I'm sorry this took soooo long, but I finally put out another chapter and will hopefully be able to see it to the end. Enjoy!

As she awoke, she stretched in the warm bed expecting to find him under the covers with her, but finding nothing but empty sheets. Against her body's wishes, she opened her eyes and rolled onto her back, looking for Booker. Looking at his alarm clock, she was surprised it was only 9 AM. Sitting up in the bed, she stretched her arms above her head with a yawn. A blush formed as she remembered that she was still naked from the night before. Getting out of the bed, she found her panties on the floor and pulled them on before she spied one of Booker's shirts. She was sure he wouldn't mind if she 'borrowed' his shirt for a little bit. Elizabeth grabbed the red dress shirt and pulled it on, the hem of the shirt reaching her upper thighs. She buttoned it up with some minor mistakes. Giving herself a once over in the mirror, she deemed herself worthy of the gaze of Booker DeWitt. Walking out into the rest of the apartment, she smiled when she saw him sitting at the table. Files and photos littered the table along with parts of the wall the table was against. She tiptoed over and slid onto his lap, her left arm going around his neck. He was caught by surprise for a moment, but smiled as she kissed him. "Good morning, what are you doing up so early?" Elizabeth whispered against his lips.

"It's a case I've been working on with Stanley Poole…" He said, looking back to the files. Elizabeth looked over them also and her eyes widened at the subject of the case.

She picked up the photo, "It's a case on Eleanor's Mother?"

Booker nodded, "Yeah, the guy who hired us wants more information on Dr. Sofia Lamb. We know the basic information, where she was born, school and of course some information about Eleanor's Father…but there is something missing…"

"Why didn't you tell us that you were looking into her Mom?" She asked, being a little concerned with someone wanting to know about her friend's Mother.

"I didn't think it really would be a good idea to tell either of you. If you can find a good way to tell someone that you were hired to look into their Mother, then please tell me," Booker picked up one of the files, "It's not like she's in trouble or anything…but my concern is more on Eleanor's Father."

"Why's that?"

Booker opened the file, Elizabeth saw a photo of Eleanor's Father, John Delta. The man had a warm smile, short brown hair with blue eyes and was always clean shaven. But below that, there was barely any information. "This man was a sperm donor and there is literally no information."

"But why would you need information on Eleanor's Father when you're looking into her Mother?" Elizabeth questioned, now intrigued about the situation.

"We don't…I'm handing over our findings tonight, but it's just weird that nothing is known about this man. I can't find family or a blood type, the closest I've come to finding out something, it was 'classified'." Booker sighed, tossing the file back on the table. His thumb softly stroked her exposed thigh.

She placed a soft kiss on his temple before resting her head on her shoulder as she looked at him, "Can I ask you something Booker?" He nodded as he continued staring at the evidence he was going to turn in. "Have you ever looked into me or my family?"

Booker looked at her, then back to the files, "Yes, I've looked into your family."


"It was a case. I was looking into the death of your Mother for the Police. I only knew that you were born, your birth record was the only thing I got a good look at, but the rest is just a blur now," Booker answered her. "I was taken off the case because of the War, I left a week before a decision was made to continue the investigation or not. Once I came back and got my old job back, I only knew that the case had been dropped with lack of leads, evidence and interest really. When we met, I recognized the name but I didn't think reminding you about your Mother's death and that I had looked into was the best to say when we met. I know when to respect someone's past and I'd rather hear about you from your own mouth." He held her chin in his hand before giving her a quick peck on the lips. "Now, if you're hungry, there are some donuts in the kitchen."

"Did you remember my raspberry Danish?" Elizabeth asked with a hopeful smile. He nodded and she kissed his cheek, "Thank you Booker." She nearly glided into the kitchen, knowing Booker's eyes watched her as she left. Opening the box on the counter, she grabbed the Danish and took a bite, enjoying the flavor flooding her taste buds. A knock on his door startled her, she poked her head out of the kitchen for a moment before backing off, remembering she wasn't supposed to be here.

