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Harry's eyes glowed a bright purple and he pulled the grim reaper up by his collar and in his shaking voice demanded that whatever he had to do, he wanted his parents back.

Death looked shockingly scared. Whatever he had to be afraid of, Harry instilled it in him. Death was slowly let down, but Harry's anger remained. Many stained glass windows in the nearby mausoleum exploded and automatically repaired themselves. This was when Remus and Sirius discovered the magid abilities that Harry had honed and discovered where a hundred times stronger than that of James Potter. And he was said to have been one of the strongest magids of his time.

Death looked emotionlessly at the Grim and the Werewolf and at the boy who lived before nodding. Then all four men sunk into the earth and like a muggle elevator, descended into the other world.

For an underworld, it looked extremely empty. Then death led the two animagus into a see through room and magically locked the door. He turned back to Harry before a whisper in his head confirmed the thoughts in his head. "He has to complete a series of tests to get his mother and father back. He whispered back yes in his head and looked up at Death through now silvery eyes and watched for any sign of understanding. Death nodded before a wash of colours came before Harry and he was back at Diagon Alley.

He turned to see Voldemort stalking the alley and his eyes automatically turned a very, very dark purple, almost black. Then in the shadows he could barely make out two black mops of hair and a blonde mop. Then Harry looked down into James's lap and noticed a bundle wrapped up tightly in a winter coat. That must be Lily. Then he watched as six aurors apparated to the very spot in front of them. Then as they approached the screaming Voldemort who was swearing to kill people if the Evans girl and Potter boy didn't come forward. Then when Dumbledore apparated a way behind Voldemort and Lily, James, Remus and Sirius were apparated away, Harry stepped forward.

"Voldemort, you wanted the Potter boy. Well here I am. Lily is not here, she's here somewhere safe." Harry noticed Dumbledore looking at him strangely questioning what his eyes were telling him. That he wasn't James Potter, that he had just had apparated away to the shrieking shack. But Harry wasn't really interested, he returned his attention back to Voldemort who also seemed a bit surprised to see him. "Well then James, it must be time for you to decide then, are you going to join with me or die painfully?" Harry laughed before replying "Voldemort, my name is not James, my name is Harry Potter, son of James and Lily Potter and I would, in no way deface their memory by ever joining with a pathetic excuse for a dark lord like you. You killed my parents and I am here to avenge their deaths."

Harry stood up there and whispered several spells without his wand and watched as several winds and storms from several different directions surrounded Voldemort and began to hit him with multiple slides of Lightning, snow storms, blizzards, hail, wind, rain and thunder. Dumbledore was looking on in shock. He knew of the prophesy about Lily and James's son. But even he wasn't expecting this much power and this much anger. Then before Voldemort could even escape the storm charm, lightning was flowing freely around Harry's fingers and the lightning bolt that adorned his forehead was shining a bright purple not unalike the colour of his eyes and several large thunderbolts were thrown in Voldemort's direction. After several screams coming from Voldemort, he threw out a banishing charms and it being so powerful, made all of the charms disappear

. Voldemort yelled "If this is the way you wish to go with petty little storms and little displays of magic then I may as well stop now. Avada Kedavara" the entire alley gasped at that at the green bolt of magic flew from his wand. But Harry didn't move. He watched the bolt move and willed it back to it's owner. Then the entire alley, Dumbledore included watched as the bolt slowed to a stop and then head back into the direction of the person whose wand had sent the deadly curse. Harry smiled then and watched as the evil wizard then disintegrated into dust on the wind. Harry smiled slightly before watching as several wizards came out of their hiding places with tears on their cheeks. Then before they could run and congratulate the boy who had saved the entire wizarding community, Harry knew that it was only a test, because he disappeared and was next in Godric Hollow. The place where he and his parents had lived until their death.

He walked toward the window pane closest to the ground and saw his infant self being carried around by Lily Potter and she seemed to be singing to him. Then Harry smiled when he saw his father standing at the junction of the living room and kitchen and he was smiling that same smile. The smile of someone who is completely content at that moment but as soon as they leave they have the world on their shoulders, but that I can handle that only if I can keep having moments like this. James turned and walked back into the kitchen to keep an eye on the dinner when he felt the disturbance in the magic. So being naturally concerned James apparated to the exact spot where Harry was standing. Harry turned around to be face to face with a much older version of his father that he had met before. This one actually looked like his father.

