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27th October 2015...

An unavoidable fate.

Sesshoumaru's fist slams forcefully on the office desk, anger had built up in his chest. His once golden eyes has gradually changed into a mild blood red color.

"Why, father!" The young lord questions furiously, demands a satisfying explanation.

Inu no Taisho observes his son's behavior carefully, he must react in a calm way and choosehis words carefully to avoid an unnecessary commotion which might frighten his wife and daughter who live under the same roof.

The great dog demon lord rises from his chair, his strong molten gaze overpowers the red blood eyes.

"And if I don't, would you kill me, your own father?"Taisho replies firmly. A cold strong breeze rushesin through a small gap in the window and cools up the room instantly. The young lord's once red eyes have faded, two pairs of stern gold eyes battling each other.

The tension slices into the air, a soft knock at the wooden door interrupting the cold war between the father and son. Remaining with their same postures, the wooden door pushes apart and a tiny little girl emerges through the small opening. A barely six year old girl with long black hair and a pair of large hazelnut eyes stands at the door frame. Her eyes fill with fear especially when she notices Sesshoumaru in the room.

" dy, Rin wants sto.. ry." Her voice is shaky and low, almost unheard by human level of hearing. Sesshoumaru's eyes roll to the place where the small human girl stands and gives her an unwelcomed stare that the girl does not expect.

Rin's eyes widen in fear at the cold stare, she immediately runs to hide behind Inu no Taisho. She then buries her face in her father's cloth and sobs softly.

Inu no Taisho growls in annoyance. He turns to his daughter, lifts the little girl up to his chest and presses his lips on the girl's forehead to calm the frightened girl. He then heard something that is enough to boil the blood in his veins.

"This is what you are sacrificing for? A child who is not even yours." Taisho's hands cover the ears of the little girl before turning his head and glaring at the young lord infuriately. Before he could reply Sesshoumaru has exited the room with a 'hmm'.

Sesshoumaru stands in front of Inu no Taisho in the very same study room that he tried to avoid after the incident happened fifteen years ago. After the argument took place, the relationship between the father and son was beyond repairable. They hardly had any conversation since then and even if the great dog demon lord has to speak something, the reply he gets is not more than just a hmm from the young lord.

"If this does not involve you I will try not to bring you here. Thanks for coming, son." Inu no Taisho explains but can tell from his son's boring stare that he has no need for all this formality opening crap. Taking that as a cue for him to go straight to the main point, he adds.

"I am afraid we have to leave Kyoto in less than a month and I trust you know what to do with the school and others." Sesshoumaru says nothing but raises an eyebrow in confusion.

"Totosai is not well, he has a limited ability to handle the business there in Switzerland. You know Totosai well, if he is not in a bad shape he would never ask for help." Inu no Taisho explains coolly, getting a signature look from his son.

Totosai, is the most trusted and loyal servant in the Takashi's family since centuries ago. He lives in a mansion belonging to Takashi in Zurich, Switzerland and was entrusted to look after the demon dog's business after Inu no Taisho decided to reside in Japan.

Sesshoumaru barely gives a nod as he turns towards the door. His steps halted by his father's last request.

"I have informed Rin but she is not taking the news well. If you have some time, I hope you can talk to her." Sesshoumaru stares down at his father before he exits the room with a hmmm

Really, that's the best Inu no Taisho could expect from his son as a response. The great dog demon lord moves to the windows nearby and views the scenery outside. He is half relieved that although Sesshomaru has not left the house, he is indirectly taking care of Rin's wellbeing. Something that Taisho feels very thankful for. He hopes that things will get better once they move to the new place.

On the other side of the house, in Rin's bedroom, the girl's moist hazelnut eyes gaze through the mist sheets of rain, straining her eyes to look through the skies. She loves everything here in Kyoto, the place where she had a childhood life, meeting new friends and built many good memories. She has never thought of not meeting her friends anymore and if she has a choice she would want to stay here forever and leave everything unchanged.

The thought of saying goodbye to her friends is what makes her unable to hold back the tears anymore. She couldn't help but to allow the tears to fall uncontrollably and wet her cheeks.

