"Dean, I don't understand. What is the significance behind the human custom of eating at candle light?"

"Well, Cas, it's just a way people make the atmosphere more romantic for dates and stuff. You know, 'creating the mood'."

"Then why is it that whenever we go out for dinner and people ask if we would like a candle for our table, you insist that we don't want one?"

"Because we aren't together, Cas."

"Yes we are. If we were not in the same location, we would not be speaking with each other."

"I mean, we aren't dating."

"What is your definition of dating, Dean?"

"...Well, when two people that like each other go out to romantic places and do date things know go on dates."

"Are we not two people?"

"Well sort of..."

"And after all that we have been through, do you not like me?"

"Of course I like you Cas."

"Are the restaurants and movie theatres we go to not romantic venues?"

"Well, yeah, but..."

"We are going on dates, Dean. You take me out to dinner. You stare at me when I'm not looking, as well as when I am. You care about me and are unable to live without me. You find me attractive, and don't think I haven't heard whose name you say in your dreams. We have been to hell and back and, besides your brother, I know you better than any other living soul. I know you for who you are and despite knowing all your flaws, and seeing you in your darkest moments, I still think you are amazing. You trust me when you trust no one else. You have taken me on a totally of sixteen dates in the last month. Do you deny it?"


"Then go back to that waiter and request that candle. I want mood lighting."

AN So just another drabble I wrote from a prompt. It's just dialogue because I felt like it. Please feel free to review and favourite. :D