Red Rose's Thorns (2)

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~White is cold and always yearning, burdened by the royal test~

White. That's all she saw. It's always been white. Not green or brown like how some places were. Everything was just white. No matter where she went. Any other color stuck out like a sore thumb.

Right now, this applied to her.

The small 5 year old was not cloaked in white. Instead she was cloaked in red, which made her an easy target. She couldn't forget the urgency in her mother's usually calm tone. She also couldn't forget the Beowolves staring hungrily at them.

Both had scared her senseless and she knew that no matter what, nothing was getting out of that house didn't know where she was going. Everything looked the same.

All of the trees were covered in ice. The ground was covered in snow, and not an inch was unscathed. She knew there was nowhere to hide. Even if she did take off her cloak and risk freezing, she'd still be an easy target to find.

So she kept running.

She didn't stop until she couldn't even feel her feet. Even then, she kept eyes were blurry with tears. She could hear her stomach growling loudly for the umpteenth time. She could even feel her small figure sway a little in fatigue.

She knew the Beowolves had long since been defeated, but she just couldn't stop running. Was she running away from the possibility- no- fact that her mother was dead? Or maybe she had subconsciously always wanted to leave the confines of the house?

She didn't know. All she knew was that she couldn't in mind, she continued to run despite the burning of her lungs.

She fell forward after a while, her small feet giving out on her. Her eyes were hazy as her skin flushed. She had no energy left to move a single muscle. As something picked her up by her red cloak, she began to feel warmth flow down her cheeks.

She didn't even acknowledge that she was crying again.

"Come on Ruby! You have to fight," she screamed at herself. But every move she made her muscles would scream in pain.

So she gave let the darkness take her in fully as she expected her death.

Ruby opened the massive doors to the library. Her team was on yet another assignment while she relaxed. And although she appreciated Team JNPR's efforts to keep her occupied, she just had to do something. Plus she had had another one. The memories just wouldn't stop coming. Each one of them didn't make any sense no matter how many times she thought about it.

Plus, the story Ozpin had told her just made everything even more confusing. As she walked down the L section, she could've sworn she saw something. She continued her walk down the L section but couldn't find any books. "Odd," she mumbled and continued to search. It wasn't until she reached the R section did she find something. The book had a pure white hardcover with the same rose that she adorned. It didn't have a title, or an author's name.

Ruby grabbed the book and brought it to a random table. She found it strange how the book didn't have a title. All it had was the rose pattern. The book itself was fairly sized but it wasn't anything Ruby couldn't handle. She opened the book to the first page and was met with a picture of a group. Each one of them had hoods just like her and all of them had their faces covered. "That's weird," Ruby mumbled as she turned the page.

Long ago, in the time of mankind's war with the Grimm, there was a single soldier who had outlived his squad. He had warned them that it was time to retreat, but to no avail. His team was then seized by the Ursas, leaving only him to escape. He continued his escape, avoiding the route they took earlier. Along the path, he spotted a bush of roses, each one looking extremely healthy. He inched closer towards the bushel and spotted another one adjacent to it. Soon, he discovered an entirely different path and began to follow it, picking one rose from every bush. He had two bouquets worth of roses until the trail stopped.

He looked up and caught glance of a woman. She was cloaked in pure white. Her sobs echoed throughout the forest, making the man vaguely wonder why she hadn't been attacked yet. He asked the woman what was wrong, to which she replied in broken sobs. Glancing at his bushel of roses, he gave them to the woman and went back down the previous path.

Later that week, that same soldier was fighting a horde of Grimm. Although, they had been winning at first, they were no outnumbered. Corpses of murdered soldiers littered the ground as the Grimm surrounded him. Just as he was about to say his last words, there was a flash. A familiar white cloak billowed in front of him. Red roses petals were floating off of it in the wind. "You…" the soldier pointed out. The woman smiled.

"Yes it is I. I have come here because I heard your silent plea for help. This is my way of saying congratulations. You passed the test." The man was confused. "I can see your confusion. I shall explain. You see. I am actually a spirit. I died ages ago. I had seen the selfishness of humans and decided to test them. So I opened up a path of roses and acted as if I were a grieving woman waiting for her lover. The objective was to find someone good hearted. If there were none, humanity itself would be wiped out. But if one had passed, I would reward that one so as to help spread such good heartedness throughout generations to come."

The man's eyes widened in shock and understanding. The woman summoned a double-edged sword and disappeared. The man blinked, not noticing the number of Grimm disappearing. With one last blink, all of the Grimm was gone. Only the spirit remained amongst the field of carcasses. "For your kindness, I give you this gift. This locket will protect you and your descendants as long as it is in your possession. Should it fall into anyone else's hands, it shall be rendered useless. But in return, your descendant must bear my mark," and with that she disintegrated into rose petals.

Ruby's eyes widened as she spotted the picture of the symbol. It was the same mark she wore. Her eyes continued to scan the did not see a figure approaching her. Just as the figure was about to touch Ruby, the door opened with a loud squeak. Glynda Goodwitch entered the library and was quite surprised to see Ruby. "Well, good morning Miss Rose," she greeted. Ruby did not answer as she continued to read. "I said good morning Miss Rose," she repeated with the same silence to answer her. "Miss Rose!" she called. Ruby jumped at the harsh call of her name. "Ahh Ms. Goodwitch, good morning," Ruby laughed awkwardly. "Might I ask what has you so occupied that you don't even answer me the first time?" Glynda inquired.

"Right. Well, Professor Ozpin told me a legend and I was researching it. The legend was so interesting that I didn't hear you?" it was more of a question than a statement. "Well then, carry on Miss Rose," the blond huntress began to walk away. Ruby sighed in relief as her shoulders relaxed.

She grabbed the book and ran out of the library; unaware of the glare she received. "Ruby Rose, just wait. Once you're all alone, you won't know what hit you," a voice growled darkly as Glynda watched from a distance. "So that's what they're planning? I'll have to alert Professor Ozpin right away," the huntress disappeared down the hallway.

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