Chapter 3

Harry's roommates introduced themselves as Michael Corner, Terry Boot and Anthony Goldstein.

They started out by discussing each other's backgrounds. Terry was muggle born, Michael's blood status varied depending on who you talked too, his father was a muggle but his mother was a squib from an old pureblood family who had been cast out for not having enough magic to be a witch, he had been raised in the muggle world as well.

"You mean to tell me that I'm the only ONE of us who was raised in the wizarding world?!" Anthony demanded angrily

The other boys nodded

"Unbelievable!" Anthony exclaimed and stormed off in a huff

"What's his problem?" Terry asked

Harry and Michael shrugged, they didn't know either.

"So Harry, I heard a rumor that you grew up in Italy, is that true?' Terry asked

"Mostly, but I've traveled all over the world, my father is an archeologist-"

"I thought your father was dead" Michael interjected

"My ADOPTIVE father" Harry clarified "anyway, he travels all over the world and he brings me with him! I've been to every continent, except Antarctica."

"Awesome!" Terry said

Neither Terry nor Michael had ever been outside of Britain, Hogwarts was the farthest either of them had been from home in fact so they began bombarding him with questions about the places he'd visited and the things he'd seen for example,

"Have you ever been to Egypt?" Terry began

Harry nodded

"Did you see the pyramids while you were in Egypt?" Terry added eagerly

"Yeah, but they're overrated if you ask me. I thought Abu-Simbel was a lot more impressive." Harry answered

"Aba what?" Michael asked

"Abu-Simbel. It's a massive temple that was built by Ramses II near the southern border. It has several enormous states of various gods all over it. At noon on certain days of the year, the sun shines through and illuminates 3 of the god statues in the very back of the Temple. The statue that doesn't get lit up is the statue of Ptah because he's tied to the Underworld." Harry explained Harry wished he could take out his holo-tome and show them what Abu-Simbel was like but he couldn't.

"That sounds like something out of an Indiana Jones movie" Terry commented

Harry and Michael agreed it did

"Maybe it's where one of the writers got the idea" Harry added

Eventually though the boys fell asleep.

The next morning the prefects passed out their schedules and one of them escorted the first years to Charms which was the first class for the day. No one talked too much…they weren't really awake yet.

Charms was shared with the Slytherins who were already there when the Ravenclaws arrived.

Draco caught Harry's eye and looked pointedly at the empty seat next to him. Harry understood the message and took it.

"Hey Draco" Harry greeted as he sat down

"Good Morning" Draco responded

"I've been looking forward to this, I can't wait to try some charms" Harry said

"Don't get your hopes up" Draco responded "remember what I told you, we have to learn how to consciously access our magic first"

"Oh yeah" Harry replied, he couldn't very well tell Draco that he already knew how to do that

Professor Flitwick was the last to arrive. He was so short he needed to stand on top of pile of books to see over his desk. He fell off said pile of books when he called Harry's name.

Harry sighed, he hoped every teacher didn't make such a big deal of him.

Flitwick then went over the process of tapping into one's inner magic and channeling it into a wand. In theory every spell could be performed without a wand but wands were powerful tools that added both power and focus to a spell so in practice there were some spells like the patronus charm that hardly any wizard was able to cast without a wand because they didn't have the power and/or focus on their own.

Flitwick then had them practice, the goal was for them to get their wands to glow slightly with magic. For Harry, tapping into his magic was easy, he'd done it often enough. The hard part was channeling it into his wand and not through his hand. A few times he channeled the magic into his hand and his hand began to glow. Each time it happened, he quickly shoved his hand under his desk to hide the glow and hoped no one had noticed.

Most of the class didn't but Draco's eyes narrowed the first time it happened, he HAD noticed, he also noticed the other few times Harry's hand glowed later. However Harry did manage to get his wand to glow briefly towards the end of the class. It only lasted for a few seconds but Flitwick still gave Ravenclaw five points for it.

