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You may give without loving, but you can't love without giving.

Two hearts cross a path.

Rin Takashi's heart races unusually fast as she observes her class teacher, Setsuna Tenou is scanning at the final exam's result with a wave of emotions. She swallows hard, her fingers entwine nervously upon seeing her class teacher's brows knitted who continues to check on the result sheet. The poor lady sighs and shakes her head lightly, Rin widens her hazelnut eyes but remains unmoved. She is close to cease breathing, afraid it might add even more tension to the already pressurized moment. After a few more minutes pass, Setsuna rubs her temple before letting out another sigh which Rin believes is a disappointing sigh.

Th.. that bad huh? Rin whispers apprehensively, moving her right hand up slowly to reach her chest. She has to make sure her heart is still beating because the current moment is getting too hard to be handle.

As Setsuna raises her head up to meet with the young girl's frightened face, Rin forces a smile from her trembling lips for which she gets one in return from the lady.

"Rin, I know you have been working extremely hard and I am impressed with your efforts." Rin nods silently.

"Perhaps, studying is really not something meant for you." The lady lays back on her chair, not wanting add further to hurt the young girl more badly.

"Please trust me one more time Setsuna sensei, I will keep trying, I know I can make it." The young girl promises confidently, hoping her teacher can feel her fire. Adjusting her rimmed glasses, Setsuna straightens her back and rests her elbows on the wooden table.

"We used to have a lot of additional classes for students like you. I wish under this special coaching, you will be able to get into a high school." A warm smile grazes the lady's face.

Young Rin sighs with relief, her lips pressed tight for a grateful smile. "Arigatou, sensei. I will not disappointed you again." With that, Rin stands up and bows to her teacher before she exits the room with a heavy heart.

Rin is not a bright student like her brother, in fact she almost didn't inherit any of her family's talents at all. Sometime she wonders if they adopted her from a foster home. She can't even pass a single subject which depresses her the most.

Walking away absentmindedly, Rin turns to the left to take the small staircase but collides with someone. The impact of the bums, pushes both of them backward and they land on the floor separately.

"I am sorry, I am so sorry." Rin keeps apologizing while trying to stand up. She then notices the one she collided with is her classmate Sara. The top student in her class.

"Sorry Sara chan, I did ...see you." Rin has a hard time to complete the sentence but offers a hand to help Sara get up. The furious girl, smacks Rin's hand away.

"What the hell? I thought you are only low in IQ and I never thought you have an eye problem too. Pathetic useless student. You are the reason why we have so much trash in this world." Those words sting but Rin gulps and stays calm. She even tries to pat on Sara's skirt to dust off the dirt away but again her generosity was rejected.

"Don't touch me stupid." With that, Sara stomps away leaving Rin with heavy eye lids. The last thing Rin wants is to be embarrassed again in public, so she runs as fast as she can down the stairs and heads to the school field, hoping no one notices or follows her.

Once she confirms she has cleared away from the public, Rin sits on the field, drawing her legs up to hug her knees. She then buries her face in between her knees and breaks down. I am really trash in this word. There's no place for me in this world.

Not knowing how long she has been sitting there and crying, Rin lifts her head up slightly and notices a shadow in front of her. She jerks her head up quickly and instantly feels relief by the sight before her. Her savior, a man who has a warm golden eyes, beautiful magenta stripes on both sides of his face and a crescent moon on his temple, is the only person she wishes to see the most.

"Sess- Sesshoumaru sama ..." Her puffed eyes continue to wet up with unshed tears, as she dashes up to wrap her hands around her savior's neck. Sesshoumaru circles his arms around Rin's small body and presses her close to him for a tight hug.

Sesshoumaru is a wordless man but his presence comforts her a lot. She knows that the quiescence of him is his way of showing care. They stay in that position for quite some time until Rin calms down gradually.

As Rin shows signs of calming down, the demon releases his hold, allowing the girl to pull away. Poor girl, she is still hiccups. Sesshoumaru runs his thumbs around her sore eyes to rub away the remaining tears from her face. He then stretches his right hand further as a sign of invitation.

"Shall we?"

Without hesitation, Rin reaches out her hand and places it on her savior's hand as they both walk hand in hand to leave the school field.

Reaching a stand where everyone parks their vehicles, Rin climbs on the back seat of a bicycle and secures her position while Sesshoumaru awaits her to give a 'go' sign before he starts paddling away from the school. He will always be there, waiting her and they will go home together. Like a devoted brother who loves his little sister.

Most of the times, on their way home, Rin did most of the chatting. Sesshoumaru would just listen and in fact he quite likes it. As chatty as Rin is, she is very innocent and her topics often cover the weather, the flowers, her academy and food. She only has a few close friends and has hardly mentioned them too. That is why, Sesshoumaru is her closest friend ever and she only feels comfortable sharing everything with him. It is always like that and they both enjoy each other's presence.

After a quarter mile away from the school, Rin looks up to the sky at the beautiful fluffy clouds. She smiles contently.

"Sesshoumaru sama, I promise I will master my cycling skill. Soon you don't have to worry of waiting me anymore in future." She promises shyly, wrapping her arms around her savior's waist to secure balance. She loves his scent so much.

"Ah." Is the only response from the stoic man, Sesshoumaru. With Rin's head resting sideways, enjoying the scenery, she continues,

"I will study hard to pass all the exams. I want to be as smart as Sesshoumaru sama." Her voice turns out slightly shaky with a small lump in her throat. Sesshoumaru doesn't answer, he knows Rin has been trying hard all these times.

"Sesshoumaru sama, am I really stupid?" The demon frowns at the girl's senseless question but is aware of her seriousness.

"I feel so useless, I can't even cycle as good as you after being coached for so long, my grades will never improve no matter how much I study and I can't even draw like mom. I am such a trash of this world." Her eyelashes flutter slightly as she feels tears beginning to moisten her eyes.

"Rin," Sesshomaru's hypnotic voice calls to her.

"Yes?" Leaning a bit backward, she looks up at the demon's back.

"You will decide what to cook for tonight's dinner." His command confuses the young girl. Not that she has not cooked for the family, but for him to bring such a topic all of sudden doesn't seem to be related to what she has just spoken of earlier.

Sensing her confusion, the demon lord adds, "You cook delicious meals."

A strong wind blows, caressing the young girl's face. It carries her long raven hair entwined with her savior's silver hair dancing in the air.

You cook delicious meals. The words echo in her ears, healing her broken heart. Rin stares at Sesshoumaru's back. She has never realized how broad his shoulders are until today.

Her grip around his waist tightens, her head lowered with her eyes shut peacefully. Few beads of blissful tears are visible at the corners of her eyes.

"Arigatou, Sesshoumaru sama."

The sounds of the paddling and the wind flapping with the grass are not the only sounds that exist, there are also two hearts beating under the same rhythm.

I may not know what the future holds, but I can trust the one who I am holding now. With him, I can face whatever lies ahead of me for he will never lead me down a wrong path.

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