Secret Agent's 2 (The Remake)

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A/N: Okay so I deleted the first Secret Agent's because after re reading and stuff I really didn't like it, it was my second story and I could tell because the grammar didn't make sense along with the plot kind of and I never finished it. So here's #2 the remake things are going to back and better than ever and a little OOC (out of character) but it'll still have the Duncney and AleHeather of course. Enjoy please also I will be answering questions now like reviews or thank you I always wanted to do that so now I am ask away!

First member is the fashion icon, Queen Bee, dancer, head cheerleader, and gymnast of Toronto High Heather. Heather walked into school with an attitude as always the guys flocked and girls flee. Heather wore a lace top, black miniskirt, and red wedges with straps she knows how to keep the spot light on her she wore her gold medals everyday a different one each week, "hey Hannah!" her dumb somewhat friend Lindsay called out.

"It's Heather, Lindsiot" Heather said rolling her eyes.

"Hannah I'm Lindsay" Lindsay said making Heather walk faster.

"I heard Alefando talking about you today" Lindsay said making Heather stop.

"What did he say?" Heather asked.

"Oh, he told me not to tell you" Lindsay said making Heather growl.

"Then why did you even tell me he said something about me?" Heather asked Lindsay shrugged this made Heather leave Lindsay in the dust she walked to her first class which is with Alejandro coincidentally.

"Morning Heather, late as usual" Alejandro said to Heather as she sat down.

"Is there a reason why you bother me so much?" Heather asked.

"Actually-" Alejandro tried to speak to Heather but she put her earphones in listening to Three Days Grace so she can't hear him, "real mature chica".

"What?" Heather shouted so by now the whole class is staring at the two the teacher came over and pulled out her earphones, "hey!"

"The principal wants you in the office now" the whole class started to snicker but Heather happily left that class on her way she noticed that no one's in the halls making her a little weirded out. Heather walked into the principles office but he wasn't there so she took out her cellphone which beeped loudly and said:

"This phone had now 30 seconds before exploding have a nice day" the phone said.

"What the!" Heather screeched tossing her phone only for it to scan the room and disintegrated, "hey that phone cost 30 dollars!" Heather barked behind the principles desk and the strangest thing happened. The room now turned into a blue and black mountain it looked like she's in a computer just then an arrow came and shot at Heather making her duck dodging it "what's going on here!"

"I can tell you" a voice said coming from the sky.

"Who said that?" Heather now looked at the sky.

"You have an hour to complete this level using your skills reach the top of the mountain without getting hit with these" the voice said now starting the time.

"Wait what skills? What happens if I don't complete this level? Getting hit with what?" Heather said now scared as arrows started to rush at her as she struggled to climb the mountain. "AH!" Heather screamed as an arrow hooked her on her shirt more arrows came as she tried to step on one she slipped hanging onto one by the wood "skills" she said under her breath. Heather flipped on it like she did the bars in gymnastics until she caught the next one her shirt ripped at the bottom so now she's in a half top.

Heather cut herself on an arrow as she turned around an arrow started coming towards her once again this time for the face she reacted fast by swinging her arrow she's holding onto to the side continuing to flip-up and stepping on the almost at the top the voice from the sky came back again.

"Congratulations you made it to the half mark with 30 minutes to spare but now it only get's harder let's see how you react to explosions" the voice said.

"EXPLOSIONS!" Heather shouted as the mountain began to explode and crumble making huge boulders head for her she dodged them fast she noticed little pieces of vine sticking out of the mountain. Heather used an arrow stuck in the mountain and vine shooting it at a tree as she swung around to the other side of the mountain "wow" she said impressed with herself. Heather climbed up the mountain and made it with 10 minutes to spare although she looked filthy.

"Well done Heather" the voice said.

"You owe me another shirt!" Heather shouted.

"How was climbing up the mountain?" the voice said.

"A piece of cake!" Heather said cockily.

"Really?" the voice said.

"Really" Heather repeated.

"Then let's see how you deal with this little slice" the voice laughed maniacally at Heather misfortune. The mountain started to collapse Heather thought quick and used the arrow to shoot to a nearby tree swinging herself down with a smirk, "can I go now?" Heather coughed out due to the smoke everywhere she heard clapping and noticed principal McLean.

"Nice job Heather" Chris said smiling Heather looked confused.

"Wait what?"Heather asked.

"Your recruit number one your code name QB short for Queen Bee" Chris said hitting a button making the office reappear.

"What if I don't want to be a stupid little..." Heather trailed looking at some cat suits that Chris held "I'm in!"

"Thought so now you can wait in your chamber for the next test room as I call in the next recruit The Delinquent (TD)" Chris said, "send me Duncan please" he announced over the speaker awaiting Duncan this ought to be good.

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