Hey guys!I thought of this story like a month or 2 ago.I really want to type it. It's going to be a trilogy or if it's really good,I'll make a series!Anyway lets get to know the characters.

Mikan Sakura-14 year old girl who lives with her alice is Nullification and SCE.4th alice type.

Natsume Hyuuga-14 year old guy who does jobs for the academy. Has the fire alice.4th alice type.

Well to my opinion those are the main stars.I will introduce everyone else as the story goes enjoy!


Mikan's POV

Hi I'm Mikan Sakura!14 year old girl who lives with her grandpa. Did I mention I have a special ability?Oh well I do!You see my parents died a while ago. My dad died by protecting my mom and my mom died by protecting me and I was left under my adopted grandpa's care.

They were both alice users. My mom had SCE and my dad had Nullification.I inherited both of them and since I did, it made me the most powerful alice user and I was targeted a lot.I still remember them. They died when I was 5 after we escaped the academy. It's all the AAO's fault.

I'm not as targeted as before anymore. In fact when I was left with my adopted grandpa,no one could find me.I mean I did change my surname and I'm living in a small village. Not only that, but my grandpa's not even an alice user. Everyone in the village also likes me and doesn't tell any outsiders about my alice. The AAO does occasionally look for me though.

I hang out with a lot of alice users. Anyway you might be asking what I'm doing right now. Well I'm kinda running to school because I'm late and I missed the bus.

"Ohayo *pant* minna-san! *pant* Sorry *pant* that I'm late *pant* again!"I say tiredly as I place my hands to my knees. I might be fast, but I still get tired if I use all my energy.

"Ohayo Mikan-chan!"They said back but then looked back at the teacher.I wonder why. They usually ignore the teacher and run up to me and talk non-stop.

"Mikan-chan please take your seat. Late as usual. We have a new student and your making a bad impression."my teacher Karin-sensei says with a disappointed scowl.

"Don't tell what to do hag!"I snapped and made my way to my seat. A flaw I have is my split personality. Most times I'm a cute bubbly girl while other times I'm a punkish rebel. Everyone knows this so they usually don't try mess with me. My teacher sighed knowing it was no use yelling at me.

"What are we going to do with you. Anyway class, as I was saying, this is our new student. His name is Natsume Igarashi. He's going to be staying here for a while."Karin-sensei said.

I look up to see a boy with black hair and crimson red eyes. Red eyes. Why is that so familiar? Oh well.

"Anyway I have an important meeting and I'd be glad if you guys can behave. The substitute couldn't make it.I'll see you guys later."Karin-sensei says as she leaves.

As soon as she left the class, most of the class gathered to the new kid except me and my close friends.I got 5 friends that are alice users.

There's Mizuko who has the water alice. She has long sky blue hair with ocean blue eyes. Also there's Moriko who has waist length blond hair and pine green eyes. She has the plant manipulation alice. There's also Mikio who is Moriko's older twin. He too has blonde hair and pine green eyes and also has the same alice as her.

I also have 2 more alice user friends. There is Shoichi who has the alice to fly and make other people and things levitate. He has dark brown hair and silver eyes. The other one is Sora who has the alice to change the weather. He has purple hair and honey colored eyes. They're fracturnal twins.

"Hey Mi-chan it looks like your earlier than usual."Shoichi said to me.

"Yeah you usually are later than this."Mizuko says.

"Ojii-chan says that if I didn't get up early I would have to clean the toilets!"I whined back to my bubbly personality.

"Gosh if I didn't know any better,I would think that you wanted to be late."Moriko says.

"Well I was tired!I couldn't finish my math homework.I'm gonna fail!"I said as I cried waterfalls.

"Quit your crying!"Sora says to me with an annoyed expression.

"Hey be nice!"Mikio says wacking Sora on his head.

"Ouch."He says rubbing his head.

"Can you help me Shoichi?"I ask him knowing he's the best in math in the group.

"U-um ok."He said blushing.I knew that Shoichi has had a crush on me for a while. Mizuki told me.

Let me tell you who likes who in our group. Mizuko and Mikio like each other. Sora likes Moriko who seems to like him too. Shoichi likes me while I sadly don't return his feelings.

Shoichi started helping me. We were half way done when the new kid Natsume came up to us.I got to admit, seeing him close up makes me realize that he is kinda good looking.

"Hey little girl, move over I'm sitting next to you."He says.

"What the hell did you just call me?"I ask as my other personality was going to take control.

Everyone in the room freezed. The atmosphere was chilly and deadly.

"I called you little girl."He says to me as if I was stupid. "Are you deaf?"

"Why yo-"I was about to attack him when I felt Shoichi and Mikio hold me back.

"Baka. You should stop it, everyone knows you never make Mikan mad. Unless you want to die."Sora says to him.