Once the class was over Draco asked Harry

"Why was your hand glowing in class today?" Draco asked

"…I don't know" Harry responded

"Are you okay?" Draco asked "Did it hurt?"

Harry shook his head "No, I'm fine. I've got to get down to Transfiguration so I'll see you later." He then hurried out of the classroom.

Transfiguration was shared with the Gryffindors when they got to the classroom there was a tabby cat on the teacher's desk. Harry, like many of the other students, petted the cat a little before taking his seat. One of the Gryffindor girls picked the cat up, snuggled it a bit and then took it back to her desk, where the cat eventually managed to wriggle free and returned to the teacher's desk.

The only students who were late were Ron Weasley and Seamus Finnegan.

"Phew McGonagall's not here yet." Weasley sighed in relief

The cat jumped off the desk and turned into Professor McGonagall

The Gryffindor girl from earlier buried her head in her hands, utterly mortified that she had actually cuddled her teacher.

McGonagall ignored her and addressed Weasley and Finnegan "perhaps I should transfigure you into pocket watches then maybe one of you could arrive on time."

"Sorry, Professor" Ron said "We got lost"

"So a pair of maps then?" McGonagall responded "I trust you don't need one of find your seats"

Harry didn't care for Ron but he thought the professor was being too harsh, it WAS only the first day of classes and the school was big. It didn't look like the Gryffindor prefects were leading their first years to their classes like the Ravenclaw ones were.

"Now then" McGonagall began "Transfiguration is some of the most difficult and dangerous magic that you will learn at Hogwarts. Anyone caught making trouble in my class will be told to leave and never come back."

She then had them begin taking notes while she lectured them

After Transfiguration, their next class was Potions with the Hufflepuffs. Harry hadn't been particularly looking forward to this class, he hated cooking or anything remotely resembling it but Draco had been eager, Professor Snape was his godfather.

The dungeon was cold, the prefects told them that it was always the case and that they should try to learn the warming charm as soon as they could but in the meantime one of them could cast it on their robes for them which they did.

Harry sat in the back of the class with Terry.

Snape stormed in a minute before class started "There will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this class" he announced as he stalked to the front of the room

Harry was taken aback slightly it seemed like he REALLY didn't want to be there

"As such, I don't except many of you brats to understand that this IS magic. I also do not expect any of you to appreciate the subtle beauty of the cauldron. If you pay attention and are one of the select few who have the needed predisposition however I can teach you to do amazing things, you will be able to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can teach you to bottle fame, brew glory and even put a stopper in death if you aren't the bunch of dunderheads I normally have to teach"

Harry didn't understand it, if this guy hates kids so much why did he become a teacher?

Snape then proceeded to call roll

Most of the names he said with no comment but when he reached Harry's "Harry Potter, our new celebrity" he snarled and then continued. Once he was done he said "Tell me Potter, what would I get if I mixed a powered root of Asphodel with an infusion of wormwood?"

Powered what? "…I don't know" Harry said

"I don't know, SIR" Snape responded

"Sir" added reluctantly, the man did NOT merit a sir, in Harry's book

"Tut, tut" Snape chided "fame clearly isn't everything, let's try again, where would you look if I told you to find me a bezoar?"

"In the store cupboard" Harry answered

"I thought Ravenclaws were supposed to be intelligent" Snape replied "bezoars come from the stomachs of goats and will save you from most poisons"

"We are intelligent" Harry countered "You asked where I would look, not where they come from. If you asked me for a bezoar, I would look in the store cupboard for it; if someone had been poisoned I wouldn't have time to find a goat, kill it, dig through its' stomach and bring it back so if the store cupboard wasn't the answer you wanted, you should have phrased your question differently."

Some of the students' eyes widened at that

Snape merely glared "20 points from Ravenclaw and a week of detention for disrespecting a professor"

"What?!" Harry asked

"You heard me Potter, do you want me to take more points?"

Harry glared but didn't answer

"I'll give you one last chance Potter, what is the difference between Monkshood and Wolfsbane?"

