Wizard Seeker

Summary: Magic is a bit like Art in that it has many different types, for art there is painting, sculpture, etc. Wizard magic is merely one type of magic; seeker magic is another kind of magic. Wizards and Seekers in the process of hiding from non-magical people have also managed to hide from each other, Harry was born with both wizard magic and the potential to become a seeker (the real power the dark lord knows not). While on a mission for the Huntik Foundation, Dante finds young Harry and learns of both his seeker potential and his not-so-pleasant home life. Dante then decides to take Harry from the Dursleys and train him to be a seeker. How will this new seeker raised Harry fit in within the wizarding world?

Also this story begins years before the Huntik TV series, Dante hasn't met Lok, Sophie, or Zhalia yet, they may or may not appear later on, I haven't decided on that.

Rating: T

Genre: General

Pairings: None as of yet

Legal Disclaimer: I own nothing, Harry Potter and Huntik belong to their respective creators and I am not making any money by writing this

Chapter One

It was a few months after Harry Potter had been born; Lily Potter was shopping in Diagon Alley while her husband James Potter was at work. Lily was not a stay at home mother, she worked as healer at Saint Mungos however she worked the night shift while James worked the day shift as an auror so that one of them would always be available to watch baby Harry (unless there was a major deatheater attack in which case both the ministry and the hospital called all hands on deck and both Potters would be called into work so they would have to leave baby Harry with one of their family friends). It was early in the morning and Lily had a few quick errands she wanted to run before going home to bed.

She went into Madame Malkin's shop. She needed some new robes since hers had been destroyed in a potion's accident and Harry needed new baby clothes too (magical clothing could only be enlarged so many times after all). She looked around at various clothing while carrying baby Harry on her shoulder, ignoring his baby babbling (Harry was at that age where he couldn't talk in words yet, but he could make plenty of noises) so she didn't notice when a jeweled amulet flew off the shelf and into Harry's hand (Madame Malkin was busy with another customer so she didn't notice either).

After Lily had made her selections and been measured for her own robes, it was time to get Harry fitted up. It was then that Lily noticed the amulet in his hand

"No" she said firmly taking hold of it "that doesn't belong to you, put it back" she then took it out of his hands. At which Harry immediately began crying very loudly, Lily put the amulet on a nearby shelf. As soon as Lily released the amulet, it rose up and would have flown back to Harry if Lily hadn't put her hand on it.

"Harry, no, bad" she said sternly

Harry continued to cry reaching for the amulet

"Mrs. Potter, tell you what, if the little tyke likes the necklace so much, I'll sell it to you for a discount, 2 sickles." Madame Malkin offered

Lily looked at Harry who was still trying to get the amulet, and said "Ok, agreed"

Lily then picked the amulet up and put it around Harry's neck. As soon as the amulet was touching him, Harry stopped crying and starting giggling happily. Neither Lily nor Madame Malkin understood why that amulet was so important to Harry; to them it was just a cheap piece of jewelry because they didn't know that there was a titan inside it.

Once that was done, they were able to get Harry measured for his new robes and pay for their order. They never picked up that order however because two days later, Dumbledore informed the Potters and the Longbottoms that one of their children had been prophesied to defeat Voldemort and that they should go into hiding.

Halloween Night

Baby Harry watched from his crib as the weird looking guy hit his mommy with some strange green light. Mommy fell down and didn't get up again; Harry thought it was a very odd time for Mommy to decide to take a nap. The weird looking guy then came towards him. For a moment the two looked at each other and then the weird looking guy spoke

"So, you're the boy who is destined to defeat me?" he said "I'm afraid that I can't let that happen, tonight you die."

Harry didn't understand what was going on but his power-bonded titan did.

Perseus emerged from his amulet. The titan had the size and appearance of a large man in light bronze colored armor and wearing a pitch black helmet, he also had a short sword in one hand and in the other he held a reflective mirror-like shield. He had wings on his ankles which gave him the ability to fly or in this case hover a few feet above the floor

Voldemort stopped his advance; he had never seen anything like this before.

"You had best go back where you came from, if you continue to stand in my way, you will die along with the boy." He said

Perseus not only did stayed right where he was, he made a threatening motion with his sword

"Fine, have it your way." Voldemort said and raised his wand "Avada Kedavara"

The moment Voldemort raised his wand, Perseus raised his shield.

