In the beginning it was unclear who was the slave and who was the master for anyone looking in on the budding romance between them.

But behind closed doors, when it was just the two of them, it was clear that it wasn't about that. Not at all. In the beginning, sure, Eska bossed Bolin around, it was just her way, she grew up seeing her parents do it, it seemed to be that it was her right as a princess to do the same, if anyone could ever witness her speak.

Eska knew her outspoken cousin thought she was odd, creepy even, but whenever Korra remarked that Eska and Desna were their father's slaves, that seemed to sting. Especially knowing Korra wasn't alone in this assumption.

Eska never had a reason to question anything her father told her to do, she could see the logic behind it, it made sense, why would she question something that made sense? Eska found the wisdom in listening to other people, you learned more that way. She learned from an early age that you can fix a lot of problems, peacefully, by using your mind rather than your fists, something she wished her cousin would learn.

So even now, as she sat in Bolin's embrace, near tears in a rare display of emotion, she repeated her sentiment, 'I am not a slave'. Because she wasn't, she was a slave to her father no more than Bolin was a slave to her.

Author's Notes-

This is a drabble based on and inspired by Jessi17's Boleska art by the same name on DA. I would include a link but FFN doesn't allow links to other sites, soooo, you're going to have to check it out.

Thank you for reading :)