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Mikan's POV

My eyes widen, for I'd recognized that voice from anywhere. That vulgar voice that haunts my dreams and causes me to still wake up crying in the middle of the night.

I activated my telepathy alice.

'You know I can't tell you if you keep your hand on my mouth. It's getting tiring using my alice so let go of me now.'

He slowly took off his hand but didn't halt glaring daggers into me with his stone cold eyes.

"Kuonji."I say blankly as I narrow my eyes. However my glare didn't have an affect on him.

"Answer the damn question you bitch!"He said with a raised voice, but not to loud that you can hear him outside the room.

"Not that it's any of your business, but I was exploring and seeing what has changed or not."I said with pure detestation.

"Then why wasn't Kuro Neko accompanying you?"He asked with suspicion. However, I knew this question was going to be asked many times while I'm out looking for maps so I prepared myself with realistic lies.

"I couldn't find him plus I didn't want to irritate him by dragging him to places that would be the least of his interests."I say with confidence which plummeted when I heard his signature evil chuckle as a reply.

"I'm pretty sure he would've loved to accompany you. I mean hasn't he always?"He scoffed. "But that doesn't change the fact that he didn't listen to orders and you didn't follow the rules."

Before I could say something, I was interrupted.

"You know, we've been taking special good care of you precious 'Onii-chan'."He said in a malicious tone which caused the hairs on my neck to rise.

"What do you mean?"I asked frantically.

"You will soon find out, but if I was you I would watch my back."He said as he exits the room.


That damn bitch. I know she's up to something. This is all Kuro Neko's fault! It was his job to watch her to prevent my plan to fail. However, it is quite amusing to see such a lovely couple not able to be together due to bad memory. Stupid girl.

I was walking down the corridor when Kuro Neko came limping into the building.

"Kuro Neko, you have failed your guarding job. Where were you this whole entire time."I asked while I grabbed his collar.

His eyes widened very slightly that a normal person wouldn't have noticed. The thing is, I am far from normal.

"ESP I was doing the mission you requested this morning."He said keeping his cool. I know this is all just an act though.

"Bastard, you left the girl alone. She was wandering around the campus ALONE."I spat into his face. "Disgusting and foolish, like someone's mom."

"..." He didn't answer back, but only glared. I knew that insulting his deceased mother would anger him, but I know a tactic that will cause him to be enraged. I smirked.

"If you keep this up, then it won't be my fault if something were to accidentally harm the girl."I said. I seemed to have hit his inner pressure point.

"Bastard! You lay a finger on her-"He yelled but couldn't finish because I cut him off.

"What?What will you do?Nothing extreme for sure."I said with a smirk, which shut him straight up."Now I want you to stay in her room tonight to watch her. She has something planned, I know it."I said walking away but not before hearing him mutter the word 'sadist' under his breath. I silently laughed. Sadist? Why yes, yes I am.

Natsume's POV

"Sadist."I mumbled.

Sleep in Mikan's room? She'll freak.

Wait. I smirked.

She'll freak out. She's cute when she's mad. How her rosy pink lips pout and her beautiful amber eyes slightly narrow. It makes me want to reach out and kiss her aggressively, but knowing that it could possibly scare and hurt her made me control myself.

I walked to her room and knocked on her door. It slowly creaked open so that Mikan could peek at who it was. When she noticed it was me and my current condition, it swung open all the way.

"Natsume!What happened!?"She asked with worry and concern. No body has spoken to me that way since she left except for Ruka.

Before I could answer, she pulled me inside and seated me onto the fluffy white and baby pink seat.

"Wait here, I'm going to get the first aid kit."She said as she left.

I know this would be a bad time to say this, but I think that she's pretty hot with her normal clothes on. Not that she's ugly in her uniform. No, she just looks hotter in that then in clothes that everyone's wearing.

"Natsume, I'm back! Let me see your leg. Lift your plant leg up."Mikan said as she returned from getting the first aid kit.

"Oh wait. I'm so stupid! I could just use my alice." She said as she came to realization.

"Don't."I said to her. I knew that it killed her deep inside just as it did to me.

