Dear Reader(s),

As much as you might have anticipated reading the next chapter here, I have to disappoint you. We are currently experiencing issues that make it impossible to continue and those issues will not be gone anytime soon.

Without further ado, "Everybody Steals" will hereby be suspended indefinitely.

When I say "soon" I mean a year or possibly more. Or forever.

It pains me greatly to bring you these bad news, especially since you´ve had to wait for such a long time only to be reading this right now. I wish I could continue writing this story, because there still so many things to be written, so many ideas and loose ends. And honestly, I´d never anticipated something I took my part in creating would be that well-received. To quote GLaDOS: "It´s hard to overstate my satisfaction".

Therefore thank you, dear reader, for everything you´ve done for this story. It´s been fun. Thanks for all the reviews, the follows, the favourites, the PMs.

I wish I could give you the next chapter instead of this.

I am currently sitting on a draft of 11K words, waiting to be finished and edited and beta´d, just so may at least know, that, until recently, we were carrying on writing. Maybe I can finish and edit it and put it into beta, however, if I find it to not be the best I can give to you, I prefer to withhold it. Yes, I´d rather prefer you sitting on that evil cliffhanger - possibly forever - than ruin this story by publishing a chapter that does not meet my expectations. Or yours, dear reader.

For now, I must ask you to accept that Vi died in vain.

I´ll be still on here, so you can reach me via PM and tell me how much you hate me for suspending this. I might not always respond, but I´ll read any constructive criticism.

So, that´s it. Thank you for your patience, understanding and interest in that fanfic of ours.