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He didn't want to loose one of his friends to girls already. After one day it was already like he had known Lily for his entire life. He didn't want it to stop. He wanted it to be like a sleep over. James didn't know it at the time but he was already in love with Lily. That night at about midnight, long after everyone that was third year and below had gone to bed and everyone else had retired to other rooms, James snuck downstairs from the first year boys dormitory and into the girls first year dorm. He couldn't help it, it was like he was sleep walking. He already knew which bed she was sleeping in and he just fell asleep with just his pillow on the floor beside her bed. The next morning, Lily woke up to find Bella sitting on the end of her bed with the drapes still drawn. Bella motioned for her to be quiet and she slowly opened the drapes. There James was, still curled into his pillow and sleeping soundly like a baby. Lily's heart went out to him. She hopped quietly off the bed and leant down next to James. She shook one of his hands slightly and he jumped up expecting someone there to hurt him. And in the process knocked Lily over. Once he realised what he had done, he rushed over to her and pulled her into his lap again, checking to make sure that everything was alright. He noticed the slight lump on the back of her head and demanded someone's wand. Then he healed her and helped her up apologising repeatedly over and over again.

And it went like that for many a month. If James was having a bad day or night, week or month, he would sleep on the floor of Lily's room, which now had a mattress under the bed for him to pull out when he came, but it was always pulled out when he came, like Lily had a sixth sense to when he was going to come, and when she was having a bad day, night, week or month, she would sleep on the floor next to James's bed. Everyone knew about it in Gryffindor. But no one was stupid enough to spread it to the other houses. And after a while it was just normal. The prefects had nothing against it, they were each others best friend. And Sirius was the point of the triangle. The three of them were inseparable. They were the three stooges, and Remus was the fourth member of their tight group.

But him leaving at the same time every month to go and see his mother, or his cousin or someone else who was sick, was becoming a bit tedious. It was Lily that originally figured it out. Remus disappeared every month at the same time. When the full moon arose. And he always came back looking like he was the one that had been sick. His eyes were always sunken in his head, his hair dirty, tangled and knotty and there always seemed to be scratches, bruises and gouges. So that's what led to Lily, who was sitting in the common room by herself for once, watched as Remus walked past her without even seeing her. She followed him upstairs without even getting a wrong look from the other boys in the dorms. She followed him into the dorm and watched as he collapsed on his bed and began to sob. Lily knew that there was something wrong then. She moved quickly over toward the bed and took Remus's hand in hers and sat down beside him "What's wrong Remus. You go away every month at the same time, during the full moon. Anyone would think you're a werewolf." Remus stiffened at that point and then Lily began the soothing part of her speech "Relax, Remus. I know you're a werewolf, and quite frankly, I don't care. You are still one of my best and closest friends and that will never change. Now come and give me a hug." And with that Remus sat up and wrapped his best girl friend in a tight hug.

The two talked late into the night and Lily eventually fell asleep in James's bed. Remus looked at her thinking that she belonged there, that she belonged to James, he felt sorry for any man that decided that he actually liked Lily, because there was no way that they would be able to get through just Sirius, let alone James. This girl was never going to have a boyfriend as long as she had James and Sirius as best friends(this is definitely proved later on). He stayed up keeping an eye out for James and Sirius. Then when the two walked in at about half past twelve, James looked worried, he had obviously checked the girls dorm for Lily and when he didn't find her he began to fret, but when Remus opened the drapes to show James the red head sprawled on his bed, James smiled for the first time that night.

After making sure that she was warm enough, he closed the drapes again and sat on Sirius's bed and said to Remus "So I'm guessing she fell asleep talking to you. You're a werewolf aren't you?" Remus flinched before telling himself that these were his best friends, Lily was a bit different, she made him feel more comfortable before saying that. But James was straight to the point and Remus guessed that's what made him so likable. Remus nodded before turning away and questioning the fact that if they didn't want to be friends anymore that it was okay. But the two boys shook their head incessantly and told their friend that they were going to try and do as much as they could to make his transformation as painless as possible. Remus smiled at this, he finally had friends that didn't run away from him because he was something different. He had friends that didn't care, and it was with that that Sirius and Remus hopped in their beds and James pulled the mattress out from under his bed and hopped on it before falling asleep straight away.

The next morning the four friends awoke early and Lily was rather shocked when she found herself in James's bed. She was continuously apologising to James while running downstairs toward her dormitory to get dressed for breakfast. James just told his friends to shut up before heading down to the common room to wait for Lily. Then about ten minutes later she walked down the stairs with her red curly hair braided half way down her back and then the rest of it just hanging loose. She looked rather beautiful. She linked arms with her three best friends and they went downstairs together to have some breakfast. Then when they reached the Main hall, Lily went searching for Bella. She had not been in the dorm when Lily had come running into the dorm and so she went up to the teachers table and asked Professor McGonagall where Bella was. The teacher looked at her sadly before gesturing at the 'Remember' mural, where the names Mr and Mrs Devon Figg were added to the list. Lily burst out in tears and was led away by Professor McGonagall to where Bella was so that she could comfort her.

Then later on that afternoon, when the five friends were sitting in Potions, Lily couldn't help it, she needed to do something to cheer herself up. So without attracting the attention of Professor Sutton, the potions teacher, she waved her wand, pointed it at Severus Snape's cauldron and whispered "Wingardium Leviosa." Then the entire class began to laugh as Snape's cauldron swiftly lifted up into the air and floated around the room several times before falling heavily on the floor and spilling some of it's contents on the owner. It was only a harmless potion and therefore wouldn't hurt him. The entire class laughed for the rest of the lesson and Lily felt slightly better. Then for the rest of the day people came past and reminded the four about potions class and they burst out laughing all over again. The rest of the year passed rather quickly and when Summer came along, everyone seemed to be very happy to leave Hogwarts. But Sirius, Remus, Lily and James seemed very sad. They were not going to see each other for three months.

It was going to be pure agony. Then as they sat in the compartment of the Hogwarts Express, once again, Lily fell asleep next to James. She dreamt of a boy who looked exactly like James except for his startlingly green eyes. His name was Harry and he seemed very frightened. He was standing in front of what looked to be Voldemort, only an older version. He was boasting that he had killed his parents and that he was going to kill Harry too. That the Potters were supposed to be the best Wizards in their grade and that they still hadn't stopped him. What hope did Harry have. Then the bomb dropped. "Lily and James hate you for what you did to them Harry Potter. You killed them. They died protecting you and it's because of you that they died. The anger that was evident in Harry's eyes was what made Lily wake up.