"What do you mean?"She asked me innocently as if she has no clue what I was talking about.

"You know what I'm talking about. Your alice type."I said. Then I lifted my pant leg up so she could examine my leg.

"Just let me!"She said and before I could stop her, she place her hand on my wound and starting absorbing the pain causing it to heal.

"Wow I can feel part of your pain. Must hurt right."She says looking at me with her innocent bambi eyes.

"Not anymore thanks to you."I said with a microscopic smile hoping she didn't notice it. Luckily, she didn't.

"So why did you come to my room?"She asks as she gets up and head to the kitchen to get some snacks.

"ESP's orders. I have to stay and watch you for the night because I wasn't there most of the day. Since there's no school tomorrow due to all the teacher's having an important meeting, it will be easier for me to keep an eye on you." I spoke as she returned with some snacks and handed me a chocolate bar.

"WHAT?!"She yelled obviously angry.

"Shh! Some people are sleeping. Not to mention that my ears are bleeding...again."I say while putting my hands on my ears with a smirk on my face.

"..."She was trembling with anger and she cletched her fists.

"Fine, but your sleeping on the floor."She said as she looks up and gives me a glare.

"No way in hell."I said.

"Then the couch."She continues.

"You're couch is like a rock."I said gestured to her couch that was next to me. It literally was hard. I mean it doesn't look like it's meant to sleep on. Just to sit and relax on.

"Then sleep on the chair."She says with a deadlier glare because she knew what was coming next.

"Then my back will hurt. You know, injured people usually are suppose to lay down on soft beds to help relieve themselves."I say to her as I got up and walked to her,only inches away.

"T-then I'll sleep on the floor."She says as she blushes red.

"It's dusty and you'll get sick. Plus it's my job to protect you and make sure you don't escape."I said to her with a smug look.

"Fine."She grumbled. "But no funny business, just because I'm saying yes doesn't mean I want to sleep with you. I'm just doing it so you don't get in trouble."She continues.

"Why would I do anything to you. You're nothing much. You're a flat board and wear childish panties."I say as I turn around. "Oh and we all know your head over heels for me."I say with another smirk.

She was red. I don't know if it was from anger or embarrassment, but either way it made me feel accomplished.

"I'm not in love with you!AND I'M NOT FLAT CHESTED!"She yelled at me.

"Oh yeah. Then show me."I said turning my head to face her. The smirk never leaving my face.

"Alright I will!"She said with determination. It took a few seconds for her to find out what she said.

"W-wait! That's not what I meant!"She stuttered as she waved her hands in front of her.

"I know I know. You're in love with me show much that you already want to flash me."I said.

"W-what?!I have some dignity you know! I would never do that!"She said.

"Whatever. I'm tired now. Let's sleep."I say as I walk into her room.

Yes!I can't believe I actually get to sleep with her. I mean we use to take naps together, but that was way back then. Now she's not only cute, but hot. This is going to be a good night. I might actually be able to sleep.

Mikan's POV

It feels kind of weird sleeping with a guy that I just met, but it seems like we've known each other forever.

I turned around to get comfortable to see that Natsume was too facing the same way. He actually looks cute and peaceful when he's sleeping, not that he's not already cute.

I use my hand to brush off a few strands of hair away from his eyes. I slowly smile, which faltered when I saw a scary sight in front on me.

Natsume looked like he was suffering in his sleep. He was groaning and shuffling. He was shaking a bit and sweating.

Worried, I shook him awake. When I saw that his eyes opened and he was no longer suffering, I sighed in relief.

"Thank god, I thought something bad was happening to you. That scared me, don't do it again!"I said to him. I was going to say more but stopped when Natsume pulled me closer to him and held onto me.

I slightly blushed hoping that the darkness hid it.

"N-N-N-Natsume? W-w-what are you doing?"I asked with nervousness. I mentally smack myself for stuttering but who could blame me?

"Just let me stay like this for tonight."He said with tiredness in his voice. I decided to let him stay like this, not wanting to bother him and wanting him to sleep in peace.

