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James dumped his load, followed by Sirius, followed by Lily and they waited for the woman to start scanning the items through. But when she didn't Sirius frowned. "Is there something wrong ma'am? Why aren't you scanning the things through?" The clerk just looked at him as to say "What sort of imbecile do you take me for?" James just rolled his eyes before taking out about three thousand dollars out of his wallet. He waved them in front of the woman who stared at the money before taking it to herself to start scanning. Lily turned to James about to argue about who was going to pay for the clothes when James just pressed his lips to hers in an attempt to shush her.

"Don't worry baby. This is to make up for all the missed childhood that you were supposed to get with your mother. I know we don't really look like mothers, but as your best friends I think we'll do. You are not spending a cent, and we still have to buy your shoes yet so quiet little one." James wrapped his arms around his girlfriend and turned back to the clerk who had a dreamy look on her face staring angrily at his girlfriend. James took it upon himself to say something "Excuse me ma'am, how much is it? Oh and by the way, my girlfriend already has enough people trying to kill her, you don't need to be added to her list." This brought the woman out of her daze, but she seemed confused. They eventually walked out of the shop with about four bags. Then James wrapped his empty arm around Lily and drew her smaller figure towards his where her head just fit securely under his neck. Sirius drew closer and wrapped his arm around her waist too and the three looked quite the show, but to any wizard or witch that had a daughter or son that attended Hogwarts or attended themselves knew that Lily was very protected by James Potter and Sirius black and that this was just normal.

They eventually got Lily several pairs of shoes, reasonable of course because James wouldn't let her get anything outlandish. But what he didn't know was that she had spied a pair of beautiful pair of black stiletto heels there and later on when they were perusing, Lily excused herself to go to the toilet and ran back to the shop and bought the shoes, hiding them in amongst her other bags. This was going to be her change from being a tom boy. Later that afternoon after they had eventually collapsed back at the hotel, Lily tried to give the remaining money back to Mr Potter. But the man wouldn't take a cent. Lily tired in earnest, even stooping to putting the money back in his wallet when he wasn't looking, but even then she found it back in her purse. Lily eventually gave up knowing that the money was going to continue to burn a hole in her pocket.

That night, James had decided that he wanted to take his two best friends out for dinner and a good party. They walked through Wiltshire Boulevard scanning all of the restaurants and eventually settled on an Italian restaurant that had a lovely plump lady serving that reminded them of the lolly lady on the train. She gave them choices of a buffet or order. Eventually the three decided to just use the Buffet like everyone else and James and Sirius gorged themselves. Then when the two boys noticed how little Lily was eating, James coerced her into eating more spaghetti and some bread.

Eventually Lily declared that she was full with a smile on her face. The boys seemed happy with what she had eaten and they left the restaurant. Then when they walked past several clubs, James noticed an out of the way club that seemed to have several teenagers go inside. James motioned to his two best friends and they smiled before moving toward the entrance.

Lily demanded that she pay the five dollar a piece entrance fee and the three went inside. All three had gone all out that night and were quite the show, with the gentlemen wearing black leather pants and red and blue silk shirts. And Lily had donned her black leather pants and a purple tank top covered by James's bulky leather jacket. It swallowed her frame and made it feel like she was being held by James himself.

Lily found herself being stared at openly by several men and blushed behind her fiery scarlet red hair which she had decided to leave down for the occasion. Sirius had finally noticed how many men were staring at her and stood in front of her having sandwiched her between himself and James. He whispered over her head and suddenly arms went around her waist and pulled her tight to James's chest. He had been busy examining the surroundings to notice how much attention his girlfriend was drawing.

James had tried to his fathers amusement to tame his hair that night, and no matter how many spells or how much gel he used, he never could tame his hair and so it sat upon his head like a living thing, whereas Sirius looked like his usual angelic self, dressed to a T in a blue silk long sleeved shirt which was tucked into his pants and his hair was delicately tied back at the base of his head. His black dragon leather boots were polished to a shine and most of the women there were drooling at him. Lily smiled up at her brother and leant up into his embrace and whispered to him "Siri, you need to find a woman. Even if it is a muggle American woman, you should have no problem. I should be alright here, James won't let go of me now so I can't come and point out all of the sluts to you, but enough experience with Barbara at school should be able to point you in the right direction."

