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Lily launched herself at her mentor who himself had tears leaking from his sparkling eyes. "Oh Lily, James. I have missed you two so much you would not realise. But one must ask, how?" Sirius stepped forward at this point and explained what he'd done to get his best friends back. By this time Albus was shocked. If the Grim Reaper was scared into submission from Harry, Albus knew that he'd underestimated the small sixteen year old. If his eyes were changing colour with his emotions and Voldemort wasn't even a problem for the boy, things were going to change. Albus then and there vowed that he was going to teach the two Gryffindor heirs to control their Magid abilities. The only reason that they were known about and accepted was because one of the four founders had had magid abilities. Godric Gryffindor. The seven wizards spoke late into the night about what they were going to do about training when Hogwarts went back.

Meanwhile outside, Harry was seemingly going faster, more languid movements, having no problem getting around Ginny who was at this point the keeper and he was the chaser. But when they finally landed, Fred took the broom (his) that Harry had been flying and asked "Harry, my man, how the hell did you get this old broom to go so damn fast? And I know Ginny's a good keeper. I trained her myself. You shouldn't have been able to get past her so damn quickly." The boy who lived just shrugged his shoulders before helping Ginny off her broom and the seven kids and two adults headed back into the house.

While everyone was downstairs, they didn't hear the thump of someone apparating into the house. A rat as a matter of fact, by the name of Scabbers. He walked slowly into Ginny's room. The only one who didn't know that he was a murderer. So when Ginny came upstairs to get changed, she pulled the rat into her embrace, tightly and then launched herself down the stairs and into the frey, telling everyone at the top of her voice that she had finally found scabbers.

Harry Potter's eyes went a dark black more dangerous that Ginny had ever seen them. She even backed away at the anger that was surrounding him like a shroud, but the rat was squirming in her embrace, trying to get away, but smiling, Harry just pointed his finger at the rat and said "Accio" . Both Ginny and the rat came sailing into his embrace. Harry took the rat from Ginny, kissed her forehead and whispered "I'll explain later okay." Ginny nodded still scared shitless that Harry's eyes had changed colour to something so dark and angry she couldn't even comprehend it. Then Harry sent her upstairs, thinking her too innocent to have to deal with the horrors of his life. But James told her to stay, that if she was ever to become involved with his family, that he had to know all the secrets. Harry didn't dare argue with his father but steamed unconsciously that he was being completely disobeyed.

Sirius looked near insane at the sight of the rat that he had vowed revenge on for the past twelve years, and Remus wasn't much better. Harry whispered an incantation to the rat, and to some people's shock and surprise, Peter Pettigrew emerged from it. Harry then sent him to the wall, taking his silver hand with it. Peter screamed in pain having his wand taken away but was soon shackled to the wall, spread eagled for all to see, venerable and finally, in the mercy of the Potter family. Harry's eyes darkened even more than he would seeing Voldemort. James's eyes had turned that same colour that they were when he was facing the witch counsellor and Sirius and Remus's had some similar things.

Lily was the only one standing there just staring at him. Peter turned to the one person that he thought of everyday. The one person that he really regretted betraying. Peter began to speak to her, but Harry slapped him straight across the cheek automatically breaking his jaw, "Don't talk to her filth, you have no right to even look upon her let alone open your mouth to speak to such an angel. I would know, I haven't been able to for sixteen years thanks to you."

Even James stood back at the power radiating from his son. He really didn't envy Peter right at this moment. Then Harry began to speak "So Wormatail, do you regret what you did, selling my family to that power hungry son of a bitch named Tom Marvello Riddle. I hope to God you did because by the time I'm finished with you, you'll regret the day you even thought to betray my father. I have faced Voldemort in total of eight times and in three of those times I was fighting to get my parents back, let's just say that he didn't even have a chance to protect himself. He was dead and defeated before he even knew what was happening.

If the Grim Reaper is scared of me, what sort of a chance does that leave you?" Wormtail just whimpered in pain and shock and James walked up to his son. Having the two of them standing side by side after sixteen years, Peter burst into tears hanging his head in shame knowing that what he had done was incredibly wrong on so many levels. The rat was tortured many a way and time for about four hours until he was nearly mentally and physically insane. Then Harry had the spectacular idea of sending him back to Voldemort like this. So Harry took the blubbering mass for a death eater and apparated him to a room in Voldemort't castle, making sure to keep the door ajar so that anyone walking past could hear the noises that a permanently insane death eater makes.

