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But it was one morning early in January when Godric appeared once again, in the Gryffindor common room this time, with a bundle in his arms. It was a gangly one, untameable black hair sticking out of what looked to be Gryffindor Quidditch robes and a black cloak that had hastily been wrapped around him.

Godric lay him on James's bed and said to the three boys in the dormitory "James, his name is Harry. He is your son and I have brought him here because he is in a lot of pain. And I mean about two Cruciatus at the same time all the time. All because of that damn scar on his forehead. He was slowly going insane from the pain. So I brought him here before he receives his powers as well. His are much more powerful than yours.

His life line is mixed Gryffindor, Merlin and Beridd blood. Add to that some of Voldemort's powers as well and you have a very troubled boy whose had no home life to speak of and no one to love him. He'll wake up in about half an hour and I want you to explain to him that yes, you are his father and that he need not worry about keeping anything a secret here. That he is protected and that he is just here to escape the pain for a couple of months and to learn his craft. James nodded and watched as his ancestor disappeared.

Then James went and sat on the bed beside his tiny excuse for a sixteen year old. James told Remus and Sirius to go to the kitchens and gather as much food as possible. That they were going to fatten his son up. That no Potter should look like this. The two nodded and blinked right out of existence. James flicked the familiar hair of his sons forehead and nearly gasped in fright. There on his forehead was a lightning bolt curse scar. And it was extremely hot and seemed rather irritated.

James rose and went to the bathroom and came back with a cold compress. He placed it on Harry's head and the hissing that came from the cooling cloth was amazing. It was like Harry's head had been beyond boiling point.

Sure enough, about half an hour later, James had gone back to the bathroom to change the cloth and when he came back he was staring into Lily's eyes. No, they were totally different.

These eyes looked way to old to be those of a sixteen year old. They looked old and weary from pain but also held experience, wisdom and disbelief. James just continued onto the bed and tried to lay the boy back down on the bed. But he would not go, instead he opened his mouth and a croaky voice erupted from it "Where am I?" James smiled before answering "Son, you're at Hogwarts in 1978. Lily and my seventh year. Now Harry, how are you feeling mate?" Harry seemed to let out a breath and tears seemed to gather in his eyes.

"You know who I am?" James nodded and the tears finally escaped Harry's eyes "Can I have ….a hug, Dad please?" James looked down at his raw son who was clearly hurting and before he could utter anything else James gathered his son in his embrace and held him as he cried. About two hours later Lily burst into the room, saw her son finally falling asleep in his fathers embrace and ran to the other side of the bed and climbed in behind him "Harry, my baby little boy, we're going to be here with you all the time." Harry smiled slightly barely conscious and whispered "Thank you mummy." And finally fell asleep.

James pulled the curtains around his bed and performed a tight locking charm around their bed and lay his son in the middle of the four poster bed. Then he and Lily spoke softly while watching their son sleep, finally some of the lines on his face seemed to recede slightly, some of the worry and stress marred on his face seemed to fall away. About two hours later, the two boys had long returned and they had kept the food warm for Harry and just chatted while watching over their new quarry. They had locked the door to the dormitory so that no one decided to come and visit and waited for him to wake up.

Eventually Harry began to rouse. He opened his eyes sleepily and the first person he saw was Sirius. Harry's eyes didn't even flinch and he whispered "Lo Padfoot." Sirius smiled knowing now that he was an important part of Harry's life and said back to him "Lo Harry." Then Harry turned his head to Remus and Harry smiled and said "Hello Professor Lupin." Remus gasped before chocking on the pumpkin juice he was drinking and said "Just Remus Harry, just Remus." Then Harry remembered where he was and turned his head to just beside Remus "Mum? Dad?" James and Lily looked up and smiled at their son. Lily stood up and opened her arms up motioning for Harry to come to him.

Instantaneously Harry was in her embrace crying his eyes out and gripping her like she would disappear. About five minutes later he let go of her and wiped his eyes and murmured something "I'm not going to cry anymore." Lily scolded him softly "Harry, you need to cry, you have sixteen years of agony to let out. Now come and eat something please." Harry looked at her not really hungry, but the look on her face was one that reminded him of Mrs Weasley, but this was his mother. Not Ron's. His mother.

An identical grin of James's broke out on Harry's face before he whispered "My Mother", like saying if for the first time, testing it out on his tongue before heading towards the steaming plates of food. He ate happily and politely all the while watching in wonder the miracles that were his parents. For the next couple of days, the four didn't leave the common room, Lily, James and Sirius not really needing to have attended classes, were intending to anyway. But really just hanging around to keep Harry company and to answer any questions that he might have had. And he had a lot.

But a day came when they all decided to come to breakfast. They had decided that Harry would keep his entire name and just say that he was James's cousin, and that was the story that they had decided on. The five descended on the common room, the three, Sirius, James and Lily had become sorts of a legend around the school, and people often asked for autographs or completely cleared the way. But when they came downstairs that day, Harry growled angrily when he noticed the adoring fans come to crowd around his godfather, father and mother.

That was when the five of them found themselves in the great hall away from all of the screaming Gryffindors. Lily and James turned their head towards their son and James ruffled his sons hair even more if it was possible.

They had all discovered early on that James's son was a Magid. That he had the ability to powerfully perform magic with thought instead of deed. That and the fact that he was extremely claustrophobic. So when people crowded him or he was left in a small place by himself, he closed up completely and began to talk to himself about devastating things that left his parents and their friends in tears more often than not. The group had discovered why Godric had brought their son to them in the past. What their son had been through since he had been brought into the world of magic was more painful and devastating than anything that the heir of Gryffindor, Merlin and Taliesin should ever had to have gone through. Voldemort had nearly broken the boy and he trusted no one but himself. He relied on no one but himself either.

For that week, Lily and James had situated themselves in their sons life, telling him all about why he had been brought to the past, who he really was, what his path in life was, who he could trust. And most importantly, how to trust once more. James and Lily held that in regard more than anything. That friends were irreplaceable assets and that even a boy like him needed some.