Sirius shuddered at the thought of the blonde bimbo who had thrown herself at him numerous amounts of times and often prided herself by saying "I'm Sirius Black's girlfriend." Which of course was not true. Sirius smiled and kissed Lily on the forehead before looking up at James for permission. James nodded before saying "But come back in about half an hour, I want to have a dance with all three of us. Scare the shit out of the Americans about how well we move together, ok mate." Sirius nodded before disconnecting himself from his two best friends and scouring the crowd. Every single woman, whether she were with a partner or not, was looking at him hopefully. Sirius inwardly shuddered before walking towards the other end of the dance floor. There three women, one with black hair, brown and red were sitting together whispering happily. Sirius smiled before pulling up the other chair at their table. He sneakily added "Do you mind if I join you?" In the air. The three women instantly looked up and one by one their mouths dropped open in shock. Then one spoke out "You're Sirius Black aren't you."

Nah, only joking, just wanted to give you a cliff hanger to hang off. But it's not long enough so continue onward

Sirius's mouth dropped open at this point "You're not muggles are you?" Sirius managed out with a pang of regret. The black haired woman frowned before replying "Sirius, your in a wizarding club. All the Americans from Salem and Fenchurch come here on their summer breaks."

Suddenly Sirius's eyebrows hit the ceiling and then he jumped up off his chair and whispered "Shit" under his breath. The three witches eyes seemed to dance with happiness when they guessed why he was desperate to find his friends "Lily and James Potter are here too aren't they Mr Black?" Sirius lost his temper then "And if you as much as go near them I will hurt everyone here very badly. I suppose that is how you know of everything about me. About being Voldemorts main targets, especially Lily and James, the press here is just as hounding as the one back in Britain."

The three girls nodded before introducing themselves "Oh, seeing we know your name it's only fair that you know ours, I'm Kylie Stevens, this is Monique Opalla and Stephanie Brown." Sirius shook hands with each of them while looking behind him to see many women were checking newspapers and pointing at him. He wasn't aware of any articles that had been done on the three of them recently but obviously he was wrong because, there was a scream of delight and then Sirius burst. He ran for his friends ready to protect the both of them with his life. He found a big group of people and burst his way through them to the middle, and sure enough, Lily and James were trembling in the middle.

Sirius sneered before grabbing the hands of the both of them and then pulling James and Lily out of the door. Then when they locked the front door and the couple fixed each others appearances, the three caught their breath. Then as they heard the metal door eventually falling under the pressure they ran for the nearest club. James changed the appearance of the three of them and conjured up three fake id's and they walked into the club. Sirius and James walked onto the dance floor Lily in between them and held each other. Lily giggled watching all of the people who were watching them before doing a very Lily like thing. She began to sexily lower herself between her two men and danced extremely erotically between them before wrapping both her arms around James's arse and raising herself up dragging her tongue up Sirius's shirt. When Sirius looked down over her she smiled at the mischievous look that was apparent on his face and most probably the face of his best friend as well. The two wrapped their arms around her tiny waist and pulled the jacket off. It was gone in a matter of seconds baring a fair amount of flesh to the entire club who were entranced at the three teens standing in the middle of the dance floor.

Then James began to kiss down her creamy neck being rather rash while Sirius dragged his hands down her back guiding her buttocks and grinding them into his thighs while he latched his mouth onto the other side of her neck and his hands disappeared into what was left of her purple tank top. Then as the three danced several other couples wandered onto the dance floor and began their own versions while Lily just enjoyed being with her two best friends for once. Eventually after several songs they decided to get a drink. Sirius and James still held the mischievous look in their eyes and Lily knew that this would be the last sober thought in her mind until at least tomorrow. Sure enough, there were two beers for the boys and a intoxicating cocktail that was bought for Lily. After that, Lily didn't drink anything else. She was drunk enough.