There's something wrong with him.

Yes, exactly. He's not right in the head. He - he was born with a disability to infuriate everyone in sight without even trying.

Or maybe it's just Isabelle.

Why else would he take a hatchet, crack open her chest and bare her heart out for the world to see-

And then turn away as if he didn't see it at all?

What in hell is wrong with him?

And more importantly, what in hell is wrong with her? Why can't she stay away? Why can't she turn her back like she's done so many times before? Break his heart before he can break her's? It's what she lives by. It's all she knows. Fight, kill, sex, and ditch. Leave. Hurt him before he can hurt her. Because human hearts can be broken. What is it about the scrawny, infuriating Mundane that she can't leave behind?

If she thought he'd be easier to figure out, easier to leave behind after he Changed into a vampire, she was far from right. In fact, it seemed the more time she spent with this not-so-scrawny, not-so-Mundane, and yet just-as-infuriating-if-not-more-so vampire freak, the more attached she got. Like a piece of gum stuck on her shoe keeps sticking to the ground.

What a horrible analogy. Simon obviously wasn't some dirty, mud-covered floor. Her feelings weren't gum either. Although, she might considered being referred to as a shoe if it were that new model she saw in the window of Burberry...

It's the way he acts as if he'll do anything to save the ones he loves, even when he's in absolutely no condition to be heroic. As if he has no idea the effect he has on her. As if every time she sees him with Clary or Maia - that it doesn't hurt her at all. As if he's the type of guy that no one would pay attention to, even though he's the only thing she sees when he walks past.

Damn you, Simon Lewis, damn you to hell.

MY FIRST MORTAL INSTRUMENTS FANFIC! Isabelle and Simon is the cutest couple ever.

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