Harry actually knew the answer to that question but not from his potions textbook. When they traveled Dante made it a point to teach Harry about the areas they traveled through, including helpful and dangerous plants as part of his wilderness survival training.

"Nothing apart from the names" Harry answered "they're the exact same plant which is also called aconite. The ancient Greeks called it the queen of all poisons because it is tasteless, odorless, colorless and kills quickly even with small doses."

Snape's glare intensified, he seemed angry that Harry knew the answer "I didn't ask what the ancient Greeks called it Potter, 5 points from Ravenclaw for giving extraneous information."

Harry wanted to protest but wisely kept his mouth shut.

"For your information, Potter" Snape began "Asphodel and Wormwood combine to create the Draught of Living Death, which puts the drinker into an irreversible sleep. Well, why aren't you all copying that down?"

'Because you didn't say to, duh…miserable bastard' Harry thought but wisely didn't say it

"We are going to be brewing a wiggenweld potion today, it's a simple potion even one of you idiots should be able to manage it" Snape waved his wand at the blackboard "instructions are on the board, get to work"

The students began trying to brew their potions while Snape moved around the room making snide comments.

'How did this guy EVER get certified?' Harry wondered 'he hasn't taught us anything other than that he can't teach'

Mercifully the class ended and it was time for lunch

Unfortunately he had history of magic right after lunch. Normally Harry enjoyed history, at least the way Dante had taught it to him, Dante's teaching was more about the story of what happened and why it happened and far less about dates and statistics, as long as you knew what happened and in what order, it was good enough for Dante. Professor Binns however was, in some respects, an even worse teacher than Snape. He had most of the class including Harry asleep within the first 5 minutes. The others didn't last more than the first 10.

Herbology was their next class and it was okay. Harry had a bit of a black thumb but Professor Sprout seemed nice so that was a plus.

His last class was Defense Against the Dark Arts and it was the biggest disappointment of all. Not only was Professor Quirell apparently afraid of everything under the sun, including his own shadow, but he stuttered so badly that sometimes Harry could barely understand what he was saying. He left the class with nothing but a major headache.

A few days later he found out they would be getting their first flying lesson. Harry was both eager to try it and scared of making a fool of himself. One of the prefects had given them a book of flying tips but Harry was skeptical as this wasn't something they could learn from a book.

The wizard raised children were eager to share their stories of flying to anyone willing to listen especially Draco. Harry quickly grew tired of hearing about how Draco nearly got hit by a helicopter…it didn't help that Harry was 99.99% certain that Draco had made the story up. If Draco had really gotten that close to a helicopter, he would have been torn to shreds by the propellers and/or spotted by the pilot, plus Draco didn't seem to know what exactly a helicopter was. He decided however not to call the Draco on it.

Finally the flying lesson arrived. For this class all the first years from all 4 houses attended together

Harry took the broom next to Draco. Harry might have been a novice when it came to flying but the brooms definitely looked like they had seen better days…he wasn't certain that some of them would hold the students' weight.

"Stand beside your broomsticks" Madame Hooch instructed

Once they had done so Madame Hooch dropped the broom she had been carrying and issued another instruction. "Hold your right hand over the broom and say up, like so" she held her hand over the broom she had just dropped "Up" she said firmly and the broom obediently rose up into her hand. "Now you try it"

Draco's broom flew to his hand at once but his was one of the few that did. Some kids' brooms moved away from them and others couldn't get their brooms to move at all.

Harry then decided it was safe to try it "Up" he commanded and the broom rose right to his hand

"See I told you, you'd be fine" Draco said smiling "all you have to do is follow my brilliant examples"

Harry rolled his eyes a little but was soon distracted

Ron had gotten frustrated with his broom and yelled "UP! You stupid piece of-"The broom responding by rising and smacking him in the face.

Several of the kids laughed

"It's not funny" Ron snapped at them

"You did ask for it, Ron" one of the Gryffindor boys said

"Shut up, Dean" Ron ordered

Finally after several tries all of the students had successfully summoned their brooms…although some had greater degrees of success than others.