Sesshoumaru knows Rin is crying the moment he approaches the room. The salty sense of tears is thick in the air when he pushes the door to Rin's bedroom. The young demon lord clenches his fist, nails digging into his palm at the sight before him. He hates to admit it but seeing the girl in this helpless condition makes him go mad.

He makes his way and sits on the girl's bed, next to where Rin buries her head in the pillow and cries. Gently, he brushes his long fingers through her head, attempting to calm her. She feels his hand stroke along her back, and this small gesture of affection is enough to relax her and seemingly just melt her in her lord's arms.

"Sesshoumaru sama, why? Why should I have to leave? I love my friends and I love this place, why?" She lifts her face up to face the young demon lord's, her eyes are red and puffy. The look on her face makes the young demon dog's heart burrow in pain.

"No one can avoid change, Rin." He replies firmly yet comforting. He reaches out his finger to Rin's puffy cheek to wipe the tears away. Upon getting that reply, Rin wraps her arms around Sesshoumaru's torso and continues to cry.

"But I hate change. I really do." Sesshoumaru strokes at her trembling back, allowing her to cry until her body gives up.

I once hated change, but it was change that brought me here.

It's half past midnight, Rin has stopped crying since hours ago and was able to cuddle up for a peaceful sleep on Sesshoumaru's lap. The young demon lord remains at the girl's side, not wanting to leave her alone, afraid that she would get a nightmare. This is the strangest part of him that he could not even explain why. The unconditional affection he gave to the girl has become stronger day by day.

He often questions himself, questioning his strange feelings towards this young girl but most of the times he refuses to find the answer, it almost feels like if he ever finds out the truth, that's the day he has to let this girl go and avoid her.

Sesshoumaru looks down at the girl on his lap, at times like this he selfishly wishes that time would stop at this moment so they could stay like this forever.

The young lord sighs, his mind drifting to the earlier conversation about the move to Switzerland. While Rin is not taking it well, the news of moving away from Kyoto is not what troubles him the most. It is the sense of that person's name Inuyasha that annoys him the most.

That sense. Why?

Rin has a peaceful sleep with no nightmares. Sesshoumaru has left her room before dawn. The alarm clock at 5am in the morning has woken up the sad girl up. Reluctantly, she moves to the washroom and refreshes herself. Recalling what's happened last night, like it or not, Rin knows she has to face the world. She doesn't want to miss a day without seeing her school and her friends.

Breakfast for Rin today is horrible. The chatty girl has barely spoken any words and it worries Izayoi. Inu no Taisho ensures his wife all will be alright and that they have to be at Rin's side to help her to face this together. Izayoi nods painfully watching her beloved daughter eating the food.

Rin does not finish her breakfast. She excuses herself and leaves without any goodbye hugs to her parents. She feels bad for doing so but she really has no mood to face them at this moment. A strong hand presses on Rin's right shoulder, that firm grip on her shoulder makes the girl feels so much better. She raises her head up to Sesshoumaru and smiles blissfully to him. He will always support her, always.

Looking at the scenery of sunrise, she takes a deep breath and readies to face the day. Taking the seat at the back of the bicycle, Sesshoumaru paddles away to begin their journey of the day.

They say, Love cannot save you from your own fate. When it comes, it comes, you have no say to stop it.

Today, Sesshoumaru and Rin have taken a rough path and it sets the beginning of all the hardship in Rin's life.

The rain pours down half way through the journey and stops them from moving forward. They have no choice but to stop at one construction area to take shelter. The uneasiness that Sesshoumaru feels since the morning has got an answer. An object falls down from a crane moving straight down to where Rin is sitting. Acting as fast as his demon speed allows, Sesshoumaru pushes Rin away in a different direction and he jumps quickly too. But what he did not expect is, in the direction in which he pushes Rin, comes a tractor.

Everything happens so fast, a few seconds ago, Rin was just smiling happily at him but now the girl lays still under the dirt.

Sesshoumaru freezes, rain drenches his attire as he watches Rin's paralyzed body underneath the truck. The scent of her blood fills his nostrils. Blood has now soaked her white school uniform and turns red.

His eyes turns red, his blood boiling in his veins, he fails to save her.

RIN! The young demon lord roars.

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