Artist - Janet Jackson

Song - The Pleasure Principle

Album - Control

Year - 1986

Happy Harbor

September 18, 20:15 EDT

Karen enters the gym wearing a black tanktop, tight black shiny plants with yellow stripes, yellow wristbands on each wrist, and black and yellow Addias. She turns on the power to the gym which then she walks downstairs to an empty workout area. Karen heads to the table which has Bluetooth Portable Speakers and connect to it is an Ipod Itouch. She picks up the Ipod, scrolling down to the song of her choice and presses play.

The song she select is Janet Jackson titled "The Pleasure Principle."

Karen opens the refrigerator and take a bottle of water. She takes a sip and walks to the center as she stretches. As the music plays; she starts to dance. Similar to a Janet Jackson video from the 1980s.

"You might think I'm crazy but I'm serious"

"It's better you know noooow"

"What I thought was happiness was only part time bliss"

"You can take a bow"

"It was all just one big night out on the town"

"Riding in your limousine"

"We turned right and I said wrong which brings us to a stop"

"As the light is changing"

"Oh my meters running so I got to go now"

"It's the pleasure principle oh oh ohhhhhh"

"It's the principle of pleasure, ohhhhhh"

"It's the pleasure principle oh oh"

"It's true you want to build your life on guarantees"

"Hey, take a ride in a big yellow taxi"

"I'm not here to feed your insecurities"

"I wanted you to love me"

"This has become an all too familiar scene"

"It's not the first time I paid the fare"

"Where did you get the idea of material possession?"

"Thank you for the ride nowhere"

"And oh my meters running so I've really got to go"

"It's the pleasure principle oh oh ohhhhhh, hoo"

"It's the principle of pleasure"

"Ohhhhhh, aahhhh"

"It's the pleasure principle oh oh, ohhhhh, aahh"

"I know, what you mean to me"

"Baby this is nowhere"

"You know what came in between you and me, human differential"

"Sa dat dit dit dit baby"

"It's the principle of pleasure"

"Oh, oh oh ohhhhhh aahh"

She makes her upstairs as the music play dancing by the windows. Hope for sake no one is watching. Karen then heads to several mirrors doing some more of Janet Jackson's dance moves.

"You might say, that I'm no good for you"

"I wouldn't trust your looks, baby, if I could"

"I got so many things I wanna do, before I'm through"

"Hey, da dit da dit dat baby"

"It's the pleasure principle"

"It's the pleasure principle"

"Hey hey hey hey, hey hey hey hey"

While she dances on top of large crate; she does a back flip, landing on her feet

"It's the pleasure principle"

"Baby you can't hold me down"

"Baby you can't hold me down"

"After all the love that we've been through"

"After all you've put me through"

"Hey hey hey, yeah"

"Love me, hey yeah, love me, yeah!"

"Hoo ooh ooh ooh"

"It's the pleasure principle"

"Yeah yeah, yeah yeah!"

"It's the pleasure principle oh oh, ohhhhh, aahh"

The music stops as Karen shuts of the Ipod and the speakers. She leaves the gym, not knowing that her boyfriend Mal was watching the whole time outside of the gym. "Damn beautiful, you got rhythm."

I hope you like it.