Here I am, back again with a new story, that I hope you like

Chapter 1.1

"Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night."

William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

He watched her and he knew he had never seen something more beautiful. Her hair was black as the night and fell on her shoulders in soft curls. He couldn't see her face because of the golden mask she was wearing, but her eyes were something he would never forget. Those brown orbs shone like stars, they sparkled and reflected him like a mirror the moment she looked at him. Their eyes locked and the whole world stopped, just for second, relishing the moment of these two souls connecting.
He made his way through the crowd and a subtle smile played on her lips. She didn't know him, but his dark hair, his muscular arms and brown eyes held something familiar.
He reached her and she opened her mouth but he put a finger on her lips, hushing her gently.
"Silence is a gift. Learn to value its essence." He whispered and she smiled. "May this Romeo take you somewhere we can be alone?" He was still whispering, keeping the sound of his voice from her, making it a mystery.
She nodded softly and he led her outside. For an eternity they didn't say anything while they walked through the garden of the house owner. Suddenly she stopped and looked up to the clear sky. Stars were sparkling and the moon sent his soft light to the earth.
"It's beautiful, don't you think?" She asked but still whispering, taking him up on his being cagey about his voice.
"That depends on your definition of beautiful." He was standing close to her, they body's touching as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. He leaned in and glanced at her. She looked back at him, her lips parted and he closed the gap between them. When her lips met his in such an intoxicating way, he knew that he could live to be a hundred and visit every country in the world, but nothing would ever compare to that single moment when he first kissed the girl of his dreams and knew that his love would last forever.
Soft but pleading he ran his tongue over her bottom lip asking for permission. She let him in and their kiss deepened. His hand ran through her hair and she put her arms around his neck, both having the effect of pulling each other closer.
Out of breath they pulled back, their foreheads touching. He caressed her face in an intimate way, she would have never let a stranger do it. But this was everything but strange, it was special, it was new. She would call it love at first sight if she believed in it.
"What's your name?" She asked, and he smiled softly at her.
"What's in a name? He shrugged and turned away. "That which we call a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet." He picked a red rose from the garden and gave it to her. She raised it to her face and took a deep breath, but her eyes never left his face.
"So, what about you? Your name?" He chuckled and his arms sneaked around her waist.
"Juliet, you can call me Juliet." She gave him a beautiful smile. Her hands laid on his chest and she could feel his heartbeat under her palms.
"I wanna see you again." It was a simple and confident statement. He knew that tonight something special had happened, something he had never felt before and it was definitely something he wanted to feel again.
She nodded and leaned closer to kiss him again, his hot breath on her lips. One arm was wrapped around her waist, the other grabbed her neck and pulled her face closer. Their lips were about to touch
With a deep breath she pulled back and smiled a little sad.
"Get it." She whispered.
"You're sure?"
"Yeah." She nodded and gave him a slight push on his chest.
He kissed her on the forehead and held her tight. "I'll be right back."
He turned his back on her and walked a few feet out of ear-shot.
"Hey Hotch, it's JJ. We have a new case. Can you come in as soon as possible?"
Damn it! He felt like punching a wall. "Alright." He muttered after he calmed down.
"Everything okay?" JJ asked worried.
"Yeah, I was just – doesn't matter. I'll try to be there in ten okay?"
"Good, see you then."
Slowly he went back to tell this woman, whoever she was, that he had to go.
But she was gone.
"Hello?" He called, turning and looking for her. "Juliet?" He somehow felt stupid for calling her a name he knew wasn't hers but he had no other option. Taking a deep breath he almost stepped on it. His gaze fell on the object lying on the ground.
The rose.
Quietly he bent down and picked it up. A small white note was attached it.
I left my heart with you, take care of it.

"Oh! She doth teach the torches to burn bright
It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night
Like a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear;
Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear.

William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Chapter 1.2

BAU, five days later:

"I'll always think he'll ask me out but he doesn't!" JJ threw her hands up in defeat.
"JJ, you're a strong, confident, good-looking woman. Why don't you ask him out?" Emily tried to give her best friend an advice. JJ had told Emily and Garcia a few months ago about her crush for a very sexy, muscular unit chief, who just happened to work in the same team as her.
Aaron Hotchner.
Right now they were sitting in Garcia's lair, each one with their coffee in their hand and discussing their love life's. Or rather their wannabe love life's.
"Yeah. I think Emily's right. Why should he say no?" Penelope agreed with Emilys earlier statement while tipping on on her computer and checking her Facebook account.
"You think?" JJ questioned, still a little uncertain. Aaron Hotchner was a big goal, but he was the perfect man. He was sweet, caring, handsome, and definitely good in bed. Basically everything a woman wanted a man to be.
"Yeah." The brunette agent encouraged her friend. Most of the time she wasn't really listening to JJ's enthusiasm. Not that she wasn't interested in her best friends love life but her mind was still occupied with the stranger she met on the masked ball.
"So what about you and your lovely Romeo?" Garcia nudged Emily from the side, a little annoyed by JJ's shyness about asking Hotch out with they had been discussing the last few days.
The brunette shrugged and sighed. "I don't know. What am I supposed to do?"
"Find him!" JJ exclaimed.
"Find him how? I don't even know his name, or what looks like for that matter." Emily shoulders slumped and she bit her lip. Her eyes stared into nothingness as she remembered the few moments she shared with the mysterious man. "I might never see him again."