Madame Hooch then demonstrated how to properly grip and mount their brooms. She moved up and down the two lines of first years making sure each student was doing it properly. Only when she was sure that all of the students were ready did she move to the next set of instructions.

"Now when I blow this whistle, I want you all to kick off with your feet, rise just a couple of inches and then come back down by leaning forward slightly" she raised the whistle to her lips but Neville Longbottom had already kicked off.

"Lean forward and come back down, boy!" Hooch ordered

Neville moved a bit but it caused his broom to begin rising even faster. Soon Neville was several feet in the air, no longer within earshot and then to the horror of everyone watching, he lost his grip and fell.

Hooch drew her wand to save him but Harry reacted first

"Feather drop!" he shouted and raised his hand toward Neville. A ray of orange light shot from Harry's hand and enveloped Neville. His body flipped itself right side up and his descent slowed drastically

By the time that Neville landed back on the ground he had stopped screaming and had even managed to calm down a little

"You saved Neville's life!" Michael exclaimed

"How'd you do that?!" Terry asked

"…Accidental magic?" Harry tried

"That didn't look very accidental to me" Hermonie said

Draco opened his mouth to say something but Madame Hooch spoke first

"No, it didn't." she said "there was nothing accidental about it, was there Potter?"

Harry didn't know what to do, he couldn't use Simple Mind on all of them; there were at least 20 people, probably closer to 30. The most people he had ever managed to Simple Mind at once had been 6 and he had been worn out by that; he was older and stronger now so he could probably manage two or three more, but it wouldn't be even half as many as needed…Dante might have been able to manage it but he wasn't here

Professor McGonagall hurriedly joined them "Are you hurt, Mr. Longbottom?!" she asked

Neville shook his head "No Professor, Potter saved me"

"How did you do it, Mr. Potter?" Professor McGonagall asked

Harry couldn't take all the people staring at him, waiting for an answer any longer. He muttered "Nimble fire" and dashed out of the Courtyard before any of them could stop him

"Mr. Potter?" McGonagall asked as Potter seemed to have vanished in the time it took for her to blink her eyes "did anyone see which way he went?"

"That way" Hermonie declared pointing in the direction Harry had fled "… I think"

"Thank you Miss Granger" Professor McGonagall said and hurried off after Harry

"Class dismissed" Madame Hooch said "Don't even think about touching a broom without my supervision"

Harry ran to what he thought was the first secluded corner he found, pulled out his holo-tome and called Dante

"What's wrong?" Dante questioned, he'd only needed to take one look at Harry's face to know something was very not right

"I blew it Dante, I blew the mission!" Harry exclaimed

"Calm down" Dante ordered "tell me what happened"

Harry told Dante the whole story

Meanwhile Draco decided to try and find Harry. He didn't know why but he knew that his friend was very upset. Crabbe and Goyle made to follow him but he waved them off. Harry wouldn't talk to him if they were around.

After a bit, Draco heard Harrys' voice so he began moving toward the sound. He moved slowly around a corner and froze in shock as he saw Harry sitting on the floor talking to…what looked like Dante's ghost coming out of a metal box in front of Harry. It didn't make any sense to Draco, as far as he knew Dante wasn't dead so he couldn't be a ghost and yet Draco had no idea what else it could be. This version of Dante was glowing and transparent but it flickered and his voice sounded weird.

"What was I supposed to do?! I couldn't just stand there and let Neville fall to his death!" Harry exclaimed

"No, you couldn't" Dante agreed "you did the right thing and you haven't blown the mission"

Mission, what mission? Draco wondered…deciding that he needed more information before getting himself involved he ducked back behind the corner so they wouldn't know he was listening

"I haven't?" Harry questioned

"No, I discussed this with the Council just the other day. We concluded it was only a matter of time before wizards found out about seekers, admittedly we had hoped it wouldn't be this soon but maybe it's just as well, you won't have to deal with them thinking that you spent years lying to them." Dante explained

"You did?" Harry asked

Dante nodded "Dumbledore knows a bit already and we know he is digging so he's probably confided in at least some of his people so we decided once seekers were revealed there would be second part to your mission"

"Second part?" Harry questioned

"Yes, the first part remains the same, learn as much about wizard magic and the wizard world as you can and become the best that you can be but in addition we'd like to you to begin building relationships with other wizards. After all, wizards are magic users like us, we shouldn't have to hide from them but don't go revealing everything to them, we don't know if they have been infiltrated by the Organization. You can tell them that I'm a seeker too, they would be wondering who trained you after all."

