Sweet Koala-Otter

"Good morning, my sweet Koala-Otter," Bolin mumbled in his sleepy state as he nuzzled his face into the back of Eska's neck and hair as he pulled her closer to himself.

"Good morning, my handsome Turtle-Duck," Eska replied, still drowsy herself as she turned over in his arms to look up at him with a sleepy grin.

"You know, when you first mentioned an 'icy bliss', I was worried more about the icy part, but the bliss part is nice. Really nice," Bolin cooed before kissing her softly, causing her to giggle slightly.

"It is," Eska confirmed as she moved up to circle the tip of her nose around the tip of his before kissing him more soundly, delighting in the way he wrapped his large arms around her and pulled her on top of him - a position he knew she preferred to be in since she liked to be in control most of the time.

He also took care to be mindful of the small baby bump forming on her belly as she sat up and straddled him, pulling the blankets up and over them to keep out the chilly air. "So how long until we can feel him move?" Bolin inquired as he palmed the area gently with one hand and kept his other hand on her hip to keep her steady.

"Just a few more weeks," Eska answered, her face gentle with a serene smile.

"But I want to feel him move now!" Bolin complained.

"Too bad, and who said it's a boy? It is too early to tell the gender, so you should desist such actions as referring to its gender until we are able to determine one way or another," Eska scolded.

"Fine, but we can still pick out names for both a boy and a girl, right? Unless its twins like you and Desna, then we'll have to use both the girl's name and the boy's name. Or if it's two girls then we will have to come up with two girl names, and if it's two boys then we will need to come up with two boy names and..." Bolin began to speedily rattle off before Eska silenced him with her finger on his lips.

Even then he still tried to mumble out the rest of what he was going to say, which prompted Eska to roll her eyes and shake her head at him. "Stop. It is too early in the morning for such discussions. Instead I require your attentions elsewhere," she informed him as she took his hands and slid them up her torso to her breasts and squeezed his hands to them despite their tenderness.

"Oh, I see what you mean," Bolin complied with a mischievous smile as he sat up and cradled her in his embrace, kissing her firmly. A perfect way to start the morning, living in icy bliss with his sweet koala-otter.

Author's notes- thank you to Alaburn for betaing this.