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~ Come at me. And you'll see, I'm more than meets the eye… You're standing too close to a flame that's burning hotter than the sun in the middle of July…. I burn! ~

Qrow sat in his office with a downcast look on his face. He glanced at the pictures that rested on his desk. The first one was a photo of two girls him and Ozpin when they were younger. One girl had black hair and golden eyes while the other one had brown hair with silver eyes. Ozpin stood a little on the shorter side, being smaller than the brunette, but retained the gray hair, brown eyes, and signature green glasses. The girl with black hair wore a golden necklace with the name Layla spelled in cursive writing. She wore a dark pink, off- the- shoulder top, orange shorts, and brown heeled boots. Her hair was pulled into a high ponytail as she grinned largely. The girl with brown hair smiled shyly, her long-sleeved, button up, white blouse neatly tucked into the red skirt she favored. She had white boots with red laces. She wore a charm bracelet with a silver rose on it and wore a red bow in her hair. Qrow smiled at his tall figure, indicating his age even then.

He kept the monochrome color scheme of black, light grey, and dark grey. His dark grey button- up was wrinkled and untucked as it lay over his black pants. Under it he wore a light grey t-shit. His raven black hair was unruly and nearly hid the goggles that rested on his head. His eyes held a resistant yet embarrassed look, as if he didn't want to take the picture. The fond memory glazed over the headmaster.

He turned his attention to the second frame. In it was a blonde, a blackette, and himself. The blond child held a toothy grin, although she had a few teeth missing. Her neck- length hair stuck out and a band-aid rested on her cheek. She had some brown capri pants and a white t-shirt with a purple bandana tied around her neck loosely.

Meanwhile, the other small girl was pale and had a bubbly smile. Her black and red hair was matted to her skin and her close were soaked. A light blush was on her cheeks as she leaned on the man's back. She held up two fingers.

A look of guilt etched into his eyes as he spotted the younger version of Ruby. Nothing would ever be the same as of now. After all he had done. After all Layla (or rather Cinder) had done. . .

Funny thing was, back when he was still young, he had tried to keep his team from falling apart. He really did but after a while everything just got messier until they just drifted. The only person who had actually stayed in the town like him was Ozpin. The two females had, though, had disappeared. They had gone their separate ways until a few years later when he had been contacted by his brown-haired teammate. She had had a child and was living happily wherever she was. As they relayed details of their lives, the topic suddenly came up about their former team's current positions.

Qrow had gladly filled her in on Ozpin's being headmaster but paused when she asked about Cinder.

At the time, he had heard about their other golden-eyed friend a bit in the news. At first it was positive, she had been helping the huntresses defeat multiple Grimm and had even been given the chance to lead a group of them. But then it started to slowly turn into a downward spiral. The blackette had started getting arrested for petty crimes. Slowly it began to escalate until she was recognized as a full felon. She was now on house arrest and probation. The other woman was saddened by her friend's state. So together they planned to pay her visit.

When they did however, what they saw was not what they had expected.

The place was a wreck. Their were scorch marks everywhere and in the midst sat their friend.

After about an hour of arguing about her well-being and her shutting them out, they had been swept up and out by a wave of heat. The door was slammed in their faces.

They went their separate ways yet again up until the point where Qrow had ran into Ruby, which was years after he had seen her mother.

He was interrupted from his revelry when he received a call. "Ah, yes. This is Qrow speaking." He answered formally.

Cinder stood in her room with a deep scowl on her face. Flames flickered maliciously as she paced. Everything was going in the wrong direction! She had to hamper that little brat somehow! "But how," she trailed off. The female gasped and began to grin. Her amber eyes flickered with mischief as she left to confines of her room, going down multiple hallways until she reached a stairway.

The hallway was dark and looked abandoned, reminiscent of what one would usually see in movies. The stairs were made of rock and, despite the years it had been around, were still in perfect condition (which was rather pleasing since Cinder was still wearing her heels). Said woman lit her hand up only slightly as she trekked down the steps. The only sound that accompanied her was the collision of her shoes and the concrete.

"How could I have forgotten about that" she giggled as she spotted another doorway. Cinder paused as she took in her three options. All three paths led to a different destination, whether it be a trap or a hidden room. The former huntress instead turned around and walked around the stone stairwell, approaching another hidden door. Lighting her hand, she placed her hand on the wall next to it and pushed, setting off the door as it swung open. She entered the dimly illuminated room and smirked.

"Oh yes. This will do very nicely."