was possessing, to Venus, and then sucked out his soul."

"Wait, but why are you so upset over the space ships?" asked Remus.

Just then Winona popped in with another pair of mother and child, "TIme travel Moony, it's about time travel."

"Time travel? I thought all the time turners were destroyed years ago. Hermione got all mad when she discovered she couldn't take all the electives without one. Now you're telling me that you've got one?" asked Harry.

"More than one, we've both got one," said Winona.

"Then, why are you evacuating everyone now?" asked Sirius.

Jimmy popped back in, and breathed heavily, "Causality. Didn't think of it until you just mentioned it."

"What?" asked Remus, confused.

"Time Travel is self-consistent, you can't go back in time to change the past, at least nothing that you remember happening," explained Winona. "Until you mentioned going further back, we didn't get the idea for it."

"So, in about ten seconds, the rest of the family will be here. Everyone else should be at Hogwarts," said Jimmy.

"But 'everyone else', who do you mean?" asked Sirius.

"And who's the rest of the family, Uncle Jimmy?" asked Harry.

Winona knelt down in front of Harry, then smiled past him, where her twins were calming down their cousins, "Harry, that'd be Jimmy's kids, Cissy and Draco, and a few others."

"But how will they know to get here?" asked Harry.

"How far back can you two go?" asked Sirius, understanding.

"About a week," said Jimmy. "I'll get everyone who we can save saved, and start the real evacuation of the magicals, and as many mundanes as I can, starting from the moment I plucked you out of Diagon."

"But, we've got to leave now," said Winona, standing. She pocked her husband on the cheek once again, "I'll see you soon love." She then stepped back, and in unison with her brother, disapparated.

"What's going on?" asked Remus, though most of his question was drowned out by the door bells.

"Who's that?" asked Petunia, clutching her husband and son.

Vernon hugged his wife back, "And why's my boss talking about time travel? I knew he was wild investing in rockets back in the eighties, but time travel?"

Just then the bells range again from the door.

"I'll go get that, won't I," said Sirius. He then walked past his godson and his best friend, past his children and a handful of nieces and nephews and their mothers, and to the large double doors of Skyfall. With a dramatic flourish, he opened them wide, and was greeted by his wife, flanked by Narcissa Black and Lord Malfoy, and followed by all of Jimmy Shepard's children and their mothers.

Sirius was speechless as she wife embraced him, "Um, Winnie, didn't you just leave?"

"That was a week ago, I've been working with Her Majesty's Government and the Ministry of Magic to prepare for this, not to mention getting everyone else her safely," said Winona.

"Where's Jimmy?" asked Remus, guiding the flock of Shepards into Skyfall.

"He's in New York," said Winona. "Getting things ready for tomorrow's fireworks, and then I'm off to join him in Nevada tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" asked Sirius.

"Yeah, and I'm going to need to borrow your godson for a bit," said Winona.