When the green curse hit the shield, there was a strange sound and most of the curse bounced back toward Voldemort. Perseus was spent, reflecting the curse had taken all his strength so he returned to his amulet. A very tiny bit of the killing curse did hit Harry but that curse no longer had enough power to kill him, defeating Perseus and Voldemort had taken most of its strength, as a result when it hit Harry, it left him unharmed except for a strange lighting shaped scar on his forehead.

4 years later

Harry was in a little crawlspace inside the local playground. He was in there because he was hiding from his cousin Dudley and Dudley's friends. They were playing Dudley's favorite game…Harry Hunting with Harry being an unwilling participant. Harry believed that Dudley was too fat to fit in his chosen hiding place even if the big dummy did think to look in.

"We can't find him Dudley" one of the other boys said

"Keep looking" Dudley ordered "the freak HAS to be here."

"Let's just admit it, he's given us the slip" another boy responded

"…fine" Dudley huffed; this was happening more and more often, Dudley didn't like it. Harry Hunting was no fun when Harry won. "There's plenty of other losers around here to play with. Let's go find one."

Harry's breath caught, on the one hand, he was glad he hadn't been caught on the other; he hated the idea of some other kid being beat up in his place. He had gotten used to being hurt himself; he could handle it but some other kid might not be able to handle what Dudley did to them. Besides they were good normal kids, not freaks like him, they didn't deserve to be treated the way he did.

Quickly Harry got out of his safe spot and followed the other boys, luckily for him none of them happened to look back and see him tailing them.

Eventually the gang noticed a two year old playing in the sandbox, his mother was nowhere to be seen, it was the perfect opportunity. None of them noticed the man in the brown trench coat watching them

Harry couldn't help but wonder why the boy was alone, where was his mother…probably the ladies room.

"Hey, kid" Dudley began "Nice sandcastle" and then he very deliberately stomped on it, which of course destroyed it. Predictably the toddler began to cry

"Boys aren't supposed to cry" one of Dudley's gang said

"Looks we'll have to teach him not to squeal like a girl" another one added

"Stop it!" Harry shouted unable to stop himself

The other boys turned "Well, well, look who decided to come out of hiding" Piers snarled

Dudley added "What did you say, freak?" his tone angry

"I said stop, leave him alone. I'm the one you want." Harry said, he knew the smart thing to do would be to back down but his pride wouldn't let him, not to a bully like Dudley, particularly not when he was standing up for a innocent kid.

"You DON"T tell me what to do!" Dudley yelled, now he was absolutely furious

"Hey Dudley, how about we pound BOTH of them?" Piers suggested

"Good idea, Piers" Dudley said "They BOTH need to be taught a lesson."

Then the boys advanced toward their two victims.

Dante had been moving closer to the kids the whole time and he was just about to step in when Harry grabbed the amulet he always wore around his neck and shouted

"Perseus, help us out!"

Then suddenly a titan emerged in front of him. Dante froze, he had heard of Perseus. According to Greek Mythology, Perseus was the hero who had killed the monster Medusa. The myth was partially right, in reality, Medusa was a titan not a monster and Perseus was also a titan, in fact he was the titan that the ancient Greeks had used to defeat Medusa so they could seal her safely away. Overtime the story had become exaggerated and people had come to believe that Perseus and his bonded seeker were one person instead of titan and seeker, which was to the benefit of seeker community who wanted to stay hidden. Since ancient times both titans, Medusa and Perseus, had been lost to history. How did a small kid end up with a titan that no one had seen in over a thousand years?!

The boys stopped "What is that thing?!" one of them shouted

Dudley was shocked, he knew about the monster. He remembered one time, the freak had done something bad, he no longer remembered what exactly that bad thing was but he remembered his dad had been really pounding the Freak harder than ever before. The freak had begun to cry and then the monster had shown up and attacked his dad! It had only gone away when the freak had called it back. Since then the Dursleys no longer abused Harry physically but they continued to starve him and treat him like a slave. Dudley had thought that the monster would never show up anywhere but the house.

Then Dante recovered and ran over to them

"What's going on here?" he asked

"Mister, that kid summoned the monster, he's a FREAK!" Piers shouted pointing at Harry

"Really?" Dante said and then he raised his hand in the direction of the boys "Simple Mind" and his hand suddenly glowed with a strange red light and the boys stared seemingly hypnotized "you are going to run along home and forget that any of this ever happened." Then he lowered his hand and the glow vanished. The boys meanwhile slowly turned and then they ran back home, including the toddler

"Perseus come back" Harry said and Perseus returned to his amulet…"I only called him because they were bullying that poor kid"
"I know" Dante said gently "I saw the whole thing, I was just about to intervene myself but you beat me to it…where did you get that amulet?"