Booker opened the door, seeing his partner with a larger man behind him, "Stanley, I wasn't expecting you until later, who is your friend?" The larger man pulled his gun from the back of his pants, shoving it in Booker's face. "Whoa, no need for a gun." Elizabeth's heart stopped when she heard his words. He backed Booker further into the room, Stanley silently following. She did her best to hold her breath, incase she tipped off one of them to her presence.

"The information on Lamb and John Delta, give it up," The large man's deep and booming voice commanded.

"And if I don't?"

The man pulled back the hammer on the gun, "Then I will blow your head off your shoulders."

Booker held his hands up to his shoulders, "Okay, just relax." He slowly backed up to the table with all the file information, eyeing his partner Stanley who only sheepishly looked back at him. Of course Stanley would get him into this mess. Elizabeth hid most of her body beside the archway and watched as he slowly came into view. He turned to her, but quickly looked back.

The large man pointed the gun towards the kitchen, "Who you lookin' at?" Her heart stopped.

Booker grabbed his gun from the table, pulling back his hammer, "That's none of your concern. Drop the gun before I blow your head off." Elizabeth couldn't help but enjoy the excitement of Booker being such a bad-ass. Neither man backed down, Stanley watched with worry of who would leave this standoff alive. The man was the first to shoot, clipping Booker in the shoulder before taking several shots to the chest himself and a round going into his head finally ended the rain of bullets. Elizabeth uncovered her ears when the firing ended, slowly peeked out of the kitchen. Booker grabbed Stanley, "Mind telling me what that was about Stanley?"

"I'm sorry DeWitt, he found me this morning and was going to kill me if I didn't bring him here," Stanley nervously replied. "He must be one of Fontaine's men."

"I don't know or care what a Fontaine is, but I'm turning in my findings to Ryan. I don't need anyone else busting into my apartment," Booker put his gun down and pushed Stanley away from him. "I suggest you get out of here before the police arrive." Stanley took off quickly as Elizabeth finally stepped out of the kitchen.

Her face fell when she saw the blood starting to stain his shirt, "Oh no Booker, you've been hit."

"I'll be fine," He grabbed a towel from the kitchen, placing it over his wound. "You should probably get out of here too. I don't think the cops will overlook the fact that I have the Preacher's daughter in my apartment in just my shirt." She attempted to look down at the now deceased man, but Booker turned her face towards his. "You don't need to look at that. Get dressed and get out of here, I'll come find you when everything dies down." Elizabeth finally nodded and quickly made her way back into the room as Booker put a thin blanket over the body. Sirens began to wail in the distance.

Once she finally got dressed, she came out to see Booker sitting on the couch, staring at the covered body, "Are you okay Booker?"

He nodded, "Yeah…" Booker looked up to her, giving her a soft smile. "I'll meet up with you later."

"I'll be at Eleanor's, come get me as soon as you can," She left as fast as Stanley did, easily passing through the crowd of people that had begun to gather around the apartments. Elizabeth kept her head down, making sure no one saw her face as she ducked into the thicket beside the apartments as soon as the cops had pulled up to the apartments.

"Shot him dead?" Eleanor asked again, Elizabeth nodded, her mind going back to the events in Booker's apartment. "Jeez, Booker is a stone cold killer."

Elizabeth hushed her, "Be quiet, I don't need your Mom hearing this."

"She's too busy with her 'Rapture Family', she wouldn't be able to hear me if I started screaming," Eleanor assured her. "She's been even more obsessed lately since this guy named Atlas started to back her, saying they're going to take down Andrew Ryan from his 'position of tyranny' or something, I try to tune her out after a while."

Elizabeth pulled her legs to her chest, "I just hope everything is alright. I mean, it was obviously self-defense, they wouldn't charge Booker with anything, right?"

"If it was self-defense, no," Eleanor laid back on her bed. "Unless the guy he shot was like some important authority figure and the case he was working on was info that the cops needed." Elizabeth had decided not to tell Eleanor about Booker looking into her parents. "I'm sure you'll still be able to get your weekly dose of DeWitt soon enough."

