So with that, James stood up pulling Lily up with him and he turned to everyone else in the room and said "Come on, Fungus doesn't wait, oh wait, Mungdus Fletcher isn't the Minister for Magic anymore is he?" Harry, Sirius and Remus all shook their heads at the same time before Harry put him right "It's Cornelius Fudge now, he's an ignorant idiot for a minister, but a minister all the same."

The other two nodded thoughtfully and James continued down the stairs content to have someone to take his anger out on. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Vernon seemed to only think that James and Harry were up the stairs, but when he saw the other two grown men along with Lily Potter, he nearly passed out. Sirius Black was in his house. The murderer was in his house. He started screaming so people would hear him that he had a murderer in his house, but angrily James placed a silencing charm on the purple faced old man and smiled when Vernon's face seemed to have acquired a tinge of red along with the normal purple.

Harry smiled some waiting for Petunia to come out of the kitchen looking for her husband. Predictably enough, she came walking out of the kitchen half a minute later and gasped at her gesturing husband. She would have yelled and screamed had it just been Harry, but the four people that used to hang around her house during the summer when it was her entire family made her a bit testy. The three boys growled at her but not before James sneered out angrily that her husband was not going to get away with bashing his son. That someone was going to go to Azkaban for it. Petunia gasped at that point. Vernon had never told her that he had hit Harry. She just assumed that it was verbal abuse, not physical as well.

Lily seemed to notice the hint of amazement in her face and said "dear sister, look at what your husband has done to my son," she turned Harry around and lifted his shirt up to show her the huge bruise that covered the entire lower part of his back. Petunia gasped and then slapped her husband right across the face." Harry grimaced before his shirt was let down over his sore back and his mum took his hand and led him out of the house. The duo were followed by Sirius, Remus and then finally James. He shook his head angrily before taking Harry's hand thinking that he couldn't apparate. Harry shook his embrace away explaining on the way "Dad, I'm a magid like you. I can already apparate and make things explode with my mind. I'm dangerous." James looked at his son in amazement and replied "so am I Harry. I'm a dangerous wizard too. I have no control over my emotions and let things come out when they're not supposed to."

But before Harry could ask another question everyone else had apparated to the MoM. Harry just stood there astonished. Then Lily came back and whispered "you silly boy, come on." She grabbed his hand and helped apparate him all the way to London. When they arrived there, they arrived in front of two glass doors that had an electrical muggle protection system on them. Sirius approached the doors and put his hand up to open it when a electronic voice yelled out "You must be a first timer, go to the hand scanner to your right, place your hand over the scanner and wait until it beeps before the door opens." Sure enough, Sirius walked over to the scanner and placed his hand over it. It beeped and then sirens began to go off. James walked right to the scanner next and placed his hand over the scanner. It scanned his hand and the door still wouldn't open. Harry placed his hand over the scanner next wondering what his would do. The scanner beeped and then the door opened and ten aurors came streaming out of them.

They headed straight for Sirius but with James and Harry there, a force field was around all of them to protect him. The Aurors stood there with their wands drawn throwing every single curse they knew at him and Harry eventually had had enough. He pulled himself out of the force field and yelled at the Aurors. "Sirius Black is innocent. He hasn't done anything. Why are you trying to kill him? My parents are here to testify to the fact."

The Aurors blanched at that point. It was a widely known fact that Harry Potter's parents died saving him and how on earth would they be there if they were dead. Sure enough, at least three Aurors fainted when Lily walked forward and shook hands with the men. She stood steadfast in front of Sirius and said softly to the Aurors "Sirius Black is my best friend. He was best man at our wedding. He played pranks to the max at Hogwarts and most importantly to James, he helped protect me. There is no higher honour according to these men. They stuck together through thick and thin and kept themselves sane when each and everyone of our parents were killed. Sirius Black is not responsible for our deaths. Peter Pettigrew is. He is the one that overheard the talks between Dumbledore and my husband. He is the one that came with Voldemort and killed us. He is the one that then moved to Oxford square in London and killed thirteen people and transformed into an unregistered Animagus with a missing toe."

