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Chapter 1: Meeting

Outside the eleventh Hierarchical City of Shinatsu, a man is seen walking into a clearing in the forest. His name is Takeshi Itou. You may be asking why he is outside the safety of the city? Food from the local markets have been being stolen over the last couple of weeks, and it's citizens have grown tired of it. Some claimed to see the culprit as well, a monster. There is a monster running loose around the streets of the city. The ones that have seen it were too terrified to fight back, so every couple of days a member of the community who hasn't looked or have heard of its appearance would be picked out at random.

Once chosen, they are given the necessary supplies for food, shelter and protection and are sent into the surrounding area to look for it. But of course, most have heard its description by now and few are willing to venture out for it. Unfortunately for Takeshi, no one ever told him what it looked like. In fact, he was told that it was simply a common thief taking the food. This of course made him much more eager to get out there and find the criminal. That, and to get away from his stressful life for a while. It's a shame that he decided to go...luckily there was a guardian watching over him silently.

It was getting dark outside, and he had been searching for any type of clue for two days now. The poor man came up with nothing. He sighed in defeat. "Jeez! Two freakin' days without picking up anything! I will admit that whoever he is; this thief sure knows how to cover his tracks well."

Takeshi noticed how light his pack was getting. "I'm running low on supplies, maybe I should go ahead and head back to Shinatsu." Suddenly, he had the feeling that he was being watched. Now on edge, he unsheathed twin Wakizashi swords that were secured on his back. "Who's there? Show yourself!"

With no answer heard, he readied himself for a sneak attack. There was rustling heard from some bushes behind him. "Gotcha!" Takeshi ran towards the bush. He was about to strike, when a rabbit popped out. The man sighed in relief. "Thank goodness you came out when you did little buddy." He said with a small laugh and leaned down, petting the gentle creature. "I almost made mincemeat out of you." Just then, the rabbit sped off back into the woods.

"That can't be good."

The unfortunate guy was right. Next thing he knew, he was surrounded by a pack of seven wolf-like creatures; obviously mutated by Seithr. They growled and snarled at him, ready to strike at any moment. "Damn it! This was the last thing I wanted to deal with right now!" He got into a fighting stance. One of the creatures started the attack, as it leapt at him. He was able to dodge and slash it on the side. It let out a loud yelp as it crashed to the forest floor. Takeshi thought that one was finished, so he turned his focus on the rest of them.

He was wrong though, as the predator got back on its feet and scratched him across the back. "Arghhh! Okay then, you want to play!? Let's play!" The rest of the pack attacked. His swords were able to make several tears and gashes in each of them, but they scored some hits on him as well. After a few rounds of this, Takeshi was dumbfounded by their persistence while the creatures started closing in.

"How can they still be standing!? There's enough blood coming out of these guys to fill two bathtubs!"

He was bleeding quite a bit as well which didn't offer any help. But it wasn't the same situation as with those seemingly unbreakable hounds. While they got closer, the wounds on his back, right arm and left leg were starting to take their toll.

"At this rate, I won't last much longer! I don't want to do it, but it looks like I'll have to use that poison ag-!" Takeshi was cut off by something coming between him and the carnivores. Before he could get a good look at it though, it launched towards the pack with blinding speed.

In a matter of seconds, the beasts were subdued. It looked like they were slaughtered by whatever had just saved him. He put his swords back in their respective sheathes. Shaking himself from shock, Takeshi looked around to find what could have done all of that damage. "Hello?" Still surveying the area for his savior, he caught site of something sitting in the darkness. There were two beady, red eyes accompanied by a large toothy grin. All of his blood ran cold at the site, recognizing that face in an instant.


The newly enraged man immediately took the weapons back out again; but this time the blades glowed a bright blue. "What a coward! You only come too face me when I'm injured!? Well I don't care; you're not getting away this time!" He ran towards his hidden nemesis and made several cuts into the air. The slashes extended in the form of blue energy that brought down the trees around it. Takeshi could tell the shadowed figure avoided the attack, as the face disappeared.

Not ready to give up, he quickly climbed the trees using his Wakizashi. He could see the burning blue marks they left in the wood, but he would fix that later. Right now, he needed to find and destroy that nightmare while he still can! Soon the wounded hunter reached as far and high as he could. "Come on! Act like a man and face me!" Not a second after he said that, he felt something close behind him.

Itou decided not to take any chances and lashed out at whatever was there, only to have his blades caught between six razor sharp metal claws. He was face to face with those eyes again. The two warriors remained in the lock for a bit before the hooded creature pushed them apart from each other. It leaped out of view once more. This was getting frustrating for Takeshi. His enemy wasn't putting up a fight like he thought; it just kept avoiding and evading.

There wasn't any words spewing out of its mouth either; it just remained...silent. When recovering, he let out a pained groan. These injuries were getting worse on him. Realizing that this was the right moment, the creature landed softly behind him and made a quick few jabs to his back. "Aaghhh!" The intense pain was too much this time and he blacked out, dropping out of the trees. As he fell towards the forest floor, his "attacker" caught the limp body and landed safely onto the ground.

"Meow…I had better fix up his injuries. Now where was that plant at?"

Takeshi awoke to stray rays of sunlight. He looked around to realize that he was in a cold cave. "Brrr! Man it's freezing in here! Good thing I like the cold so much, or else this would be torture."

The man then felt what seemed like gauze on his body. "Hey, someone fixed me up pretty good! They don't seem to be around anymore though. Guess I better get going then-URGHHH!" As soon as he tried to get up, the intense pain brought him back down. He was surprised that he didn't hit the hard rock. Instead, there was a pile of very soft leaves.

"Welcome back meow." A soft and gentle voice spoke from behind him. He turned his head to see those horrible eyes and smile again. They were somehow the only thing visible even with a fire burning.