"This " Harry said holding it up but he didn't wait for an answer before continuing "I've always had it for as long as I can remember…who are you mister?" suddenly Harry's eyes widened, he'd just asked a question, he wasn't supposed to ask questions, he wasn't going to get to eat tonight.

Dante laughed slightly "True, I haven't introduced myself. My name's Dante, Dante Vale what's yours?"

"Harry Potter…I think" Harry answered

"You think?" Dante repeated, immediately a red flag went up in Dante's head. How could the child not know his own name?

"Well…my teacher calls me Harry Potter but my aunt and uncle call me Freak." Harry said

"Your aunt and uncle, what about your parents?" Dante asked

Harry couldn't believe it, this guy actually sounded like he cared, most other adults he talked to either believed that he was a freak like the Dursleys said or that he was liar and what they called a bad seed but Dante was being nice to him…far nicer than he deserved

"They're dead Sir, they were drunk and got killed in a car crash and dumped me on my poor hardworking relatives." Harry answered it had the sound of something that had been said over and over again, so much that the kid knew it by rote.

"You don't have to call me Sir, just Dante is fine." Dante said, now he was concerned, he began to suspect that the child was not treated very well at home.

"I'd like to have a talk with your aunt and uncle, where do you live?" Dante asked

Harry opened his mouth to tell him but then he remembered he had been told very very firmly to never bring strangers home. The Dursleys had not told him that as a warning to make him be careful around strangers, they just didn't want him to bring any of the weirdoes he tended to attract home, like the man who had once bowed to him while he and his aunt were shopping. "I'm sorry Sir; I'm not supposed to tell strangers that."

Harry was certain that he was in for a beating now, he had told an adult no.

"That's ok, Harry. I understand." Dante said gently "Take care of yourself, kiddo." Then he began to walk away. Harry was tempted to call him back, he was DYING to know how Dante had done that with the glowing light and stuff, but no, he had done enough bad things already, he'd better behave himself for the rest of the day.

Harry decided he had better had back to the house, he couldn't' really call it home. Dante for his part decided to follow Harry and try to get a better feel for the situation before heading in. After all he may just been making a bigger deal out things than it really was…he doubted that though. His instincts told him that Harry was being abused and his instincts were usually right. Dante had plenty of experience in undercover operations so tailing an unsuspecting six year old was no trouble at all for him.

Harry for his part was too busy dreading what was going to happen when he got back to his aunt and uncle's to even think about the possibility that Dante might be following him.

Sure enough when he arrived Petunia and Vernon Dursley were waiting for him.

"Dudley told us what you did Freak!" Vernon said in way of greeting

Meanwhile Dante positioned himself outside the house and whispered "Sense boost" which as its name implied, enhanced all five of the casters senses so he could hear what was going on

"How dare you threaten Dudley?!" Vernon yelled

"He was bullying another kid!" Harry protested despite himself

"And lying to our faces on top of it!" Petunia added "Get in your cupboard and stay there, while Vernon and I decide how to punish you"

Harry didn't reply verbally he just went into the cupboard under the stairs and Petunia locked the door behind him

Once that was over Dudley went to the living room to watch TV while Vernon and Petunia spoke in the kitchen.

"I told you we should have taken the gaudy necklace from him years ago." Vernon said

"We tried, Vernon" Petunia explained "but every time we took it away it just came back, like a bad rash"

Dante wasn't surprised, titans always wanted to be with their seekers, it was not unusual for an amulet to seek out a seeker that the titan wanted to bond with on its own accord.

"I say we send the worthless brat to an orphanage, I am sick of his freakishness!" Vernon declared

"You know we can't do that Vernon, remember the letter?" Petunia said quickly, nervously

"Humph" Vernon said "if the freaks care about the brat so much, THEY should be the ones taking care of him. Now what are we going to do about him?!"

"Well, he's certainly not getting any supper tonight" Petunia began

"Or breakfast either" Vernon added "Furthermore, we don't let him out of his cupboard until Christmas!"

It was the end of May so that meant at least 6 months locked in a cupboard. That was enough for Dante he canceled the sense boost power and headed for the front door.

"Vernon, who will pull the weeds?" Petunia said

"Of course, we'll let him out for that pet" Vernon said "from now on, the freak is to be either, at school, doing chores or in the cupboard, agreed?"