Draco felt vindicated, he had grown to like Dante and if muggles could be as smart and capable as he seemed to be, it had seemed a point in favor of the muggle race. Dante was a seeker though…Draco wasn't certain exactly what a seeker was, outside of Qudditch obviously but they were clearly magical therefore vastly superior to muggles, the order of the world had been restored.

"Speaking of relationships, why don't you join us Draco?" Dante added and turned towards the corner where Draco was hiding

Draco started; how had Dante known he was there however he knew he was busted so he emerged from the corner

"How long have you been there?" Harry demanded

"Long enough to hear that you and Dante are seekers and that you have magic that's different than ours and that you're here on a mission." Draco answered

"And what do you think of this?" Dante questioned

"While I am not happy that Harry lied to me-"

"I didn't lie to you!" Harry protested

"You didn't tell me that you were a seeker either…a lie by omission is still a lie!" Draco countered

"Oh, like you've told me absolutely everything there is to know about you" Harry replied sarcastically

"Stop it, both of you!" Dante ordered

Both boys immediately shut their mouths

"Let Draco finish, Harry" Dante added

"I am not happy that you didn't tell me that you were a seeker up front…but I get why you didn't. If I hadn't seen what you did with Longbottom earlier, I wouldn't have believed it. I'm not real clear on what exactly a seeker is though" Draco said

"I think it will be easier to show than to try and explain" Harry began "Show yourself, Perseus"

There was a flash of light from Harry's amulet as the titan emerged from it

"Merlin and Morgana, what is that thing?!" Draco exclaimed

"That Draco is a titan" Dante answered "They are creatures from another world that we call Huntik. They are mindless by themselves so they form telepathic bonds with special humans called Seekers. As you heard, Harry and I are both Seekers as Seekers we not only have the ability to bond with titans, we have magical abilities of our own such as Feather Drop, which Harry used to save young Longbottom."

"Perseus is also the reason why I survived when Voldemort tried to kill me-"Harry added as he returned Perseus to his amulet.

"I TOLD YOU NOT TO SAY HIS NAME!" Draco interjected

"Fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself" Harry and Dante said in unison

Draco sighed, he'd had this argument with Harry before and lost

"After Voldemort killed my mother, Perseus sensed I was in danger so he emerged to protect me. Voldemort didn't know what Perseus was so he sent some abra kadabara curse at him

"Avada Kederva" Draco corrected "it's the killing curse" then his eyes narrowed and he continued "how do you know all this anyway? You said you didn't remember what happened that night."

"And I don't" Harry said "but Perseus does and because of our bond I can access his memories of things that happened during the time that we have been bonded. Anyway, Perseus' shield has the ability to reflect any magical attack so when the curse hit his shield it bounced back at Voldemort and hit him. Voldemort screamed and then Perseus returned to his amulet so I can only guess that afterwards Dumbledore found me and left me with the Dursleys."

Draco opened his mouth but before he could say anything Professor McGonagall arrived

"There you are Mr. Potter" then she did a double take when she noticed Dante

"Hello, Professor at least I assume you are one of the school's professors" he greeted her

By this point Professor McGonagall has managed to recover her composure "you assume correctly, I am Professor McGonagall, deputy headmistress and transfiguration professor of Hogwarts and who exactly are you? How did you get past the school's wards?!"

"My name is Dante Vale and I am Harry Potter's guardian. I haven't actually gotten past the wards at all because I am not actually here, I'm a hologram that's being projected by Harry's holotome."

