Chapter 2- At the huts

At the huts, Ginger walked out of her hut that she lives with all the huns and her husband, Rocky and their beautiful 5

year old daughter, Rose and her fahter, Fowler. Course Fowler still talks about his RAF days and enough to make Rose

fall asleep in no time. Ginger smiled at the island and the hill that she loves and walks on as everyone is enjoying the

freedom and away from the chicken farm and tweetys and course she loves at her home and course Nick and Fetcher

is some what crazy and still playing pranks on Fowler that he doesn't like and Ginger get annoyed about it. Ginger walks

to the water bowl and washes her face as Bunty came by and said, Hi Ginger. Ginger turns around and smiles at Bunty and adds, Hey

Bunty. How's your kids? So far so good. One of them was grounded for 3 days and she didn't speak to me for weeks and it's getting out

of control with that. What did your daughter do this time? Ginger asked as she dried her face with a towel. Well, She was kissing her

boyfriend in school and a teacher caught them and they got detention for it and I yelled at her and she yelled at me back and I had

enough of her attitude and punished her for 3 days, and she didn't bother talking to me ever since. It's been 5 months that she hasn't

talk or listened to me and only listened to her father and I had enough and my husband and I took her to Matt's mom house and she

had talk to her and she talked to her about what happened and she tells me I was being and pushy on her when I punished her and

always negative about it. I didn't think I came off negative about it and it's was stupid and ridicious about it. Bunty said as Ginger adds,

How old she is? She's 15 going to 16 soon. And Don't remind me. She's going through a phrase as all teens do nowadays. How's Rose

doing though? Bunty repiled. She's doing good. She hasn't got any trouble since she was 3. She didn't know better and now she does

and she calmed down a lot and she's a good girl. Course she'll talk back at Rocky for a reason. Ginger said as Bunty added, Enjoy her

as a little girl while you and Rocky can, It's gonna go fast then she's gonna hit teenage years and she'll be a lot of a challege to handle

and she will have a boyfriend one of these days soon. I will. But I'm not worry about it right now. I'll worry about it when she's 13 or

14. I know Rocky is gonna be a butthead at her a couple times when she's a teenager but right now, she's not. Ginger said as Bunty

added, At least I get a break from my kids, they're with their father, my husband, Matt. Where's Rose and Rocky? The playground.

Ginger said as Fowler walks by and said, Ahh. Ginger. There you are. My only daughter that I loved so and only child. I was looking

for Rose but she's nowwhere to be seen. She's at the playground father. Ginger said as she pointed to the direction. Oh right right then.

Fowler said as he walks off. Babs and Mac came by as they added, Hey girls. Enjoying this holiday Ginger? Babs asked. This is a holiday

all right. Every day one here is enjoying the freedom for the rest of our lifes. Ginger said as she smiles at Babs as she adds, How's your

kids doing? Pretty good. They think I'm crazy and also, they're at their sports at their school and trust me, they have a lot of energy

to keep them going. My kids, I swear, They got into projects and sports and such and they are soooooo busy all the time and course

all of them are straight A students. High honors all the time. Mac said as Ginger added as she giggles, Sounds like you two have your

hands full. I don't know what Rose is gonna do at school. She said something about cheerleading or something. Whatever she likes.

At least you have a thanksgiving break and we get to spend the time with each other as a family and enjoy this. We had the dinner

yesterday. Oh yeah. Wait til they go back to school. Babs said as Bunty added, Tell me about it. Agreed. Mac said as Ginger and the

others nodded. Ginger saw Rocky and Rose come home and Rose happily runs to her mother as she said, Hi Mommy! Hey sweetie.

Ginger said as she smiled and hugs her daughter and picks her up and holds her up and kisses her as Rose said, Mom. Grandpa and

everyone are watching. Let them watch. Ginger said as she giggles and tickles her daughter as Rose laughs and added, I'm gonna

get you! then she pounces on her mother and they fell as they laugh as Fowler said, All right. Let's not be roughhousing here. No one

does not need to get injuried here. Ok Grandpa. Rose said as Ginger added, Come on father. We're just having fun. Hey dollface. Rocky

said as he bows down and helps Ginger and Rose up and Ginger hugs Rocky as she said, Hey you. Then they kissed on lips as Rose and

her friends look away and Mac added, Don't be rude about it. This will happen to you guys one of these days. Good point. Rose said as

she scraches her head. Hey mommy. Can we play hide and seek? Rose asked as Ginger added, Does that mean I get to tickle you after

I found you? Anything. Rose said as she smiles at her mother and Ginger repiled. Sure sweetie. You're count. I'll hide. Rose repiled as

Ginger said and smiles, Ok. Ginger counted as Rose ran to hide. All right. Ready or not. Here I come. Ginger said as she went to search

for her little Rose. Rocky watched Ginger go to find Rose as he added, That never gets old. She's only 5 going to 6 soon. Enjoy her as

a kid while it lasts, Because it's gonna go fast. Then She'll be a teenager. Fowler said as Rocky added, You got that right. God knows

what teens go through and school and some other stuff.