The door to Eleanor's room opened and her boyfriend slid into the room. "Those people creep me out," Jack rubbed the back of his neck as he chuckled. The teen had light brown hair with matching colored eyes, a gray tank top with a messy tan dress shirt over it and black jeans with matching shoes. "Every time I see your Mother's 'Rapture Family', they seem like they worship me or something."

Eleanor got off the bed to meet her boyfriend with a kiss, "At least my Mother approves of you."

Jack saw the currently curled up Elizabeth, "Oh hey Liz, what's up with you?"

"DeWitt popped some dude in his apartment while she was there," Eleanor explained.

"Is Booker okay?" Elizabeth nodded. "Where there any charges brought against him?"

Eleanor shrugged, "We don't know yet. He told her to leave before the cops got there."

"I can call a couple guys I know that work in the Bull Pen, see what they've been saying about the shooting," Jack suggested.

Eleanor smiled, "See Liz? We can get this worked out. Jack, would you kindly go talk to your friends?" He nodded and left the room, making her chuckle. "I swear he's the best little lap dog. Whenever I ask for something, he does it. He said it's because of my accent."

"Or maybe he just does everything you ask him to because he loves you."

"Well that too, but I still like to think I can make him all hot and bothered," Eleanor giggled. She sat back down with her friend, putting an arm around her shoulders, "Why don't we go to Fort Frolic? We can go see a movie or something to get your mind off of everything. You saw that Booker is fine and it's not like you saw a murder, Booker saved both of your guys' lives. Instead of sitting on my bed worrying about him, we can have some actual fun." Elizabeth's phone began to ring, but before she could grab it, Eleanor grabbed it. "Yoink!" She playfully teased as she answered the phone. "Elizabeth's phone," She excitedly answered as Elizabeth attempted to grab her phone from her friend. "Oh hey DeWitt," Elizabeth nearly went into a panic, desperately grasping for the phone now. "What's that? You're in jail and this was your one phone call?"

Elizabeth grunted in anger and drove a quick jab into her friend's gut, making her crumble as the air escaped her lungs. She grabbed the phone from her, "Booker! Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm perfectly fine," Booker cleared his throat. "I was just questioned for a little bit and I had to fill out some paperwork, but I'm back at the apartments now. Where are you and Eleanor?"

"We're at her house, but I'm on my way to you now."

"Wait," He stopped her before she could hang up. "I need to go deliver my findings a little bit earlier since I've already had to blow away one idiot today. I'll get you on my way back okay? The less I put you in danger, the better."

Elizabeth sighed, "Okay…just call me when you're on your way okay?"

"Of course."

She was silent for a moment, "I'll see you soon then…I love you."

"Love you too."

"Wow," Eleanor coughed as Elizabeth hung up the phone, "Didn't know you two were at that stage."

"You were too busy stealing my phone to notice," She said, sitting back down on the bed.

Her thin fingers traced over his nude torso, "Did it hurt?" She asked and immediately regretted asking such an idiotic question.

He shook his head, "I didn't even really notice it, too much adrenaline." His rough hands glided over her bare body. "Don't be so concerned about me Elizabeth, it will take more than a bullet to my shoulder to take me out."

"You know my Father warned me about you before I came over last night, he thinks you're going to 'lead me astray', calling you a False Shepard," She chuckled.

His brow furrowed for a second before letting it go, "Your Father is the type of person that has kept me away from religion. He's one of those crazy nuts…no offense."

"None taken," She smiled, "My Father is just…actually, how about we just not talk about my Father while we're like this?"

His hands went down to her butt and squeezed it, making her yelp, "I have no problem with that." Her face nuzzled against his neck while his hands continued to send chills up and down her spine. She laid a soft kiss on his neck, giggling when he groaned and his grip on her butt tightened.

From her position, she looked over at his clock, sighing when she read the time. "I have to get up for church in the morning."

"On a Saturday? Really?" Booker asked.

She nodded, "Since someone in this town has been killed, my Father thinks we need another day for God."

"That's a day too much in my opinion," He mumbled against her neck, making her laugh again, "And I thought we just agreed to not bring up your Father."