The Aurors looked especially shocked at that and then one whom they recognised as Arthur Weasley, a Gryffindor who had graduated three years before them came out of the group and smiled at Sirius before saying "I had a good idea that you hadn't killed Lily, James and all of those people Sirius, and Lily and James being here to protect you helps. But we still have to have a trial so that you can legally go free. James growled before letting the force field down and growling out "No, there will be no trial because the MoM already knows the fact that Sirius wasn't our secret keeper. The MoM already knew that Frank Longbottom did it for me because he was more inconspicuous. And what happened to him, he and his wife ended up being in St Mungo's forever due to their mental state from being tortured from Voldemort. So go and tell your people to back off and let us go and see Fudge and let me let out some anger. Oh and can you point me to the section of muggle cruelty and injustice of wizard children in their care."

The aurors looked strangely at Harry before turning their heads back at James and questioning "Why would you want that section James?" James just lifted the shirt of his son's back and Arthur gasped in shock "Harry, Ron and Ginny never told me about that lower one, what's going on. Are the Dursley's hurting you again, because you never seem to be able to come over anymore. Either Dumbledore doesn't let you or that wanker muggle says no. What's going on?" Everyone misses you at the burrow and to hear that you're being abused at that horrible place physically as well as mentally is enough to make anyone sick." Then James interrupted "Yes, and about twenty Auror's are about to become very sick when I report it and demand that I want revenge. I want action taken." The Aurors standing infront of the best friends almost stood back in horror. The man known as one of the kindest, gentlest and nicest people to know was currently so angry that all of the glass windows and doors close to him were completely obliterated.

Glass rained down on everyone including James, Harry, Lily, Remus and Sirius. But what surprised the twenty aurors, was the fact that none of the family was injured. When the glass had finished falling and people was busy repairing the windows and doors. Cornelius Fudge finally came walking out demanding an explanation. When he saw Sirius Black he ordered for him to be taken into custody. But none of the Aurors moved knowing that James Potter would be able to kill with a look at the amount of anger that was evident in his eyes. James turned to the current minister and with death evident in his eyes spoke "Minister Fudge, you must be aware of the conditions of the Fiddelus charm, the minister of magic must know at once about any changes of the Secret Keeper. This was why we decided to keep a copy of the piece of parchment that was sent to us."

Then James pulled a crumpled piece of parchment and began to smooth it out. Eventually he held it out and the minister paled after reading it. He turned to Sirius Black and whispered the words that Sirius had been waiting to hear for the past fifteen years. "You are absolved of any acts that were judged against you. I, Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic, declare you an innocent free man." Sirius automatically brought James into a tight hug with tears dripping down his cheeks. There were few tears shed on James point but his anger seemed to have deflated somewhat. Then James walked inside followed by the rest of his family. The Aurors followed him wanting to know what was going to happen. How angry the famous James Potter was going to get this time. Sure enough, they reached the section for Muggle cruelty and injustice of Wizard children in their care, and Harry, James and Lily stood at the front counter and looked solemly at the wizard at the front desk.

James introduced his family "Excuse me miss, but can we see someone please?" The secretary nodded before asking "What are your names?" "James, Lily and Harry Potter." The secretary scoffed before replying "Yeah and my names Cornelius Fudge."