Petunia was in the middle of nodding when Dante rang the doorbell

"Who could that be?" Petunia asked then she got up and went to the door

"May I help you?" Petunia asked

"Yes, my name is Dante Vale. I am here about your nephew, Harry Potter."

Petunia didn't recognize the man and she really didn't want to talk about the freak anymore so she said

"There's no Harry Potter here, I'm afraid you have the wrong address." Then she tried to close the door but Dante put his foot in

"You're lying and not very well I might add, I saw Harry protecting another kid from your enormous whale of a son in the park and I followed him here."

At this Vernon came over and yelled "Stop it! I will not have anybody throwing false accusations around my house! I demand you leave immediately!"

"And if I don't?" Dante asked with a raised eyebrow

"I'll call the police!" he began reaching for the phone to do just that

"Touch ram!" Dante shouted and blast of yellow light shot from his hand, past Petunia and hit the telephone, smashing it to pieces.

"Now are you going to let me in so we can discuss this like civilized human beings or do I have to start blasting more appliances?" Dante asked

"You're one of them, you're a freak!" Petunia exclaimed. She was shocked, she thought all those freaks wore weird robes and cloaks but this guy was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a trench coat, he looked so normal, too normal to be a freak!

"If you want to call it that, I know your nephew is one to." Dante said

"Good, you take the brat; we've had enough of him!" Vernon yelled

"Gladly, Harry is a very special kid and deserves a lot better than the likes of you." Dante snarled then he walked between the Dursleys and to the cupboard door. The door was locked so Dante simply said

"Far Slip" and the door opened

"Dante?!" Harry said in shock when he saw who had opened the door

"Get your things Harry, we're leaving" Dante said

"Where are you taking me?" Harry asked. He was scared his uncle had told him all sorts of stories about how horrible orphanages were. He loved to threaten to send Harry to one; he was scared that Vernon had finally carried out that threat.

"To my home, I've decided to take you on as my apprentice if you like" Dante answered

"Apprentice? What's that?" Harry asked. He'd never heard of being an apprentice before

"I'll explain everything when we get there" Dante said. He was not about to discuss Seekers in front of those scumbags

"You're not going to take me to an orphanage right?" Harry asked

"No, I won't. That's a promise" Dante said

Normally Harry didn't trust adults much but Dante seemed different from other adults, maybe he was trustworthy. Harry decided to give it a try. If worse came to worse he could always run away later, he doubted Dante could run fast enough to catch him

"Okay, I'll go with you." Harry said coming out of the cupboard

"Isn't there anything you want to take with you?" Dante asked

"No, the Dursleys never got me anything." Harry said

Vernon opened his mouth to dispute that but a glare from Dante silenced him

Then the two men left Privet Drive never to return

AN: I couldn't find any 'real' titans that fit what I needed so I created one. Yes I know there is that mirror thing that Wilder uses in season 2 but I didn't think a giant mirror would be able to scare the Dursleys into not abusing Harry too much the way I needed a titan to. In this fic, Perseus is the only reason that Harry didn't wind up dying from the Dursley's abuse, because whenever the abuse got to out of hand. Perseus would sense that his seeker was in danger and come to his defense. We know that some titans can do that. I remember one scene in particular where Sabriel wanted to come out and protect Sophie, cause the mark on her hands was glowing but Sophie couldn't invoke the Titan because she was afraid of losing Sabriel.

Now I am sure the next question will be how Perseus can invoke himself, and no, it is not some special ability unique to him. My understanding of seeker magic (and I may be totally off base on this) is that there is a powerful bond between Titans and Seekers and that bond is part of what gives a Titan strength. A titan needs to borrow some of the Seeker's energy to emerge from their amulet and when that strength runs out, they have to go back. Now Harry is untrained, he doesn't know how to prevent his titan from using his energy whenever he wants which is how Perseus is able to appear whenever Harry needs him on Halloween even though Harry never invoked him.

Also, yes, Harry and Perseus are power-bonded because in the show it seems to Titan's usually power-bond with their seekers when their seekers need them more than ever and for Harry, he needed Perseus more than ever to survive the Dursleys and Voldemort.

Lastly, just in case anyone is curious here's a holotome entry for my made up titan, Perseus.


Attack: 3

Defense: 4

Size: Average

Type: Krono-titan Warrior

Special Abilites: Flight and Reflecting Shield