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Chapter One : That Day

Eren's eyes shot open, his pupils trying to adjust to the light that shone through the window to his left. 'Light?' he thought. The last thing he remembered was an inhumane smile, a thunderous crack and then, darkness… His other senses were starting to reboot, as he could hear the distorted drone of a classroom. A bright classroom, that was alive with movement. Familiar faces flashed past his line of sight, as he tried to sit up. He felt as if his muscles had never been used before. With the voices becoming clearer and the unmistakable scent of a classroom chalkboard burying itself in the walls of his nostrils, it was clear to him that this was not where he belonged. He tried to speak, but given that his body was nearly frozen in a reclining position, it was immensely difficult to do so. That's when the familiar face of Mikasa came into view.

As always, her face always betrayed her emotions. "Eren, what's wrong." He didn't respond. "Eren, you're scaring me… Are you hurt?" She asked, growing physically worried, her expression still stoic. Upon noticing this, Jean and Reiner approached Eren and tried to help him out. Jean mostly wanted a bit of appreciation from Mikasa, but still, Eren was one of his best friends. All of a sudden, the majority of the class was around Eren, who was still silent and remained as still as a brick. Sasha went on about potatoes being the cure to Eren's 'ailment', which Connie had taken seriously.

Berthold, whom Eren had just noticed, got up and strode towards the back of the class… to return with Annie. That's when something inside Eren snapped. Overcoming all inhibitors that his brain had placed on his body, he lunged at her, fists first.

"You Bitch! Die!" was all that could come out of Eren's moth as he contemplated shifting into his titan form right then and there. She dodged his initial attack but was unprepared for the next one. Caught in his vice grip, their eyes locked. As his grip on her throat tightened, she started to tear up and looked at him confused and… scared? Annie Leonhardt was scared of him? After what she had done…? Her- scared?.

Eren's emotions flowed like a raging river. He looked around to see all his comrades frozen with shock. Eren realized that this was not like 'That Day'. Annie was not trying to kill or even kidnap him for that matter. As his arm recoiled from her now red throat, he felt his surge of energy dying down. And darkness took him again. The last thing he remembered was the sight of Annie over him apologizing… wait, why would… she…-apologize?

Eren's eye snapped open. He took in his surroundings realized that he was no longer in a classroom, but in an infirmary. He tried to lift his arms to wipe the sleep out of his eyes, but felt them to be heavier than usual. In fact, he couldn't move them at all. Looking to his left, he saw a familiar mop of black hair, Mikasa- without a doubt. "I don't know what I expected." He mused. Looking to see what or, who had pinned his right arm down- Eren visibly paled. With her head on his stomach and her arms entwined around his, Annie slept soundly, only to stir at the sharp breath of a now shocked Eren.

"Eren, are you alright?" Annie asked with genuine concern. Eren had noticed that she no longer bore a cold demeanor towards him and answered "I should ask you the same." He looked down at Mikasa and sucked his pride in. Playing with her Red Scarf, he looked back up at Annie, took in a deep breath and spoke "Annie… from the deepest, darkest part of my heart, I am truly sorry. I don't know what pushed me to do that to you… but…but" tears began to cascade "I really hate you and I-"

At this, Annie recoiled and looked at the boy on the bed in disbelief. "No… N-no that can't be. I, you- us. We said-. One more chance? I thought-" She tried to speak but the incoherent sentences that left her trembling lips was all the information that Eren needed. At the word "us" he felt his stomach constrict and twist. She placed her hands over her moth as the hot salty tears started to fall.

"Annie, let me explain… I'm not the Eren you-" She didn't even give him a chance to finish his sentence as she bolted out of the infirmary, leaving a trail of tears. Her sobs could be heard from down the passage and this attracted the attention of the other classes, especially Eren's home-room; 2-A.