Harry turned himself invisible to wait by the bed and follow the death eaters as they took Voldemort's most clever spy right to the source of the problem. Lucius Malfoy was the first to spot the pathetic excuse for a human being. Seeing the insane look in his eyes, Malfoy called for backup and with Goyle behind him, the two supported the incarcerated Wormtail on their shoulders and headed towards Voldemort, all the while leading their worst enemy towards his goal, Riddle. The three death eaters eventually reached their destination and Harry nearly gasped at the stench that the room exhorbed.

It was a stone room lit completely by torches that lined the walls. In the far end of the room on a throne of bones, sat Voldemort, lagging in his chair and having at least three women fawning over him. But even Harry noticed the frightened and terrified looks on the faces of the women. There were death eaters everywhere. They were all lined up and in the middle of the room, three men were groaning and throttling around on the ground, suspiciously looking like sufferers of the Craticous curse. Then right in front of Voldemort, Nagini sat. She was too wrapped around a man who looked long dead. A bolt of recognition passed through Harry and he realised who it was. The Headmaster of Durmstrang, Karkaroff. He too had been murdered.

Harry was quickly jolted back to reality when Lucius and Goyle stood forward and dropped Wormtail to Voldemort's feet. The entire company stopped what they were doing to see the Lords reaction. It was immediate and exactly what Harry was hoping for. The sagging and tired looking old man was automatically replaced by the scourge that the entire wizarding community was afraid of. Voldemort tried several times to revive the traitor, but Harry just stood there with a stunning spell on the rat, chuckling silently to himself knowing that the showdown would have to happen soon. Twenty minutes later Voldemort had killed Wormtail and dumped his body resigned to not being able to get the information out of him about who had drove him insane in the first place.

Then when he demanded of half a dozen of his servants to find out who had performed the act, Harry spoke up. Before the death eaters apparated out, a six foot tall, black haired twin of James Potter appeared right in the middle of the meeting room. Death eaters automatically came forward to restrain the imposter, but one look in the eyes of Harry James Potter and they stayed right away. Voldemort smiled evilly before stepping down from his pile of bones and around Nagini. "So Potter, we meet again. Do you like looking for death?" Harry shook his head before replying "Do you Tom? I am just here to avenge my parents death. I am here to rid the world of your disease. As you can see I am quite capable of doing it in style. But you, I couldn't even be bothered wasting my time."

Then the duel started. A very angry Voldemort shot the first curse and it just disintegrated right in front of Harry, a barely visible force field becoming transparent to take the shock of the curse. After that it was full on dangerous jinxes and curses. Death eaters all around died from the back fire and for a while it looked like Voldemort had the upper hand. But like Harry had asked for it, Gryffindor's sword appeared in his hand and Voldemort began to insult his mother. Harry's eyes turned from their normal emerald green to a dark, dark purple. Not quite black, he wasn't that angry. That was when Voldemort nearly dropped his wand and began to back away. He knew now that Potter had been playing with him, not even putting half his power into the curses, and yet he had been putting in more than the usual amount of magic to get around the damn force field of his. Harry stalked forward for once, the death eaters already scattering at the sight of their master trying to retreat, and said "so Voldemort, how does it feel to be the submissive one. Bullying people into joining you to protect their family and loved ones. To have people beg at your feet to save their own lives. To give the command over whether people live or die. That is a privilege that only Mother Earth has command over. Not you, and now she demands retribution."

Then on that last word, Harry Potter pulled Gryffindor's sword and plunged it into the chest cavity of the Wizardry world's worst Wizard gone bad since Salazar Slytherin. Harry whispered several incantations in Latin that he had learnt to separate the body and soul for all eternity, to prevent anyone from joining the two yet again. Then he pulled out the sword to watch in amusement as the dark wizard whimpered in pain before beginning to disintegrate. Harry watched as all of the loyal death eaters then gasped in pain as their dark marks began to burn off them. It was agonising. Most of them collapsed with the pain, to weak to deal with it. Harry smirked at them, locking all the doors before disapparating from the room and placing a antiapparating ward around the castle and leaving the Auror's to clean it up.

Harry appeared back in the Weasley living room and was automatically surrounded by his family. Sirius, his mother and father and the Weasley's. He was content. But he looked up at his mother knowing that it wouldn't last. That the reporters would come once they found out that he had indeed defeated Voldemort. It wasn't something he wished to witness.

So Harry broke from the embrace and ran up the stairs to where he had stashed his clothes. He was packing everything when James breathlessly came up the stairs demanding to know where he was going in such a hurry. Then when his son's twinkling emerald eyes met his, James took a step back in reverence "I've killed Voldemort father. What would you do? I am not going through another year of reporters saying that I'm the next dark lord. I just killed that one to take him over. I am just a child and I don't want the publicity. Really.

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