Harry decided to prove this by passing his hand through Dante a couple of times… much to the discomfiture of both McGonagall and Draco

"Holotome, you mean that silver thing on the ground?" Draco surmised

"Yes, Draco. The holotome is a high tech computer that runs on magic. Seekers like Harry and I use holotomes for many things including long distance communication. Harry called me because he was upset over what happened with Mr. Longbottom."

"Why? He saved the boy's life or at least prevented him from being seriously injured…I don't see how that's upsetting" Professor McGonagall questioned

"That's not the part that bothers me, professor" Harry said "I was upset because I showed everyone that I am a seeker and not just a wizard like them. I was scared of how they might react, that's why I ran out of the courtyard."

"I see" Professor McGonagall said "it was quite a shock for all of us but I'm sure the students will adjust in time. For now, Mr. Potter take 50 points to Ravenclaw for saving another student and Mr. Malfoy take 10 points to Slytherin for comforting a student from another house. Now I suggest you both run along to your next classes if you don't want to be late." Then she turned around and began walking to her own next class.

Meanwhile Draco had to shake himself out of his momentary stupor.

"What's the matter, Draco?" Harry asked

"I've always heard that McGonagall is a point-miser to all houses but that she never ever gives points to Slytherin" then he grinned "I think I just broke a school record, most points that old hag has ever given to any non-gryfinndor."

Word of what happened had already spread by the time that Harry rejoined his housemates…they all stared at him but it seemed none of them could figure out what to say.

Later that night, a special edition of the Daily Prophet arrived during dinner

SEEKERS: More than just Qudditch Playersthe headline read

By: Rita Skeeter

Dear readers, your humble Daily Prophet reporter has made the discovery of a lifetime today! Wizards are not the only humans to be blessed with the gift of magic after all. Another group of magic users exist called Seekers and our savior Harry Potter is one of them! During the Hogwarts first years' first flying lesson today, Neville Longbottom fell off his broom and would have died if not for the timely intervention of Mr. Potter. He used a strange seeker spell called feather drop to slow Mr. Longbottom's fall so he didn't get hurt when he hit the ground. Later Potter had a private discussion with his friend Mr. Draco Malfoy and Professor McGonagall unfortunately your reporter was not able to approach any of them for questioning because they all had classes to go to immediately afterward.

We have so many questions, what IS seeker magic, how does it work, how many seekers are there, how do they organize themselves, what are their goals, how many dark seekers are there and what do the other seekers do about them? So many questions…so few answers.

We can surmise however that Mr. Potter's muggle guardian is not actually a muggle at all but another seeker. Mr. Potter's muggle guardian is Dante Vale, he is an Italian archeologist (that's a muggle term for a person who digs up old ruins for artifacts) and the Daily Prophet is thrilled to report that Mr. Vale has agreed to an interview with our editor Charles Henry this evening, see tomorrow's edition for full details.

It does raise another question however WHY has Mr. Potter been raised abroad for all these years? It was reported that he was living with muggle relatives, was that EVER true and if so, WHY was no one told that things had changed? Albus Dumbledore is Mr. Potter's current magical guardian and Professor Dumbledore has refused all comment on this story but rest assured dear readers, we at the Daily Prophet will NOT rest until we get some answers…perhaps Mr. Vale will be more forthcoming, again see tomorrow's issue.

After dinner Harry caught up with Draco in the Great Hall "Hey, I'm going to go check out the third floor corridor, you wanna come?" he asked

"Are you nuts, did you hear Dumbledore say it was off limits to everyone who doesn't want to die a most painful death-"Draco asked

"Don't be silly, Draco" Harry responded "He was just exaggerating, besides I've talked to a couple of the older students and they all say that there's never been anything wrong with corridor before"

"You don't know Dumbledore, who knows what the old loon has put in there?" Draco protested

"Fine, be a coward, I'll go alone" Harry said and began walking toward the stairs

"Just because I have a sense of self-preservation does not make me a coward." Draco argued he wished that Crabbe and Goyle were there so they could physically drag Harry away but they were still pigging out in the Great Hall…Draco had been headed for the Slytherin Common Room because he was tired of waiting for them. Draco then sighed and ran after Harry

"I thought you didn't want to do this" Harry said

"I don't" Draco admitted "but I see you're determined and I can't let you do this alone."