Eren was still struggling to take in the possibility of him being in a romantic relationship with Annie Leonhardt when the mop of black hair finally spoke. "Finally, she's gone. I wondered who would wait with you longer" she said, her head still buried in Eren's side. Eren was taken aback a bit by her statement. His eyebrows knit together as he tried to say something. The problem was, should he defend the girl he'd just confessed his hate to, or encourage the girl whom was the only family he had left, be it in this world or the next.

"Mikasa," he blurted out "What are you doing here? Where are the titans? Are we even safe here…? Last I remember, being thrown a black tunnel-…" Eren searched her face for any form of recognition to what he just said. It took her a minute to finally speak up "Eren, what are you talking about. Are you delusional?" as she raised a palm to his forehead as to emphasize her worry. On a normal day, being called delusional would have sent him over the edge but taken aback by her answer, he swatted her hand away and threw himself off the infirmary bed. Landing with a thud, Eren decided to look for Annie and try to figure out what was going on, Annie was smart, albeit an enemy. He couldn't ask Mikasa. She was too smart… and knowing her, she would find some way to capitalize on the 'situation'. He could see it all happening before his eyes. As he ran down the hallway to where he thought Annie would be, a picture had already formed in his mind. If only Mikasa knew about his predicament.

"Mikasa! I- I'm not from this world! I've been trying to tell you so that you can help me in this world. I have no memory or recollection of the events in this world but, I'm ready to start a new life."
"Really, Eren?! No memories at all?"
"Really really?"
"Yes, Mikasa. Nothing… So, in this world do we get along?"
"Eren, you proposed to me last night, so take responsibility already."

"Argh!" Eren screamed as he increased his speed and headed for the stairs. He was not blind and had noticed Mikasa's 'Brother Complex' since his second year of training in the 104th Trainee's Squad. He never wanted to give her the wrong impression; however he had to admit that he did enjoy the attention. Besides, they weren't even biologically relate-. "Ah Shit! What crap am I thinking about?" he scolded himself. I must find Annie. Eren had noticed that his right hand had bite marks, and that's when it hit him… This was his body. That meant that he could still transform and that he was in perfect physical condition from all his past training. Picking up an inhumane speed up the third flight of stairs, he burst through the door and on to the roof to face her.

Annie looked up at him with red eyes and spoke in broken sentences "E-Eren, what are you- Why are you up here…?" Eren, now a lot calmer and composed spoke with confidence while trying to keep his true emotions in check "Annie… what I said, I didn't mean any of it. You're one of the smartest people I know and… and the only one I can trust at this moment in time" Annie's eyes widened at this as Eren continued "I don't know how to explain this to you but, I promise I will. Please don't resent me for that" Annie's expression turned a tone darker as she suddenly found the floor to be very interesting. Obviously he would notice the heavy blush plastered across her cheeks. And it was only a few seconds before she could respond, laughing like a maniac. To Eren, that was the same laugh he heard That Day. Eren visibly paled as Annie began to approach him and purred "I could never resent you, a-na-ta~." She got closer "-and you have to trust me, Eren. After all, I love you. If you hate me-" she snaked her arms around his waist "-then… I'll have to make you love me" she finally whispered as she locked her lips against his.

Eren was utterly frozen in shock and before his impulse to push her away kicked in, he thought for a second as their toungs danced with each other 'If I push her away now, I'll never get the unbiased answers I want'

Finally breaking away, Annie came up gasping for air and smiling like an idiot "Eren, when are we going-"
"Annie-" Eren stopped her "Can you do me a favor?" Annie gave him a twisted smile and spoke "Huh? A favor? Who's the bitch and how should I kill her?"

"No, no! I want," Eren looked out into the distance and spotted what he was looking for "You see that park," he said pointing to a not-so-far-away park, swings and all. Annie nodded as she played with the hem of Eren's shirt seductively. "Good. At eight o'clock on the dot, meet me there. There's something I need to show you."

"Anything, anata" purred Annie, as she strolled to the stairwell seductively. "Well eight it is. Ja ne, anata."

Eren felt a sense of relief wash over his body as he looked out to the horizon. At least something went as planned today...

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