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~From shadows, we'll reclaim our destiny, set our future free and we'll rise... Above the darkness and the shame, above the torture and the pain... Above the binding of our fate~

"So let me get this straight. You have something that Roman and whoever that other lady was and it may have something to do with your missing childhood meanwhile you keep blacking out for no reason and this has been happening for how long?" Weiss pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. Ruby was sitting on her bed surrounded by her friends as she explained the current situation. After a pep talk from Yang, as well as Jaune's nervous input (the poor kid was terrified after his talk with Yang), she finally decided to grow a pair and explain the situation.

"It's been happening ever since that mission in the Snowy Mountains. I didn't realize it until recently though. Whatever I have, it must be pretty important if they launched a full attack." Ruby sighed, looking at her hands. "Right. So, what now? I mean, all we have is that you have what they want. So that only leaves us where?" Sun interjected, scaring the living daylights out of the petite girl. "Geez, when did you-"

"The entire time. Blake asked me to come," the male faunus answered quickly. "Back to what he were saying, Sun's right Ruby. We don't know where to go from here." Pyrrha stepped up. "Oh! Why don't we go back to that wired altar thingy?" Nora giggled, "I really wanna see it. Maybe there are ghosts and stuff!" The pinkette smiled brightly as she went on. "That's actually not a bad idea Nora," Ren stopped the girl from her fantasizing, "maybe we'll find some clues. It's worth a shot."

"If Ozpin let's us go that is." Weiss grunted, "I'm not trying to bring everyone down, but in case you haven't noticed, we're still crippled severely. There are still so many injured even with the extra hands. It's just not possible. Plus, they have you on lockdown Ruby, so I doubt you're getting out of here anytime soon." Yang suddenly shot up, a smirk on her face as her arms crossed. "But what if she doesn't have to leave?" the blonde remarked. "What are you-"

"We could have someone pose as Ruby while we investigate and I think I know the perfect person," Yang glanced at Ruby. "Nope, no way Yang. I don't even know where she went!" Ruby stammered. While she didn't mind her, she really didn't want to seek her out. "Well now's a great time to find out. After all, Weiss did say you too were similar. You're just more coordinated, remember?" Yang grinned knowingly. Ruby really hated when Yang did that.

"Fine, but we leave after we know she has me down pat. Clear?" Ruby sighed as she began to walk out of the room. "Crystal," Yang answered as Ruby exited. "Now who's gonna volunteer to teach Penny?" Yang turned around to see that she was the only one in the room, the window wide open. "Guys?"

As Ruby trekked the streets of Vytal, since that was where she had first met Penny, she couldn't help but think about the situation at hand. So far all she had was Ozpin's clues, her blackouts, and Cinder chasing after her. But what was the connection? As far as she knew, some kind of power Cinder wants is inside her and has something to do with her blackouts. But, again, that's all she knew.

"Salutations!" A voice startled Ruby as she suddenly tripped. "Penny! Just who I was looking for!" The scythe-wielder bounced up quickly from the sudden fall. "You were looking for me?" Penny gasped and squealed in raw excitement, bouncing a bit. "Yes, I was. I need you to do me a favor," Ruby rested her hands on the pale girl's shoulders. Penny stopped her sudden movements as she gazed at the serious look on her friend's face. "Sure, what is it? Was it that man again?"

"No. Well, Sort of. Anyway, Penny, I need you to pretend to be me for a while," Ruby explained shortly. "Pretend to be you? Is this what normal friends do?" Penny tilted her head as her eyes flickered with honest confusion. "That seems like it's wrong." Ruby mentally muttered curses in her head at the girl's innocent tone, suddenly feeling guilty for dragging her into this mess.

"Don't worry. All you need to do is dress up as me and take notes in my classes, in case I miss anything. If you don't want to do it you don't have to." Ruby began to ramble slightly, trying to get rid of the awkward tension. "Ok. I'll do it, but only if you promise that we can hang out later on," Ruby paused, her jaw going slack for a moment before she shook her head. "Y-You'll do it?"

The auburn teen only nodded confidently. Ruby squealed in delight, bringing the pale girl into a strong hug. "Thank you! I owe you!" With that, the two were off to Beacon quickly. Ruby had a bright smile on her lips. Things were starting to turn around.

"Are you sure about this Cinder? This is just a prototype after all," Mercury stood next to the woman in red, his arms folded as he looked at her. "But of course. What other way is there to get what I want? Everything else I've done has been ruined." Cinder only smirked and began to walk towards the source of the light. "So we're gonna send that after this Rudy chick?" Emerald pointed out with her arms behind her head. "She can't be that powerful."

"It's not for her to defeat. It's only to deter her friends so that we can capture her. After all, a rose is defenseless without its thorns right?" Cinder burst into a dark giggle, her eyes glowing. "Now I suggest we get this thing ready for departure. Mercury, make sure that the Bullhead is prepared. Emerald, be sure that our package arrives safely and out of sight. I have some business to attend to."

Ruby and the others travelled through the snowy mountains in silence. Currently, there was a blizzard that made the trek longer than normal. "Are we there yet, Ruby?" Weiss yelled over the howling winds, a thick, parka kept her shielded from the harsh weather. "Almost, I can feel it." Ruby answered back, her cape flying back in the wind. "Still be on the lookout though! There are a lot of Beowolves out in this area." Yang yelled over them as Ruby continued to make her way through the snow.

"Guys! We're here!" Ruby announced as they arrived at an abandoned house. Ruby, Weiss, Yang, Ren, and Jaune (Blake, Nora, and Pyrrha volunteered to stay back and keep an eye on things) entered the wooden residence. The house was barren and cold. The furniture was a complete mess, wood splintering everywhere amongst the destroyed furniture. "This place is a wreck," Yang muttered, stepping over the mess. "Well, it's the only place that I can thank of that might give us a clue. So lets start searching," Ruby sighed, venturing deep inside her old home.

The scythe user entered what appeared to be her old room. Dolls lay across the floor. A large blanket was balled up on the bed that rested in the far corner. "so this is your room huh? Not much but seems nice," Yang startled Ruby as she leaned against the doorway. "Yeah well, the last time I was in here was when I was 5 so yeah," Ruby smiled slightly as she searched the messy room. Everything was where she left it. "Hey, what's this?" Yang picked up a sheet of paper

Ruby stopped and looked up at the envelope. "Can I see?" Ruby walked closer to her older sister. "Here," Yang handed it to her. Ruby tore open the yellow top of the letter and unfolded it. A gasp flew from her lips as she read the contents of the note. Tears began to fill her eyes as her hands trembled. "Ruby? What's wrong?" Jaune entered, surprised by the girl's tearful expression.

"T- This note. Jaune. This note is," Ruby paused and folded the paper back up. "This is a letter from my mom. It was written on the day she died. Jaune. My mom knew what was going to happen."