Their walks usually consisted of going out mid to late morning and coming back to help anybody who needed comfort or healing. This morning Jesus and the apostles were walking near a hill to where Jesus would reflect on the impact of his life had upon others, while the others relaxed for a few minutes. Judas being the most uptight (According to Mary) went off on his own and leaned against a tree. Mary went to Jesus, wanting to know why Judas was so uptight. "Doesn't he love you anymore?" Mary asked. Jesus smiled. "Of course he does. Judas is just one of those people who have trouble showing their true self." Jesus replied. "In other words, Judas is a big fuddy duddy!" John whispered with a snicker. Mary giggled. "Yes." Jesus laughed gently, "That's another way to put it." Judas overheard this and rolled his eyes.I am certainly not uptight! He thought, annoyed. Peter had found a rather intreasting looking rock, he wished to keep when he dropped it down the hill. Judas smirked at this and said: "Good luck going down the hill." In a way he meant it, the hill was steep and ended at a nice little pond. Peter chased after his little rock a second after Judas said that but seeing how steep the hill was, Peter took a tumble as soon as his running picked up speed. The apostles and Jesus looked on with shock as Peter went over a log and face planted into the pond, legs in the air bent, looking like some silly fool. It took Judas a second to process what just happened, but when it did, he began to laugh. It was silent at first, then it grew loud and full of mirth, to the point where Judas was semi hysterical. Peter slowly lifted his head out of the water and got to his feet and peered up at the hill. "Is that Judas?! Laughing?!" He cried. Everybody breathed a sigh of relief that their friend was alright. "Yes! John yelled back at Peter, "That's Judas!" "Is he laughing at me?!" Peter cried walking up the hill. John looked at Judas, who was bent over holding his sides, laughing too hard to speak. "Yes." John replied, in a normal voice, seeing Peter had finally got back up the hill. "He-He f-fell on his f-face!" Judas managed to say, but dissolved back into laughter at the mental image of Peter falling on his face. "Is it really that funny?" John asked. Jesus smiled. "Let him have his laugh. After all it it is not often we hear him do it." To Judas, Peter falling on his face was the funniest thing in the world. So far. It struck Mary amusing that Judas could not stop laughing and she too began laughing. "Breathe Judas breathe!" She said. Peter walked up to Judas and gave him a look of anger, but Judas laughed at that too. "What if you fell on your face? I'd probably laugh at you!" Peter cried. As Peter went to dry off, he tripped over his own to feet. Judas and Mary lost it at that point and Peter rolled his eyes. "I did that on purpose! He said. In short it took a good while for Judas to calm down. Jesus smiled as they walked back to the city. It made him glad that his apostles kicked back every once in a while

Let me just say how JCS does not belong to me! JCS belongs to it's rightful owner! I can't really say where this one came from! It's funny and short.

The text may be a little off, seeing I used copy and paste. I wrote this with Murray Head's version of Judas from the original recording in mind!