Harry looked down before James walked forward "Harry, is that you. Oh my god, it is. I remember seeing you over nine years ago when Lily's mum and dad died. You came and looked after her for me. How far in the future have you come from now?" Harry looked up with tears in his eyes and said "fifteen, dad. Sirius and Remus have made a deal with Death so that they can get you two back. After Sirius saw Lily before when she was alone in her house, he couldn't handle it anymore. Remus tried to stop him but it was fruitless, so now I have to complete every one of the trials to get you back. But I want to, just to see you again. But now we have to get inside, because Voldemort is coming tonight to kill you and try to kill me." James nodded already missing his wife and infant child. James wrapped his arm around his boys shoulder and led him inside what should have been his childhood home.

They stood around the kitchen talking like old friends when both men felt the tampering of the charms at the front door. So Harry told his father to go and be with his wife and son and if Voldemort still came for him it meant that he had failed. So after heavily arguing with his son about facing Voldemort alone, James found his wife, grabbed her and baby Harry and apparated to Sirius's house. Meanwhile, Voldemort finally slammed open the door and walked inside to see a fifteen year old boy standing in the centre of the room without even his wand at his side. Voldemort smiled before ordering him to move aside. Then when Harry wouldn't, Voldemort sent the unforgivable curse at Harry without a second thought. Then when Harry moved tightly out of the road, Voldemort looked at him a second time. But before Voldemort could send another curse out, Harry placed a full body bind on him and then took the evil lord and apparated to MoM.

When he arrived there, people of all heights were rushing around looking at a screen that showed the Potter home of Godric Drive was being ambushed. They all turned to see a young Harry Potter standing in the middle of the foyer with a stock still Tom Riddle. Aka Voldemort at his feet in the full body bind. Automatically the MoM went into Voldemort alert and about twenty aurors marched forward and grabbed the frozen evil wizard and then apparated straight away to Azkaban. Then once again, just before people began to congratulate him, Harry disappeared again. This time he was in a muggle shopping centre. Harry looked around, searching for what he would have to defeat to win his parents back when he heard the message over the intercom "Could Pamela Evans please report to the front desk please." Harry smiled at his stroke of luck and then ran for the front desk. But when he finally arrived there he was astonished to find Pamela already dead and James was looking incredibly scared, he was being backed into a wall. He had both of his arms wrapped around Lily and she was slumped in his embrace. The Death Eaters were marching forward with smiles adorning their features when one pointed his wand at James and whispered the Crucio curse.

Then before Harry could think, he was in front of the curse and groaning in pain. But he would not collapse. Another Death eater shot another curse at Remus, Avada Kedavra and once again, Harry, without thinking, jumped in front of the killing curse still receiving the crucio curse. Then as he felt himself die, he heard the grim reaper whisper "Very well done child, you have sacrificed yourself for the good of your parents, you shall be very well rewarded."

Then like Harry was once dead but was revived, he was back in his old room in 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. Harry sighed, and when he looked up he was surrounded by his family. His much older mother and father, Sirius and Remus. Harry's eyes teared up and he was brought into a large embrace by his mother and father who swore that they would never leave him again. Then something brought Harry out of his stupor.

Heavy footfalls were heard coming up the stairs. The door had disintegrated earlier on when Harry had found out his ability to do magid magic and James automatically transfigured another door just the same and fixed it to the door. Harry chuckled before his eyes widened again when Vernon Dursley yelled at him to get downstairs and make the dinner. Harry turned to his parents sadly before pulling out of their embrace ready to face the music. But he had a smile on his face. But James pulled him back and smirked angrily. He still stood after fourteen years of being with Lily that he hated Petunia and anyone that was friends with her. He was just about to open the door when a huge whale of a boy banged on the door telling Harry to hurry up because he wanted dinner.