Then Arthur Weasley turned and said "Bloody hell Arartha, why don't you look up and see for yourself." Sure enough, the overweight woman eventually looked up and nearly passed out. There was the family that no one would ever expect to be able to get back together. Harry was alone and had been ever since his first birthday. But there stood both his parents, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin and himself. Seeing Harry Potter was considered a once in a life time event for those that had never met him. So naturally the woman fainted. Harry looked disgusted. But James and Lily knew nothing of their fame, so James yelled "evenerate" and the woman sat up like a shot. She looked over the family and then managed to whisper "why would you be in this section Mr Potter?" James shook his head not willing to put his son through any more anguish and embarrassment and just said "just point me in the direction of a wizard that can help me. Eventually the woman pointed him to a door and James, Lily, Harry, Remus and Sirius walked through. There sat a woman in dark purple robes on what looked like to be a muggle telephone to a distraught woman demanding answers about what to do about something to do with her child that has just decided to attack her father because he told her that she wasn't allowed to go to Salem's school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When she eventually looked up, she nearly dropped the phone in shock. "Um, Devine, can I ring you back in about an hour, the Potter family is here to see me." She hung up the phone before stuttering out "What can I do for you Mr and Mrs Potter?" James, whose anger had come back three fold at the amount of time that they had to wait to see a wizard leaned down on the desk, eyes flashing "You can get twelve aurors out of the ministry of magic and down to 4 Privet Drive and arrest my brother and sister in law for physically and mentally abusing my son for the past sixteen years of his life. And you can do it right now." The woman then began trying to calm the recently revived man about how patience is a virtue and that they had to go through channels to get that sort of thing done. Meanwhile in the background, Lily and Harry stood behind their father and husband respectively and watched as Sirius and Remus charged forward. The two had thought of Harry as their surrogate child as well and to hear that they had to go through CHANNELS to get justice dealt out was just preposterous. But the look on James's face was enough to scare the wizard looking after them right out of her wits. He was breathing in and out uncomfortably and lightning bolts of electric golden energy were breaking through the soft brown eyes. James's entire body crackled with energy. He was surrounded by it. Then the next thing that the witch counsellor knew, she was pulled out of the road by one Sirius Black and pulled under the desk and left there. After Sirius had managed to hide the girl, he looked up to the plaster falling to the floor right where she should have been sitting. James had a temper, Sirius had known that right from the start, but he had never seen it get so bad ever before, but then again, James had never had his only son physically abused before either. Meanwhile Lily had taken charge. She knowingly the only person able to calm her husband, took his hand and led him outside. Sirius eventually was game enough to let the woman out from under her desk and let her take a look at what was left of her leather chair. The counsellor whimpered before looking at the spot where James had stood. There was a scorch mark there. Meanwhile, outside, the aurors were worried. They could feel the power magnify inside the tiny room. It was huge.

James had wrapped his arms tightly around his wife and buried his head in her comforting red hair. James finally burst out in tears "Why Lily, why? Why couldn't they do anything. Harry has been abused his entire life and we can't even get decent justice anymore. Harry has done nothing to deserve it. No one could deserve being hit with a trunk for missing a spot when waxing a car. No one. Especially my child. Meanwhile a fair way away, Harry was watching in astonishment as his parents held each other. Harry smiled before apparating to the Weasley household. He arrived on the front doorstep before knocking. Molly opened the door to find Harry standing there with not a bag or broomstick with him. Molly ushered him inside wondering why he was here. Ron came running downstairs the minute that his mother called him down. Harry was standing in the living room with a grim look on his face. Ron noticed and being a concerned friend asked "Harry, what's wrong?"

The grim look on Harry's face became full flushed and tears began to streak down his cheeks he started repeating over and over again "Ron, I'm a dangerous boy, I can kill. Ron what did I do to deserve this. I can kill people. Why does everyone hide this from me? Why do I have so many secrets?" Ron shook his best friend before demanding that his family leave him alone with Harry. The two walked outside and took to the skies on the two brooms that belonged to Fred and George.

Then as they sat eighty feet up in the air, Harry finally began to explain what was happening. "Ron, I'm a magid. I can do magic without a wand. I always thought that it might be exciting and new, but I never knew that being able to do magic without a wand was controlled by your emotions. That if you were angry enough, you could destroy a house, room or even a person. Or if you were desperate enough that you would risk your own life to bring back someone elses. I brought my parents back from the dead this morning. It was wonderful to have a family again. But I have come to realise that my father is an extremely powerful man. He may be very gentle but when agitated in the wrong way, you do not wish to cross him.

