Secret Agent's 2 (The Remake)

Disclaimer: TD&TD characters

"Now is your second stage the skill zone is now over and now I want you to use those same skills in the battle zone stage 2" Chris said from above with a microphone hitting a button and releasing everyone from their chambers wearing their cat suits. Heather stepped out in a red cat suit, Courtney in a yellow one, and Alejandro and Duncan in black jackets, black pants, and Duncan a black beanie although none of them can see each other as their in their own stages."Now you each have two hours to make it through your levels using your skills your time starts now!" The clocked ticked down and Heather climbed up her tree branches swinging from one another breaking off branches as she went.

"This doesn't seem so bad" Heather said just as a paintball shot at her she dove from the tree landing on her stomach, "I take that back". Another paintball flung at her and she did an aerial over it and dove over the brick wall tumbling in the dirt. More paint balls came towards her as she rolled across the she did a toe touch dodging them. Then another mountain appeared in which she shot an arrow in it and began to climb from the half way point she could see Alejandro, Duncan, and Courtney in which she gasped loudly. Not focusing she slipped down the mountain a little "AH!" she screamed as she almost hit the floor until the arrow and rope around her waist stopped her from hitting the floor.

"Dammit now I have to start over!" Heather screeched now pulling herself up the mountain in an angry way gritting her teeth together. The further she got up the more of the mountain started to crumble so she rushed reaching the top and instead of wasting her time she shot the arrow swinging down. She landed perfectly and now facing off with a paintball machine it looked like a robot she got thrown a sword out of nowhere but she dropped that quickly "I don't need a sword to finish this level" she insisted.

"Cocky are we?" Chris asked.

"I should be I made it this far" Heather said.

"Then let me make it more challenging for you" Chris insisted making the paintball machine go fast as it shot at Heather she dodged them she even did a back bend kicking up and over her head and kicking off the wall he became impressed with her flexibility. "You've definitely earned your spot now just one more level" he said as a dark cave opened up and she proudly walked in.

With Duncan

As the clocked started Duncan worked his way into the buildings quietly without getting caught he took a rope and slid down spray painting the building with a big Green skull then moving on to the next two. As he walked the streets bullets got shot at him he laughed at the sorry attempt to frighten him as he walked up to the cop who still had the gun pointed at him, "stop right there I'll shoot!"

"I don't think you will" Duncan smirked as the cops gun made a clicking noise referring to the fact the gun out of bullets.

"How did you?" before the cop could finish Duncan smacked the gun from his hand and pushed the cop to the ground spray painting his back with a "D".

"Thanks for the tag" Duncan laughed spraying another cop car just when a cop tried to slam him against the hood of the car but he dodged it slamming the cop against the car instead handcuffing him there, "man I love this game!"

"I don't" the cop said. Just then Duncan came face to face with a group of criminals they each had a weapon in their hand he smiled as they started to crowd him he sprayed one in the face and punched another sweep kicking them all in a row they fell. Duncan picked up a pipe one mugger had walking up to a window and smashing it he did that to many windows until he seen Chris in one he walked in "I made it".

"Yep now you only have one more test stage 3" Chris said making Duncan cross his arms and lean.

"Bring it on" Duncan said.

"Through that door there" Chris pointed as Duncan walked through it.

With Courtney

Courtney began as guards surrounded her she began to use her karate skills by taking out the guards one by one she punched a guard and elbowed another behind her and kicked one straight in the face. She then ran over to the lasers using her skills she got through those easy until more lasers appeared closer to one another making it more difficult and more guards. She used her feet to take out the guards as he slid through the lasers one by one she went through those.

"That was a little too easy" Courtney said as a bigger guard appeared making her whine as Chris laughed. Courtney tried to sweep kick the guard but he grabbed her foot and slammed her into a wall making her growl punching him in the face making him fly back. She spit out a little blood as the guard charged at her she moved out-of-the-way tripping him making him fall fast first scrubbing she seen a key attached to his back and took it as the guard threw her off his back she grabbed him by his head.

"Let go!" the guard yelled flipping Courtney over him only for her to kick him the gut throwing him to the floor with her on top with the key standing victorious.

"No problem" Courtney said opening the door meeting with Chris.

"Welcome you've made it to level three" Chris said making Courtney just walk through the dark door without listening, "rude".

With Alejandro

Alejandro once again has to deal with trying to persuade someone into giving him something he walked in and the place looked even worst than the last a bar full of smelly guys and girls. He sat down next to a girl who looked like she's in her late 20's he bought her a drink before hypnotizing her into giving him the key once he left he seen the outside now turned into a tight rope over shark invested water "¿qué coño!" he cursed. He walked over the tight rope on his hands showing off as usual.

