Author's note: Well, here it is. Another Les Mis story. And it's about Gavroche again. I can't help it, that kid is just so awesome! As I said in the summary, this will be a series of oneshots about Gavroche, each one based on a sentence or prompt. Enjoy! At the end of each chapter I'll give the meanings of any French words I use.

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Cosette was his first friend.

Seven-year-old Cosette stepped hesitantly toward the cradle. More than anything, she wanted to hold the baby. Like most little girls, she loved babies, but she had never before been so near to one, much less had the chance to hold one.

And now the Thenardiers' new son—what was his name?—was right in front of her, looking at her with his bright blue eyes as if he wanted her to pick him up. If she was caught, though, she would be in big trouble—she would be beaten and get no dinner, and probably nothing to eat the next day either. Better not risk it, she thought. She turned to leave the room.

Still, there was no one around, and she'd probably never get another chance... I'll do it.

She went back to the cradle and lifted the child into her small arms. "Hello, petit," she crooned. "I'm Cosette."

The baby cooed. "Your parents never gave you a name, did they?" She continued. "I think I'll call you Petit Bleu, because you have blue eyes."

She held the boy (now called Petit Bleu) close and sang very softly the first few lines of her song. It was a song about a beautiful castle on a cloud where everyone was happy.

Before she could sing the rest of it, she heard someone coming. Quickly, Cosette put Petit Bleu back in the cradle and left.

She never got to hold him again, but she sometimes was able to see him for a few minutes before the Thenardiers caught her, and once or twice she even sang to him again about the castle on a cloud.

It was a strange kind of friendship, and it was forgotten entirely when Cosette left a year later. Never again was he called Petit Bleu. He had no proper name, and his family called him different things. His parents called him Boy at the best of times and Brat at the worst of times, and Runt in between. His sisters, who were kinder, called him petit frère. Later, when he left his family and took to the streets, he chose a name for himself: Gavroche.

Glossary of French words

Petit - Little one (masculine)

Petit Bleu - Little Blue

Petit frère - Little brother

Author's note: I admit I kind of got this idea from the anime Les Misèrables Shoujo Cosette. In the anime, Gavroche is old enough to be friends with Cosette while she's at the Thenardiers', and to remember her after she leaves. They're like siblings and it's very sweet. I thought I'd put some of that in this story. If anyone wants to watch the anime, tell me in a review and I can give you the link to a site where you can watch it with English subtitles.

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