"And why not?"He asked.

"That's because she's really strong. She's a black belt in Judo,Karate,and Takewando."Mikio said.

"Oh and I'm so scared."Natsume's says sarcastically.

"That's it!"I say as I escape Shoichi and Mikio's grip. Walking up to Natsume, I kicked him where the sun don't shine.

He groaned, holding onto where I kicked him.

"Never mess with me again!"I yell at him.

Mizuko then walks up to me.

"Hey Mi-chan,I got some Howalon for you so calm down."She says to me.

"Oh goody!I love Howalons!"I say happily as I take the box and start eating it in a chibi style.

Just then one of my slutty classmates walks up to us. In fact she's my rival. We absolutely hate each other. Her name is Kazumi. She has orange-red hair that's a little past her shoulders and green eyes that always show envy when she looks at me.

"Igarashi-kun! Don't hang with those things!"She says.

"Shut up Kazumi!"Shoichi, Mikio, Sora, Moriko, Mizuko, and I say at the same time, obviously pissed off.

"Well it's true. You guys are just freaks and your 'leader' is the queen of freaks."She says back then turns to Natsume, batting her eyes trying to look flirtatious.

"You should ignore her, I'm much better. I'm better at everything then her. Like singing."She says as she grabs onto his arm.

"You know Kazumi, I wasn't planning on doing the singing competition against you today,but now since you're making up lies to impress Igarashi-kun, let's have that singing battle now."I say to her.

Ok let me explain.A week ago Kazumi and I were fighting on who's a better singer which is obviously me.(What the classmates said and I mean she sings like a donkey that just got its tonsils removed.)So we decided to have a singing competition some time next week. We also made a bet. The loser has to be a slave of the winner for a week.

"Alright, be sure to get ready to serve me."She says.

"Okay so who's first."I asks.

"Well since they save the best for last,I think it should be me who goes last."She says.

"Ok fine whatever."I say.

The class who was watching everything got excited.I mean it's not everyday you hear me sing. They say I sound like a professional singer. Their words not mine.

We have a karaoke machine in our classroom. It's really small and portable. We use it on free periods or when the teacher's late.

I pick out a song.


"Royals" By Lorde

I've never seen a diamond in the flesh

I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies

And I'm not proud of my address,

In the torn-up town, no post code envy

But every song's like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin' in the bathroom

Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room,

We don't care, we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams.

But everybody's like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your time piece.

Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash.

We don't care, we aren't caught up in your love affair.

And we'll never be royals (royals).

It don't run in our blood,

That kind of lux just ain't for us.

We crave a different kind of buzz.

Let me be your ruler (ruler),

You can call me queen Bee

And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule.

Let me live that fantasy.

My friends and I – we've cracked the code.

We count our dollars on the train to the party.

And everyone who knows us knows that we're fine with this,

We didn't come from money.

But every song's like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin' in the bathroom.

Blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room,

We don't care, we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams.

But everybody's like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your time piece.

Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash

We don't care we aren't caught up in your love affair

And we'll never be royals (royals).

It don't run in our blood

That kind of lux just ain't for us

We crave a different kind of buzz.

Let me be your ruler (ruler),

You can call me queen Bee

And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule.

Let me live that fantasy.

Oooh ooooh ohhh

We're bigger than we ever dreamed,

And I'm in love with being queen.

Oooooh ooooh ohhhhh

Life is game without a care

We aren't caught up in your love affair.

And we'll never be royals (royals).

It don't run in our blood

That kind of lux just ain't for us

We crave a different kind of buzz

Let me be your ruler (ruler),

You can call me queen Bee

And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule.

Let me live that fantasy.

When I finished everyone clapped.(Well except Kazumi who looked at me in fear. Natsume also didn't clap,he just smirked.)

"Ok your turn Kazumi."I say as I hand her the mini portable karaoke machine.

She picks a song and starts.

I don't own this song either.I'm just putting 1 lines of the song. All rights go to Taylor swift and those who worked on the song with her. It's 22 by Taylor Swift

It feels like a perfect night,to dress up like hipsters and make fun of our exs oh oh-

"Shut up Kazumi,you stink!"shouted the class as they threw erasers at her.

I smirked."Kazumi go get me a drink."I said to her.

"NO!You obviously cheated!You used your alice you freak!"She screamed.

My friends and I freezed, including our class. They knew we weren't like that and they would've felt weird if I used my alice. Plus this classroom has special walls that makes people nauseous if someone uses there alice. I used my invention alice that I copied from an old friend to make them to prevent anyone from being found out since the AAO has cameras around every school in Japan.

Why did we freeze you might ask. Well the fact that there's an outsider in our classroom kinda made it obvious. Also no one's allowed to say alice out loud because of the cameras.

