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Chapter Four - Unbreakable

Awakened by the shrill screech of a crow… Eren's eye's shot open, his vision blurry. Not sure of where he was, his heart fluttered as he inhaled sharply. The visage of a younger Mikasa had slowly come into view out of the darkness. The familiar scent of home burned its way into his nostrils as he sat upright. Bringing his hand to his now heavy head, Eren looked back up at Mikasa with a questioning look "Huh, Mikasa?" She responded simply stating what needed to be said "We should be heading back." There was a pause. It felt like eons, yet lasted only seconds. It was so serene in that field…so peaceful. Eren, still half asleep broke the deafening silence and asked quietly "Why are you here?"

Eren's dream broke abruptly. Finding himself in an all too familiar classroom, he pushed himself up looked around. He had been sleeping in class again. Every day for the past week, Eren would just lay his head down in class and let his sorrows carry him off to a distant place. It was a beautiful day in his apparent hometown of Konosekai. Catching him staring out the window, Mikasa tugged at his sleeve and asked "Eren, what's wrong. You seem distracted today." Armin, who sat directly in front of him turned around and smiled solemnly "I bet you're nervous for today, huh Eren?" Eren cocked his eyebrow and asked "W-what's happening today?"

He hoped it wouldn't be anything too drastically unfamiliar to him. As of last night, Mikasa had officially blown his mind away. It had all happened so fast, he couldn't take in everything that she had shown him last night. How were things lake that even possible in this world! 'I mean it only took about two hours to end, yet I'm probably scared for life… but it was so good.' Are things like that sucha common practice in this world?!

Eren still couldn't believe that these 'movies' were so realistic. The concept of moving pictures coupled with voice and sound had really shaken him up. 'So advanced, this world is' he thought. Mikasa sure did pick a creepy one though. 'I think it was called, Princess Mononoke- or something. However, it was such a great story-…'

Realizing that he had lost track of what was really important, Eren pushed Armin for an answer. Eren thought he was just imagining it, but for some reason, Armin seemed apprehensive to answer him. Finally giving in, Armin sighed and spoke in a quiet tone "Don't you remember, today's the Student Council meeting… Aren't you scared?" Eren almost choked in laughter "W-wh-what! Ha! Armin, why would I be scared!?" Armin looked at Eren blankly and spoke in a monotone voice, rivaling that of Mikasa's "Because, the Student Council President beat you up before letting you join… remember? You lost a tooth because of that incident"

Eren, visibly tensed… he now knew who the Student Council president was. Without a second thought, Eren spoke out loud "Well, I hope Levi doesn't treat me like shit in this world too-" Ah fuck…

"This world, Eren?" Mikasa leaned in a little closer,
"What are you talking about, Eren?" Armin chuckled slightly, hoping Eren wasn't going insane.
"I believe he's making a joke" chirped Krista delightfully.
"Doubt it" shot Ymir right back at Krista.
"Well, he always seemed like an alien to me" snickered Jean.
"Jean, don't be so mean!" scolded Marco.

All of their responses had made Eren forget that in a situation like this, he was supposed to lie like crazy until he was safe. But something stopped him… a pull in his gut. He couldn't place where he'd had this feeling before. However, he decided to follow it to wherever it might take him.

"Y-yes, I'm from another world, guys." Eren stood up. Taken aback by his awkward behavior, Reiner and Berthold decided to find out more on the situation. "Ha! You're kidding, right?" Reiner looked him dead straight in the eye, expecting a smirk and an Eren-ish "Of course!" However, what Eren did next shocked everybody silent. "For fuck sakes! I just said I'm not from this world, didn't I?!" screamed Eren at the top of his voice, slamming his fist into the table, making a visible fissure in the wood. Berthold nodded to Annie who came over and placed a hand over his shoulder and chided him "You're being rude to all of our friends, anata. I can understand if the Student Council meeting has had you worked up, but-" Eren swatted her hand away roughly. Upon experiencing Eren pissed-off first hand, Annie gasped. 'Not again', she thought.

Eren looked at all of his friends surrounding him. He was conflicted between decisions. Stay in this 'Perfect' world, or return to where he had belonged… the real world, his home. No matter how mangled or damaged his own Titan-infested world was, it was still his home…
'Decide' he thought.

"Is this smart" Eren's fists closed and his grip tightened.
'Should I just keep my mouth shut?' He gritted his teeth.
'Decide' he egged his subconscious to help him…
He finally decided to not give an actual fuck anymore
No, I'll tell them everything I'm thinking!'

"All of you here don't know me! I'm not your Eren. I'm sick and tired of all this bullshit! I've had it with all of this safety. I'm built for killing!" To prove his point, Eren punched the chalkboard, creating a mould of his fist deep within the metal. The whole class trembled with fear "Eren, what are you-" Annie tried to interject but Eren would have none of it. "And YOU," he screamed "I hate you! After what you did! I can never forgive you! Just die already" Tears were on the brink of falling when Mikasa stood up from her seat and made her way towards Eren… big mistake.

"Eren, no matter what… I believe you. I'm so glad that you finally admitted your true-" He definitely had a bone to pick with Mikasa. "Mikasa, you're my sister. Neither are you my mother nor my girlfriend! So stop acting like both already! Pick one or don't talk to me at all!" A cold, gloomy silence filled her eyes as her expression was blank. Never had Eren ever given her an ultimatum like this one. Shocked into silence, she just made her way quietly to the corner of the classroom and went into a fetal position like an abused child.

"Ah shit, man! Look at what you did! You broke Mikasa" Jean pointed out. Eren's surge of adrenaline had finally died down when the classroom doors were opened violently by a short tempered-short statured man. "What the fuck is going on here?!" grumbled Levi, as he inspected the situation. Despite the fact that his voice was low and devoid of any other emotion besides malice, he still managed to sound genuinely concerned… enough to create pin-drop silence.

That was the last straw, Eren looked at his right hand and whispered to Levi "Hey Levi, 'the man who's worth a hundred soldiers'," to which the minute man glared at him "here's a little something I've been saving for you!" Eren said with an evil smile. Bringing his right hand up to his mouth, Eren relaxed his jaw muscles, preparing them for: The Bite.

"What are you doing, you little fucker." Asked Levi with annoyance, to which Eren replied with a nasty grin "Doing something unexpected"

Darkness. No other word could describe Eren's vision. Realizing that his eyes were closed, he sat upright. Looking around, Eren noticed that everything was still the same. "Huh, just a dream?" he silently let out. Mikasa poked his arm and through her red scarf, she let out a muffled warning "Don't sleep in class, Eren."

Hanji had interrupted their third period lesson that day with summons to the Student Council Room. In actual fact, Levi had beaten Eren to a pulp in the beginning of the year, setting an example for all the first years. Upon arriving at their destination, Hanji, with her charismatic smile slid open the door roughly and chirped "Excuse the intrusion!" The Student Council room was silent. Something was really wrong. All the Student Body members had gathered around the main desk at the back of the room. Eren stepped in and observed the room, his concentration finally broke when another student informed Hanji about somebody "not moving an inch for an hour."

Eren stepped forward to see Levi sitting in a chair, immobile. Still as a rock, his eyes were the only thing able to move. Shooting a deadly glance at Eren, he let out a murmur. To Eren, it sounded like "..-Brat…Where…the…fuck…am…I…?-"

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