Two days ago, Vernon threw my trunk at me when I missed a spot when waxing his car. Well my father and Sirius found out today, those two together and angry is a very dangerous and scary combination. Extremely dangerous and frightening. We all went to the MoM to get Padfoot's name cleared and Dad wanted justice for the muggles abusing me. After all of the windows and everything possibly glass at the Ministry had exploded, Fudge granted Sirius his innocence. But then my father's anger grew three fold at the words of the social worker there, that she had to go through channels to get justice to the muggles. Dad nearly annihilated her Ron. Would have if Sirius hadn't of saved her. Her leather chair was nothing but ruins and there was a huge scorch mark where Dad had been standing. And guess what Ron, I'm supposedly stronger than Dad by about 100 fold." Ron's eyes had been popped out of his head listening to what Harry was saying about his father, but when Harry mentioned the fact about him being stronger, Ron passed out.

The red head was about to fall off his broom when Harry almost casually levitated him and the broom back down to the ground to let him wake up on his own while Harry let out some frustrations on the broom, drawing to limits that no one had ever drawn on it before.

Meanwhile back at the ministry, James had finally calmed down and about fourteen aurors had been sent to Privet Drive to arrest the Dursley's and set a trial date. The social worker had finally let go of Sirius to hear him say "Ma'am, sorry, but in some small way you deserved that, you should know that Harry Potter has lived without parents for his entire life and seeing that you went to school with us, how protective James Potter is of his family. No one should have to go through channels to get justice on abuse of a family member. No one, let alone someone who has to face Voldemort at least once a year."

The woman was still shuddering at the look of absolute animosity that had adorned James Potters face when she had mentioned going through channels to get justice. It was then that Sirius left the woman to attend to his family. Sirius arrived outside to find his two best friends still basking in each others embrace. Remus was behind then keeping the press from coming any closer. It was then that it hit him 'where was Harry?" Sirius voiced his question and automatically the three wizards faced him with shock, terror and a worry so absolute that James eyes automatically closed and Sirius felt a shudder go through him as James searched the wizarding world for his son.

Meanwhile at the Weasley residence, Harry felt the shudder go through him and stop while he was doing several different difficult manoeuvres on Fred's broomstick. Harry landed straight away and floated Ron who still hadn't woken up into the house. Ron lay on the couch while Harry ventured into the kitchen to help Molly organise lunch. Then Arthur apparated into the kitchen automatically looking around. Then when his gaze rested on Harry he shook his head before voicing "Harry, I have never seen someone that angry before in my life. Your father is very over protective." Harry nodded his back facing the ministry member still cutting lettuce and trying not to think about it. At that point Molly dropped her knife on the ground and turned in shock. "Your father Harry? What's going on?"

Harry turned to explain to his best friends mother about him bringing back his parents when there was a knock on the door, followed by Sirius's voice "Harry, let us in, we know your in here." Harry forlornly turned out of the kitchen and walked towards the front door. Then as he opened it, he was grabbed up by his father and pulled into a fierce strangling hug. "Harry, please don't just disappear again like that, you scared me and your mother to death, not to mention Sirius. I'm so sorry about that display of anger. I don't think I've ever gotten that angry before. But when I heard that you've gone through sixteen years of verbal abuse from those bastards and then they physically molested you and you managed to keep it to yourself, let's just say I wasn't a happy chappy. Let's just hope I don't ever get that angry ever, ever again."

Harry smiled through his tears and gestured for his family to come inside to meet his surrogate family. James timidly let his son down to do the introductions but really it wasn't needed. The six adults had all gone to school together. After Harry had obliviously introduced them like they were strangers Molly and Lily laughed before launching themselves at each other. By the afternoon, the six adults were sitting in the lounge room in front of the fire talking to each other laughing about times at school when the fire went green. James automatically checked to make sure that his son was outside playing Quidittch with Arthur's sons and daughter. Then just before someone stepped through the fire, Arthur and Molly spoke, "worry not James, it's just Dumbledore and McGonagall." Tears came to Lily's eyes. Sure enough the two elderly wizards stepped through the fire place to find themselves facing Harry's long dead parents.