"20 minutes left" Chris said.

"Thanks 'cause I was just wondering that" Alejandro sarcastically said speeding up running to the door he charmed the guard and successfully went down into the cave ignoring Chris.

In The Cave

It's dark until everyone seen a little light and someone touched it making them each fly back to the wall yelling "ow!" in unison making them scream in unison again. A light came on and showed each of them surprising each of them, "oh, great" Heather rolled her eyes.

"Hey princess" Duncan greeted Courtney.

"Stop calling me that!" Courtney shouted.

"Why not it suits you like that nice yellow suit" Duncan flirted making Courtney turn away blushing.

"Now that you guys know who you're working with I need you guys to complete this puzzle together" Chris said as a big table appeared and a bunch of blocks appeared and so did handcuffs cuffing them together, "have fun".

"Great" Heather said.

"What do you think it could be?" Courtney asked.

"I think we should get all the pieces put them on the table them start assembling them" Alejandro said.

"I think we should collect the pieces complete them on the floor them put them on the table" Courtney suggested as Duncan tired of this arguing rolled his eyes walking away pulling the group along with him.

"I think we should get started" Duncan said putting his pieces together as everyone did the same.

"This piece doesn't fit!" Heather said chucking the piece across the room making Courtney instantly complain.

"Why did you throw it, it could have fit one of our pieces?" Courtney asked.

"I'm done with mine" Duncan said looking at it weird.

"It's a crown" Alejandro pointed out.

"No shit" Heather mumbled rolling her eyes.

"Mine's a stupid skull" Courtney said Alejandro retrieved the piece Heather thrown across the room adding it to his puzzle.

"A Queen Bee" Alejandro said rubbing his chin thinking.

"A bull" Heather said as Chris started to clap coming from out the shadows, "what now Chris?"

"You just assembled your logo's now I think your ready" Chris said as the level now went static as they appeared in a room full of weapons Duncan went over to the big guns.

"Now when do we get to use these?" Duncan asked.

"After some more training" Chris said clapping making the weapons disappear and Duncan fold his arms.

"More training?" Heather repeated.

"Yep except this time you'll be training each other because let me tell ya you guys need more improvement in the team work area" Chris said almost walking out.

"Wait, so we have to teach each other our 'skills'?" Courtney asked.

"That's what I said and you're not leaving here until all of you get along" Chris said, "Courtney you'll teach combat, Heather teach flexibility, Alejandro manipulation, Duncan teach your street smarts" Chris left them laughing maniacally.

"Who's going first?" Heather asked.

"Not me" Duncan said using his knife to carve into the walls.

"I'll go" Alejandro offered standing up.

"I don't think I need help in the manipulation department" Heather said.

"Me either" Courtney said Duncan stayed silent.

"Oh you guys do" Alejandro said.

"Whatever" Heather rolled her eyes.

"First things first never loose your cool" Alejandro said pacing back and forth between the three.

"Is there a reason your pacing?" Courtney asked.

"It makes things more dramatic" Alejandro smiled, "talk with your arrogance and eyes try to find your opponent's weakness" Heather raised her hand "yes Heather".

"When will you shut up so we can start?" Heather asked making Alejandro smirk and wink sitting down so she can teach, "okay everyone stretch real quick" she said as everyone did so except Duncan.

"I don't follow orders" Duncan said.

"That's up to you" Heather said before continuing, "spread your legs and simply touch the ground with your nose".

"I think my butt muscles just ripped open" Courtney said as she bended as fast as she can go Duncan laughed, "shut it!"

"This is classic" Duncan laughed Alejandro had no problem with this.

"Now just keep doing that for two weeks and you'll be able to do anything" Heather said.

After Two More Hours Of Training

Everyone sat down in the now cold cave "its freezing" Courtney complained.

"Maybe if we cuddle together we'll warm up" Duncan suggested.

"I rather freeze to death" Heather said teeth vibrating against each other.

"Are you sure I'm pretty hot" Alejandro said making Heather turn away fast, "you can have my shirt".

"No I don't want it" Heather said as Alejandro gave it to her anyway making her take it gladly and looking back at him with his upper half bare, "don't think anything of this".

"I will" Alejandro smirked.

"Your not going to get cold are you?" Heather asked changing the subject.

"Why the concern and no" Alejandro said.

"No reason" Heather said ending the conversation my scooting away in a corner attempting to sleep.

"What about you princess you cold?" Duncan asked.

"Yes" Courtney said as Duncan pulled her in she didn't mind at the moment because it's frigging cold who would mind.

"Warmer?" Duncan asked.

"A little and don't say anything" Courtney ordered.

"Whatever you say princess" Duncan replied.

"This is going to be a long night..." Heather said as her voice echoed off the walls.