"What do you mean?"Natsume asks.

Kazumi smirked.

"Well those freaks all have alices.A power for freaks. Sakura has the freakiest one. She's like the powerfullest and their group's leader."She said.

I started getting angry. My friends did also.

"What the hell Kazumi!?Why are you telling an outsider?! Not only that but you said it too loud! Now the AAO are going to come!BAKA!"Sora yelled at Kazumi.

Right when Sora says that,a few men from the AAO showed up. Makes sense they were visiting our school.

"Mikan Yukihara!We've finally found you!Your coming with us!"They said pointing a gun at me."Or else!"

"Or else what?Took you guys long enough. It's been what 9 years?Come at me brah!"I say as I jump out the window.I saw the classes face as I jumped. They were pretty shocked.I mean this is the 7th floor.

I jumped out and started running with them on my tail.

Next day

I came in with a black wig and orange contacts.

"Who the hell are you?"Natsume asks me suspiciously.

"Hi I'm-"I was cut off by the AAO coming in the classroom.

"Has anyone seen Mikan Yukihara?"One of the guys asks.

"Oh I have!"I say.

"Who are you?"They ask, not recognizing me.

"I'm Oka Sakura.I was absent yesterday but my classmates told me what happened.I saw and heard Yukihara-san say that she's going to go to Kyoto and making her false surname start with an R"I say.

"Oh ok thank you, Let's go!"they say as they leave. Heh idiots.

I use my one of my alices to see where they are at the moment. When I see that they've left the city I take off my disguise.

"Wha-"Natsume begins.

"Don't ask."It happens a lot so everyone else doesn't seem bothered by it.

"Ok let me get this straight your real name is Mikan Yukihara."He says to me.

"Yes"I say in monotone voice. I really didn't want to answer him but since he's going to be staying here, might as well fill him in a little.

"Then that means your daughter of Izumi and Yuka Yukihara and you have the SCE and Nullification alice which you inherited from both parents making you the powerfullest alice user in the world. You also have the 4th alice shape."He says with a smirk.

"How the hell do you know that?"I ask him. Something about him is not right.

"Simple.I'm from the academy and my mission is to bring you there."He says. "Let me properly introduce myself.I'm Natsume Hyuuga.I got the fire alice."

Hmm why does Hyuuga sound familiar?I don't want to go to Gakuen Alice,but I remember that my mom left a very important thing there.I found a map to it in her old diary. It also has 1,999 escape routes in it. Mom was an escapee. I can get the important thing she left,then I can escape.

"Alright I'll go,but you have to let me pack."I say.

Moriko grabs me and pulls me to the side so I could talk to the group.

"Um, you sure about this?"Shoichi quietly asks worriedly.

"Uh yeah why?"I ask.

"It's 'cause you always say how you hate the academy and how you were really happy when you and your parents escaped it."Sora says, his voice just as quiet as Shoichi's.

"Hey you never did tell us, why did you escape it?Also why were your parents there?"Mizuko asks me.

"Oh,it's because I was born in the academy. My mom had me when she was 14 and my dad was also a teacher. The ESP also said that my mom and I can't ever leave the academy. So we decided to escape when I was 4. Then when I was 5 the AAO was after me and killed my parents so now I live with my adopted grandpa."I say.

"Oh."They say in union.

"Don't worry,I'll escape it soon."I whisper to them."If I don't escape it in 2 weeks,then go enroll to the academy. Now go run and hide!"I say as I hand them each an alice stone of the teleportation alice I have stolen countless of times from the AAO.

When they left I turn back to Natsume.

"Ok Hyuuga,let's go get my stuff."I say.

"Call me Natsume. I hate being called Hyuuga."He says.

"Okay fine whatever, let's just go."

I run to my house with him far behind. Did I mention that I'm a really fast runner who won many races countless of times?Well I am.

When I get there we walk up to my grandpa and explain to him what's going on. He seemed really sad and it broke my heart. Natsume waits for me in the living room,I go upstairs and pack my stuff.I put in my ipod,iphone,my mom's diary,a locket my parents gave me with a picture of each of them,a picture of my grandpa,and a group picture of my mom,dad and me.I also put a couple of shirts,skirts,shorts,and some jeans. Not to mention my nightwear and undergarments along with bathroom materials.

It seems like my suitcase would be heavy but I have a suitcase from an old friend that makes it never-ending and as light as a feather.

When I go downstairs I see some men in black suits with Natsume.

"Come on Polka-dots,let's go."He said.

I was confused by what Natsume said. Then I remember what I wore yesterday when I was jumping out the window. My face turned as red as a strawberry.

"P-pervert!"I scream.

"Sheesh Polka,my ears are going to bleed! Keep it down will you."He says to me.

