So I was listening to Animal by neon trees and instantly thought of


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Here we go again me and England drinking like animals and me trying not to kiss the brit

silly in my opinion. He never knew I wanted to be more than just

friends. We were in his apartment drinking and laughing of course we were

drunk off our asses " Hey alfred?" England asked me " yeah iggs." I slurred

back " lets play pretend." I laughed kinda feeling like running " ok like what?" he smiled and crawled on

top of me wrapping his legs around my waist and taking off his shirt and

starting to tangle his fingers into my hair "maybe some fantasy?" no, I wont

sleep tonight "oh no I wont be denied by the animal in you!" I said getting up

with him wrapped around my waist and neck and starting to the bedroom "Ok

then." he said smiling, he started to kiss me and he broke off " do you like this

shirt?" he questioned "No its too itchy, why?" he grinned "GOOD!" with that he

ripped off my shirt and kissed me again, "your mine Artie." we got to the bed

as we were both down to our last piece of clothing, our boxers "A-alfred,"

Arthur gasped "I dont think w-we'll get out a-alive *gasp*." I felt him shiver to

the cold air when I removed his last article of clothing it was like the world was

still "What are you waiting for?" he whispered "Your killing me now." I said

slipping off my boxers "take a bite of my heart Alfred." he whispered in my ear

and I growled in hunger "Gladly." I kissed and bit his neck up and down, lick,

nip, kiss, suck up his neck to his jaw line and landing back on his lips, I bit

lightly on his lower lip and his mouth opened instantly and we explored each

others mouths devouring each other bit by bit our hands explored each other with minds

of there own "Alfred I want you, all of you!" Arthur said panting like a dog and gasping for

breath. "I want you too Arthur, and I plan on getting you!" I said back also panting, I began

to prep him bit by bit. The brit expressed his pleasure with small groans eliciting from his

mouth "A-alfred," He groaned "M-more!" he said and I gently worked my way out done

with the prep and began with the real fun. I slid into him and his back lurched and he

released a loud pleasured gasp "AHH-MMNN-a-alfred!" he managed to say he was starting

to slightly drool a groan left my mouth in indulgence. I began pumping in and out "MMHH

a-arthur." I groaned as I ravaged his body enjoying the ragged sounds of pleasure

escaping my love's mouth until the moment of bliss I have ever felt " ALFRED!" he

screamed and as I reached my ears colors flashed behind my eyes as a screamed

breached my mouth also, "ARTHUR!" pressure released from in me and I toppled down

next to him both of us gasping for breath, "Alfred." Arthur gasped, "your a cannibal."

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