"It's not like I meant to bring him up," She commented. Elizabeth was silent for a few more moments, no longer reacting to his kisses on her neck. He pulled away and met her gaze, making her realize that she had drifted off. "Sorry," She apologized. "I was just thinking about my Father."

Booker moved her off of him, "Well that totally kills the mood."

She sighed, "I'm sorry, it's just that I keep thinking about how hard it's going to be to tell my Father that I'm losing my faith."

"Knowing how crazy most of the people are in this town since your Father became the preacher, I'll be surprised if they don't strap a crucifix on your back and reenact 'The Passion of the Christ'." Booker joked, pulling on a pair of boxers. "Or, I don't know, shun you away in a tower away from the sinners of the world."

Rolling her ocean blue eyes, "My Father isn't that dramatic…though the crucifixion may or may not have been something I had to recreate in Sunday school."

"Someone who lets his daughter do that in Sunday school probably will not have a good reaction to his daughter telling him that she is as big of a believer as he thought," Booker commented. "If I were you, I would wait a while before telling him, especially since you still live with him."

She rested her chin on her palm, "What's the worse my Father could do?"

"I wouldn't like to find out."

Elizabeth stifled her need to yawn as she sat quietly in her pew. She had left Booker's place before he even woke, thankful that this morning there wasn't another shoot out in his apartment. To go along with her cover, she met up at Eleanor's house so they could both walk to church together. They ended up being late anyways because Eleanor wanted to get coffee. She looked over to Eleanor who was softly blowing on her steaming cup as her Father stood before the congregation. The group fell silent and he nodded towards the choir who starting humming. She quickly recognized the hymn, her eyes turning towards Eleanor, who simply rolled her eyes. It was her Father's favorite, 'Will the Circle Be Unbroken'. The congregation began to sing with the choir once they started, Elizabeth half-heartedly joined as well. Halfway through the hymn, the doors to the church opened, stopping the song immediately. Elizabeth's eyes widened when Booker DeWitt stood in the doorway. He stepped in and shut the door behind him. The silence in the church was nearly deafening as Booker looked back at the judging eyes that were fixated on him. Each step he took closer to the congregation echoed within the holy walls of Columbia's church. He reminded her of a cowboy walking into town during high noon for a shootout. "Booker DeWitt," Comstock finally spoke, eyes going right back to the holy man. "You have finally made your way towards the path of righteousness. It is never too late to save yourself from the fire down below."

Booker nearly scoffed as he stopped in the middle of the aisle, "I'm just here to see how the other half lives." Obvious annoyance fell upon Comstock's face as Booker casually looked for a seat, finally finding one next to Elizabeth. Her eyes widened as Booker fell back into the pew, placing an arm around the back of the pew, his right foot resting on his left knee. Elizabeth had to stop herself from asking what gave him the idea to come to her Father's church, but her Father's eyes were on both of them. "Continue where you were, I didn't mean to interrupt Father."

Comstock's eyes narrowed slightly at the man, but he regained his composure. He cleared his throat and began his sermon. Elizabeth opened her bible, pulling it up to her face. "Booker," She whispered, but no response. "Booker," Elizabeth nearly hissed.

"Hmmm?" He responded back with a smile on his face that furthered her annoyance.

"What are you doing here? You hate religion," She whispered at him.

Booker shrugged, "I got bored, plus I don't hate religion, I just hate people who take advantage of others with religion."

"That doesn't mean you should come here, you know how my Father can be."

"-even if this man has lost his life wasn't the holiest of men, he was one of God's children," Comstock continued as their conversation ended. He eyed Booker once again, "Let us pray for this lost child and hope he has repented his ways before our Lord." While Comstock bowed his head down, his flock following in suit, Booker placed a hand on Elizabeth's thigh. Her heartbeat climbed into her throat and her face grew flushed. She eyed him, but he too was bowing his head. "Lord, please forgive this lost soul and guide him to the city of the righteous for his light was taken all too soon." His hand climbed up higher, a tingling in her stomach told her to open her legs to him, but being this exposed told her otherwise. She pulled his hand away as her Father ended the prayer, his eyes going back to his daughter and Booker, both of them looking back at him like the others in the pews. "Mr. DeWitt." Comstock walked away from the stand he stood behind, "From the world around town, you were the one to take this man's life away from him."