"Aaron, for god's sake! What are you thinking of?!" Rossi called pulling his co-worker from the depths of his mind. Hotch just shook his head and Rossi sighed. "It's her again, isn't it?"
"I just can't forget her!" Hotch said and ran a hand over his head.
"You gotta get over her. It's highly unlikely that you just stumble upon her and even if you did you wouldn't know it's her because you didn't see her face." The older agent exclaimed. He felt like he was losing his friend to a woman he barely knew.
"I know, I just… That night something changed and all I can think of is her. How her eyes look, how she smells, how she kisses." The unit chief rubbed his hand over his face in despair. "Not seeing her makes me feel like dying." He pointed to his chest. "Right there she's killing me."

"So what? Are you going to ask him?" Emily groaned. She finally understood what JJ had been feeling when she tried to talk her into calling Mick.
"I don't know." JJ fidgeted and the brunette felt like slamming her head into a wall. Repeatedly. "Em, you gotta understand. If he says no then I'm screwed, he will know I have a crush on him and how am I supposed to work with him then? And anyway he's been so quiet lately."
"Listen, JJ." Emily put her hand on the blondes shoulders and met her baby blue eyes. "You are probably the most gorgeous woman I've ever met and every man that rejects you is a jerk. I've never been a fan of your crush on Hotch but anything that makes you happy makes me happy as well. So please discover your gloriousness and stop being so shy!"
JJ's eyes shimmered subtle and she nodded thankfully. "Thanks, Em. I'm so lucky to have you as a best friend."
"Go get him." Emily gave JJ's shoulder a squeeze as reassurance before walking into the bullpen. "I'm waiting in your office." She whispered before stopping at Hotchs office and knocking. She didn't wait for an answer, just opened the door. "I think JJ wants to ask you something." With a wink and a mischievous glint in her eyes Emily continued to JJ's office. JJ's eyes widened and a blush crept up her cheeks and Hotch looked at her inquiring.
"What is is JJ?"
"Uhm, nothing, I mean, would you like to, uhm, maybe, have a drink…with me?" The blonde gave a beautiful smile to make up for her clumsy invitation.
Hotch just stared for a few moments, actually he wanted to say no. He wasn't quite sure if he could even concentrate on the media liaison if his mind was on that unknown girl all the time. Did he betray her by going out with JJ? Sure, JJ was a beautiful and nice woman but something inside him told him to keep his hands of her. But after all Dave was right, the chances that he would see her again were slim, so why not? Another glance and subtle nod from Rossi let him accept JJ's offer.
"Sure. I'll take you home tonight and we stop at Barney's?"
"Tomorrow would be better. I gotta get home earlier today." JJ bit her lip and then smiled before she hurried into her office.
"Oh, alright. Tomorrow it is."
As soon as she walked through the door Emily arched an eyebrow and JJ's face broke into a grin before she squealed. "He said yes!"
Emily gave her friend a I-told-you-so look before pulling her into a hug. "I knew he would." Emily grinned.
"Alright, I gotta get going or I'm gonna be late for my appointment."
Emily gave a nod but before she walked out of the office she turned one last time.
"JJ, keep that smile. It suits you."

"You see, a date with JJ is the best thing that could have happened to you!" Dave said happily. The oldest profiler of the team knew that JJ had this special effect that could knock every man off his feet.
"Yeah." Hotch nodded absentminded. His thoughts were still with the brunette woman and his "date" with JJ worried him. He liked the blonde way too much too hurt her by thinking about another woman while having a date with her. It pained him to know that as long his mind was on that mystery woman a relationship with JJ wouldn't stand a chance.

Chapter 1.3

Words. Words have an indescribable power. They can force the world to stop spinning and they can force it to spin faster. Whatever words we say should be chosen with care, because people will hear them and they will be influenced for the good or the bad. One kind word can make someone's day, they are easy to say but their echo is truly endless.
Words changed lives for decades and as long as humanity communicates they will keep doing that.
So wouldn't you consider words as the strongest weapon?
When Emily walked into the Hotch's office that day she never expected that, one tiny little word would turn her world upside down. That would bring hope, bring pain, bring love.
"I'll have the files you wanted."
"Thank you. Just leave them at my desk." Hotch answer and turned away from the window. He raised his eyebrow at the dreamy smile of the woman that normally wore a stoic face. They were very much alike, for that matter.

Silence is a gift. Learn to value its essence.

She couldn't help but let a small dreamy smile spread over her face.

That depends on your definition of beautiful.

She bit her lip, trying to ignore the butterfly's in her stomach.

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.

Emily didn't see where she was going until it was too late. All she saw was the ground coming closer and her body tensed, bracing itself for the possible pain. But it didn't come to that. His strong arms wrapped around her waist keeping her upright.
Their eyes met.
Warm brown and deep chocolate.
And then they knew. There was no how, they just knew.
It wasn't the perfect moment and it was the perfect time, but there was one thing they were sure about when it came to love. There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.
And there was it. That one word.

So, did you like it? I'm not quite sure if I'll continue this, it depends on the response I'll get :)