They eventually found the door to the forbidden corridor but it was locked.

"It looks like we can't get in, too bad" Draco said "Guess we'll have to head to our Common Rooms"

"Not so fast" Harry said grabbing Draco's sleeve and then he pointed at the door and said "Far Slip"

A green light shot from his hand and hit the door causing it to open

The boys stepped through, Draco groaning as he walked.

Draco's groan turned into a scream when he caught sight of the Enormous Three Headed Dog that was on the other side.

Harry was scared also but there was something that Dante had drilled into him during his seeker training 'You can't think and panic at the same time, you have to pick one and thinking is ALWAYS a better strategy than panicking' so Harry thought.

The animal was a Cerberus the dog that guarded the gates to the underworld in Greek mythology. The Greeks had a couple of stories about heroes getting past it, Hercules had thrown a bunch of meat to it but they didn't have any meat. Odysseus had thrown a ball for the dog to chase…they didn't have a ball either, Orpheus had sung the beast to sleep. Harry wasn't much a singer but he decided that it was a worth a try. Somewhat embarrassingly the only song he could think of at the time was "twinkle twinkle little star" it worked though as soon as Harry began to sing, the dog stopped growling at them and began to act drowsy.

"Merlin's beard what is that thing doing here?!" Draco exclaimed

The dog twitched

"Sing, don't speak Draco dear" Harry sang

Draco gave him a weird look

"I needed another word" Harry explained

He then began to look around and soon noticed that the dog's paw was on a trap door

"Look, it's guarding something" Harry noted "and I'm going to find out what."

"You're insane!" Draco exclaimed "Look at this, what do you expect to find down there?!"

Harry didn't answer, he was too busy trying to lift the dog's paw off the door. It was too heavy for him but a quick bit of Dragon Fist fixed that

"Harry, you are not seriously going down there!" Draco shouted

Harry didn't answer and instead he cast Feather Drop and jumped through the trap door

As soon as Harry stopped singing, the Cerberus began to stir. Luckily for Draco he had stopped moving as soon as he'd spotted the giant dog so he was able to run out of the room before the dog woke up enough to lunge at him.

He ran down the hallway and down the stairs screaming for his "Uncle Severus" as he did so

Professors Snape and McGonagall had gotten into an argument in the Great Hall but when Draco ran by the door screaming for Severus they stopped arguing to follow him

"Mr. Malfoy!" Professor McGonagall yelled (she had to yell if she wanted to remotely hope that Draco would hear her over his own screaming) "Please explain this unseemly display"

Draco stopped and turned to look at her, gasping for breath as he did so. "Harry, third floor, giant dog, trap door" he said between gasps

"Surely you don't expect us to believe that Mr. Potter would be so foolish" McGonagall began but Snape cut her off

"He's his father's son, of course he did"

McGonagall opened her mouth to retort but Snape questioned Draco "how did he get past the Cerberus?"

By this point Draco had caught his breath "You mean that giant flea-infested mutt? He SANG to it and it fell asleep"

McGonagall rolled her eyes "Really now, Mr. Malfoy" she began but once again Snape cut her off

"It worked for Orpheus" Snape recalled "who's to say it wouldn't work for others as well. Minerva take Mr. Malfoy to the headmaster's office and inform him of what's happened. I'll go after Potter" Snape began walking before McGonagall could argue "hopefully I'll reach the dunderhead before his stupidity kills him." He muttered to himself

"Very well" McGonagall said "Come with me, Mr. Malfoy"

Draco looked after Professor Snape worriedly for a moment but then reluctantly followed after Professor McGonagall.