I sighed, feeling tired as well.

"Good night."I say as darkness consumed me.

I was in a beautiful dream state of eating howalons when the blinding sunlight shone onto me.

"Mmh"I groaned as I slowly open my eyes. I kinda wish I hadn't because I almost had a heart attack.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!"I scream looking at the situation.

I was hugging Natsume's neck and kissing his forehead while he was staring at me with his taunting red eyes, a smirk planted on to his face.

"I didn't know you couldn't keep your hands off Polka."He said his smirk growing by the second.

I quickly let go of him and went as far away from him as I could, making sure I didn't fall of the bed.

"I-It's not my fault! I didn't mean to, you're the one who hugged me first!"I yelled pointing an accusing finger.

"No I didn't."He said with a blank face even though we both knew he did.

I grunted. There's no use in arguing with a stubborn guy, especially one that twists my words that make it sound like I'm in love with him.

Our stomachs growled in sync. We look up at each other and I held in my laughter.

"I'll make us some breakfast."I say getting up to walk to the pantry.

I grabbed some oil and a frying pan, then left for the kitchen.

I grab some eggs (from the fridge of course), a whisk, some vegetables, a glass bowl, and two plates.

I put the frying pan on the stove putting a blob of oil on it making sure I spread it out. I turned on the lowest temperature and made my way towards the bowl and four eggs. Carefully cracking each one, I put the fluids into the bowl. I started whisking it fastly making sure it looks like orange juice. Then turning to the vegetables, I cut then into small dices and poured the contents into the bowl. I mixed again and added a some salt and pepper. I poured the mixture into the frying pan turning up the temperature and quickly made an omelet.

When I finally finished I cut it in half and put it in each plate.

"Yo Natsume, breakfast is ready! Did you brush your teeth."I yelled so he could hear.

Natsume probably left the room while I was into the cooking because he came back dressed in a new pair of clothes. He was wearing a black hoodie and black washed out and ripped jeans.

"Yeah I did." He said as he grabbed the plate from my hands. "I know I'm good looking but I think you should use this time to brush your teeth, not stare at me."He continued smirking.

I blushed at being caught and scurried to the bathroom locking the door. I slid to the floor and put my head in my hands.

That was so embarrassing. He looked so hot. I-I think I'm losing my mind. And what's up with his smirk! I want to wipe it off.

I walked over to the sink and splashed cold water onto my face then brushed my teeth. When I was done, I walked into my walk in closet. Most of the clothes were those that were my mom's that were meant to be handed down to me and my old ones. The rest were the ones I brought.

I grabbed a red shirt with a black flower wilting and black shorts. I grabbed my mascara and put a little bit on. Finished, I looked into the mirror and nodded in approval.

When I was done, I ran to the kitchen and took a seat across from Natsume.

"Not to bad Polka, I thought I would've died after the first bite."Natsume said with a stoic face. I look up at him with a tick mark, a fork full of omelet in my hand.

"What did you say!"I yelled at him, the omelet thrown away.

I was going to say some unpleasant words but that changed when I heard a small chuckle escape from his mouth. Natsume might like teasing me, but he doesn't look like the type to smile, much less laugh. Smirk not included.

"Y-You laughed!"I exclaimed.

"No I didn't"Natsume said putting on a stoic face.

"Yes you did!"I say with a big smile. My mom always told me that making others laugh was a good sign. It refreshes them and leaves a good feeling that you caused that smile.

After finishing our omelettes, I started whining.

"I'm booooored!"I said giving Natsume my baby eyes, hoping it will convince him to take me somewhere.

"So? That's not my problem."He says as he leans back against the chair.

"I know, let's go to Central Town!"I say with hope in my eyes.

"No way in hell."Was his reply, but I know an idea that could change his mind.

"Fine then I'll go on my own. I hope I don't bump into the ESP on my way."I say as I get up and walk towards the door.

"Wait!"He exclaims as he speed walks to me."I have to come along then."

"Ok, whatever."I say as I open the door ready to leave.

I secretly smirked. I knew saying that would change his mind instantly.

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