"Ugh."I say as I followed him to a limo. My life is going to be different for the few weeks that I'm staying at the academy.

We finally got to the academy. Wow nothings changed in 10 years.

"Hey Polka, since it's a school day today so I'll show you to your room. You're uniform's going to be there. When you're done changing, go to Class B in the Middle school division."He says to me.

"Ok"I say as I follow him.

He takes me to the special star dorm to a familiar looking door. We entered and I sweatdropped.

It was very familiar.

"Wow,this is the same room I had when I was 4"I say while I look around seeing that everything is where I left it. All the stuff animals,all the dolls,all the pictures. EVERYTHING!

"Yeah,I know.I told them to make it more suitable for a teenage girl but they didn't listen to me."He tells me.I nod giving him a sign that I'm listening as I begin going around the room. Scratch that,my room.

"Anyway,the higher-ups know that your going to be like your mom and planning to escape,so I will be like your guard.I have to watch and protect you. Not to mention make sure you don't escape."He continues."My room is next to yours."

"Oh ok,wait WHAT!"I yell.

"You heard what I said."He says.

I groaned. Now I'm not going to be able to escape immediately.

"Ok well I'll be going to class. Put on your uniform and then go to class."He says as he leaves.

I put on the uniform that was laying on my pink and orange bed. When I was done I looked at the mirror.I put my hair in low pigtails. The uniform was a white blouse with a blue ribbon that needed to be tied on the top. It had a matching blue plaid short skirt.I put on lip gloss and starts making my way to class.

I stop at the classroom.

A girlish guy with shoulder length blonde hair and purple eyes comes out.

"N-Naru-sensei?!"I ask him.

"Mikan-chan!So your the new student!It's nice to have you back!I miss you so much."He says while hugging me.

Let me explain. When I was in the academy's Pre-school,he was my teacher and one of my mom's best friends. Wonder what he's doing as a middle school teacher.

"Ok well wait here I'll tell the class we have a new student. Then come in when I call you."He says as he twirls back into the classroom.I sweatdrop.

"Ok class,we have an old student coming back to us!Come in!"He says.I slowly make my way to the door,open it,and walk inside.

"Hi everyone. Some of you guys may already know me. For those who don't,I'm Mikan Yukihara.I have SCE and Nullification alice.I'm a special star. Please treat me well."I say.

As I say that I heard a loud thud. Everyone turned to see that a girl with jet black hair and deep amethyst eyes dropped her wrench.

"M-mikan."She says.

"Hotaru."I say recognizing her.

"It's been a while."She says.

"Yeah,I know."I say back.

"MIKAN-CHAN WE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!"I hear 2 girly yells say.I turn to see 2 girl standing there. One with bubble gum pink hair and aquatic blue eyes while the other had midnight blue hair with matching eyes.

"Anna?Nonoko?"I ask.

"Yeah it's us."they chorused.

"Wow you guys haven't changed. Well beside appearance."I say to them.

"Same for you!"Anna chirped.

"Uh thanks."

"Um Mikan-chan,do you remember me?"Said a shy voice.I turn and see a kid with dirty blonde hair and glasses.

"Iinchou!"I say happily. Actually he was Yuu Tobita, but I knew that everyone wanted him to be the class president every year until they graduate.

"Haha Mikan if you remember him then you should remember us."Said two voices.I turned to see a smiling kid with another kid that looked like him except had fox like eyes.

"Koko and Kitsu?"I ask.

"Yeah!"They say.

"Ok everyone for this reunion,free time!"Naru-sensei says as he skips out of the room.

Nonoko turns back to me.

"Mi-chan please don't leave ever again."She says while she hugs me.

"Sorry Nono-chan,but after a few weeks I'm escaping."I accidentally say. Crap! I'm such an idiot.

"Pfft. You escaping?No one can do that. Not even the great Natsume-sama!"I hear a voice yell.I turn to see a girl with seaweed like hair and green emerald eyes. I've never seen her before,but I'll call her Permy. She obviously wasn't here when I was.

"Um actually Permy,I can and have done it before."I say to her.

She seemed pissed by what I called her.

"No you can't!"She yells."And don't call me Permy. It's not going to catch on."

"Actually Permy she can escape. She did it before. Didn't you hear her she's the Mikan Yukihara. Daughter of the #1 academy's escapee. She and her parents are the only people who've ever escaped it."Natsume said.

"N-Natsume-sama!"She said.

"But she isn't going to escape if she's with me on the guard."He continues.

I growled."What's that suppose to mean?"I ask.

"It means what it sounds."He says back to me.

Something tells me that it's gonna take a little more than a great escape route to escape this place.

So how was it?It'll get better I promise!Please more reviews,the quicker I update.