Several murmurs among the congregation found his ears, but Booker held his composure and nodded. "You would be right Father Comstock. While you call it taking a man's life, I like to think of it as defending myself and I have the wound to back it up. The man that lost his life was attempting to obstruct justice and threatening the life of a detective." The murmurs hushed while he looked around for a moment, "If I remember correctly, while taking the life of another man is a sin, protecting yourself is not."

Comstock narrowed his gaze at him as his flock once again began to murmur in agreement towards Booker. "You are...right Mr. DeWitt." His sermon went by faster than Booker thought and everyone began to leave before he knew it.

He stood up from the pew and stretched, his eye catching Comstock leaving the small stage and into one of the back rooms, a man he didn't recognize soon followed into the room. His curiosity had to wait as the brunette cleared her throat next to him. Booker turned his head over to Elizabeth as he lowered his arms from his stretch, "Miss Comstock?"

"Is feeling me up in the front row of my Father's church really why you're here?" She muttered, still making sure that no one around them heard them. A snicker from Eleanor assured her that at least one person heard them.

Booker shrugged, "Definitely wasn't the plan. Do you know who that guy is that followed your Dad back there?"

Elizabeth looked back towards her Father's office, "Um, no, I didn't see anyone else go in there, why?"

"That's Atlas," Eleanor spoke up, "That's the guy that's been talking to my Mom about Andrew Ryan." Booker was silent as he mulled over this new information.

"Booker? You okay?" Elizabeth asked, seeing the look of concern that finally developed on his face.

He nodded, "I think I might be coming to more sermons from your Father." The gears still turning in his head, he met her gaze again. "Feel free to come over whenever you'd like tonight, I have a few calls to make." He stopped himself from giving her a kiss and gave them a nod, "Ladies." The girls watched him walk out of the church in silence.

"That can't be good," Eleanor commented.

The connections to the shooting and Booker's files finally dawned on Elizabeth, "You have no idea…"

Shutting the door behind him, he smiled at the blonde already in the office as the older man took a seat behind his desk, "Well nice to see you make an appearance love. Was wondering why I didn't see you in the pews." The blonde rolled her eyes at the Irishmen as he took a seat. "Now are we here to talk business or what?"

Comstock looked over to the woman, "This is the man that is trying to bring down the sinner Andrew Ryan?"

She nodded, "Unfortunately. While he may be brash and idiotic." Atlas gave her a brighter smile, hiding the anger at her words. "But he knows what he's doing."

He looked at the man, his unshaven chin, dark brown locks messily parted to the side and his unironed white dress shirt with overalls. Atlas didn't look much like a threat. "If I'm going to give my support to a man like this, I must know it is for the good of the people. I will not let my flock be led astray Lamb."

"Sir, uh, Comstock is it?" Atlas spoke up, the older man nodded. "Ya see Comstock, I know the plight of the working class man, and uh woman." He corrected himself at the sharp eyes behind the butterfly glasses. "Andrew Ryan has forgotten about people like us, people who want the best for our families and children. My wife Moira and my son Patrick are suffering because I can't make a living wage for them while Ryan is in his ivory tower eating like a King every night. The more we stay here questioning each other, the more Ryan gets richer and takes the dollar of the working man. While I may have not talked to the big man upstairs in a bit, I know his son was all about taking care of the fellow man and not letting them die down in Apollo Square." He paused, seeing his words finally sinking in on Comstock's face. "With the help of your followers, the Family," He gestured at Sofia, "and my people, we can return Columbia back to its former glory."

Comstock was silent for a few moments before nodding, "You have my backing Atlas. Don't make me regret it."

He smiled, "I won't let you down boyo. Let me come up with a plan and I'll let you know when we can make our move." Atlas stood up, holding his hand out to the preacher who reluctantly took it. He looked at Sofia, "Miss Lamb." He half bowed before leaving the room. A dangerous smirk appeared on his face as he left, "It's like taking candy from a baby."