James hands began to shimmer and shake and he opened the door and stood out in the hallway. The whale boy turned around and James ground out "Who the hell are you?" Dudley stammered out his name before running down the stairs screaming "Mummy, mummy, there's a mean man at Harry's room that looks exactly like Harry. James walked comfortably down the stairs and right into Vernon Dursley. James scowled at him before grating out "were you just ordering my son to make you fat lot dinner?"

Vernon stepped back before retorting "That's what he is, a slave. A disgusting freak of a slave." At that James began to shudder and twist in anger. Every single window in the living area then smashed and fell to the ground in little pieces. What did you just call him, muggle and bear in mind that I am so angry right now that this house could fall around me and kill everyone but the ones I love and I wouldn't care in the least. You should have some respect for someone who lost both parents at such a young age. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get reacquainted with my son and wife. If you so much as utter anything up those stairs at my boy, you won't live to see the sunrise."

Then with that, James stormed back up the stairs. Petunia came around the corner at that point and whispered to Vernon whose purple face looked as though it was about to explode "I told you when we first met not to insult Lily or any of his friends. You have no idea how over protective James Potter is. No idea. I dealt with it for two summers. He doesn't take any flak from anyone that insults his family. No one." James opened the door knowing that that hadn't been the right thing to say but he knew that it had to have been done. That family had been getting away with slavery for sixteen years with HIS son. He walked into Harry's tiny room and Lily just walked into his embrace. He took it happily and waited for Harry to join. James turned to find Harry to see his eyes wide open and his lightning bolt flashing angrily and his mouth was twisted agonisingly.

James turned to his wife knowing it was the same nightmares that she used to get. Both Sirius and James surrounded the teen and lay him on the bed whispering things into his ear to keep him from screaming and made sure that he knew that they were there to help him. When Harry finally came out of his stupor James demanded to know what the dream was about. He had had seven and a half years of hearing Lily's petty excuses for not telling him about her dreams and he knew every excuse in the book.

James went to help him sit up when he physically felt Harry flinch. James growled angrily before making Sirius hold him while he lifted his shirt up. Sure enough there was a huge bruise on his lower back followed by three other bruises at his middle and upper back. Lily gasped in horror and Remus winced knowing exactly how Harry felt. But James knew that this wasn't self inflicted. He turned his knowing look to Sirius and Remus and they knew that someone was going to pay. Harry cowered back toward his mother frightened at the show of protectiveness that his father showed. James turned his dark brown eyes back to his son and you could see the flashes of gold anger flowing through them. James managed to ground out "Who did this Harry?"

Harry looked at his mother questioning whether or not to tell his father, but when she nodded slowly at him while looking at James, Harry turned to his father and gulped "Dad, the three small ones were made by Voldemort last year and the big one was made by Vernon when he threw my trunk at me yesterday for missing a bit when I waxed his car. There were tears streaming down Lily's cheeks, shock had registered on Sirius's face before he exclaimed "Harry, why didn't you tell me, if I had of known it was that bad I would have done anything in my power to get you out. Even if you had to live with me on the run. Anything is better than being beaten like that. Anything."

James turned to Sirius and exclaimed "Sirius, old friend what were you on the run from, and I hope you're just going to say some crazy wife that was after your money." Sirius slowly shook his head before replying "No James, everyone knew that I was your secret keeper, not Frank (Sirius's face angrily shook) and I was charged with your murder and the murder of thirteen others when I confronted Pettigrew about it in London and he killed ten muggles and three wizards. I spent twelve years in Azkaban before I escaped. I would have received the dementor's kiss had they caught me, but your boy here has one of the best patronous's that I have ever seen. It's a huge white stag."

Lily turned to her son proudly and James would have too if he wasn't so shocked at the fact that his son had been beaten for the past sixteen years of his life for petty things like not waxing the car properly and that Sirius had gone to Azkaban for killing him. How preposterous. It was that point that James began to stand and motioned for the rest of his family to do so. "I think that is time we had an explanation for this, let's go to MoM, I'm sure they'll have a hell of a time explaining why my best friend rotted in prison for something they knew he didn't do. That and they can go and arrest Vernon for physically and most probably mentally abusing my son for his entire life. That's probably enough to be sent to Azkaban for at least ten years."