"No…what are you doing here!?" Takeshi started to freak out and looked for his Wakizashi blades.

"Looking for these?" his weapons were brought into view before being pulled back into the darkness. "Relax, I'm not here to hurt you." The face elevated and started shifting until the rest a body came into the light of the fire. What he saw only made him more anxious. The creature that stood before him reminded vividly of the one that killed his parents years ago; only this one wasn't a complete jet-black.

"Wait…this thing looks different. It looks like a…woman maybe?"

Its appearance consisted of an oversized dark grey hoodie that covered all, except for a pair of legs, which had a light chocolate color. The hood had yellow cat ears on top that covered its face in black shadow; apart from the red eyes. Jutting out of the unusual outfit were pigtails. The hair color was burnt orange with streaks of yellow, making them resemble fire. There is also dried blood stains all over it's jacket, but he presumed that was from last night. All in all, the creature standing before him look quite exotic, but very frightening.

"Do not be afraid. My name is Torakaka and I hail from the kaka clan, meow. You were lucky I was around when those beasts attacked you."

Takeshi gave her a disgusted look. "Why? So you could finish me off?" The kaka walked over and calmly sat beside him, that grin ever present.

"If I recall correctly, you attacked me first." She laughed softly. "I was only defending myself. But enough about that, it's time to replace those wrappings." She reached forward to take off the gauze, but Takeshi's body tensed up. Stopping her advance, Torakaka noticed that the clearly angry and fearful man was going back and forth between her, and the swords sitting beside her. "Why do you fear me? I'm only trying to help you." She asked, keeping the gentle tone.

He stared at her intently. "What were you doing in these woods? I've never seen a Beastkin like you anywhere around here before."

Her smile stopped. "I prefer the term Kaka, if you don't mind. As for the answer, I was actually heading home from a war in Ikaruga and stopped here to train for a few weeks; hopefully to continue to make myself stronger. There are some very challenging beasts in this forest, as you've probably realized by now. You see, before I left the village to my capable sister Taokaka, I was the guardian. It's mainly a job of protecting our remaining males and the little ones from harm."

He came to a realization. "Okay then, let me ask you a question Kaka. Have you ever gone to the city? More specifically, did you enter the market district?"

She sighed and continued to work at preparing the new gauze. Eye contact was avoided as well in hopes of relieving tension. "I see, you are asking about the food. Yes, I admit that I am the one who's been stealing it. Before you ask, my reason is that most of the animal meat out here is tainted with Seithr. I could eat it, but I prefer a more pure sustenance."

Takeshi laughed cruelly. "And let me guess, you don't have any money to just pay for the food right?" He noticed Torakaka's smile had returned for some reason. It's as if she thought that he was making a joke.

"Your assumption is correct meow. I apologize for causing so much trouble around there. If it makes things any better for you, I will return to the city under your watch to receive punishment. Believe it or not, I am not usually one to steal when outside the village. It's more like a last resort to be honest." His tension eased up a smidge. The Kaka woman decided to take advantage of this opportunity. "May I replace your bandages now?"

The injured man grudgingly sighed. "Fine! But give me my weapons back first!"

She was about to comply, but something clicked in her brain. "First, you must answer my initial question."

"What? I don't know what you're talking about." He didn't have time for this nonsense.

"Yes you do. I answered all of your questions without hesitation, so you must now answer mine. Otherwise, we'll just leave with those old wrappings on, and they will soil and fester." The two exchanged hardened stares before Takeshi gave in.

"…You both look so similar to each other…"

"AHHHHH! What the hell is that thing!?" In a rather large and impressive building, two soldiers were trying to shoot something crawling on the ceiling. It dropped down and pounced on one, quickly lanced him with metal claws. Now too terrified to shoot, the other man ran for it. He didn't get far as the creature caught up, and ripped him to shreds. There was a man, woman and child watching the horror from eight floors up. Their eyes followed it into a moonlit, open courtyard, where an ambush waited for the cloaked thing.

"Quick! Surround it!" More soldiers came and encircled it. "Get down on the ground now, or we will shoot you!" One shouted at it. All looked to be over, as it seemed to submit to their orders…but they were wrong. As soon as it made a move to attack again, the guns went off immediately.

Suddenly it unsheathed its claws again and spun around at a lightning-fast pace, deflecting every last bullet back on the shooters. The family was stunned by the massacre, when the hooded monster brought its head up. The boy could feel those awful red eyes lock with his silver ones. He wasn't sure if it was the moonlight obscuring its appearance, but something about it deeply disturbed him.

After a few seconds, a wide toothy grin spread across the black face. His parents knew right off the bat what all of this destruction was for. "Umeko, hurry and grab Takeshi! We have to get him out of here, NOW!" The woman nodded, took the boy's hand, and headed for the secret exit.

"Alpha Squadron! How many forces are left!?" The man yelled into his personal intercom. The device introduced to the sound of gunfire before a voice spoke up.

"It's not looking good sir! I…I've never seen anything like this-hey! Cover that flank! We can't let it get-!"

His voice was cut off by static, then what sounded like a demonic purr came up. "Takeshi, meow…I'm coming for you…" There were multiple sickening, wet, ripping sounds that accompanied an agonized scream. "Don't move a muscle, I'll be there in a minute." The voice ended the transmission, and the intercom was silent. It was female and soft, yet it had a maddened air to it . To his parents, it resembled a warped and disturbing mix of an insane woman attempting to be playful…and seductive.

"Isamu! We don't have much time before it catches up!" His mother yelled.

While running, the man took a specialized Katana out of a sheath on his back. "Then we'll have to make time!" He pressed a button, and the metal became white hot. He slashed diagonally at the large, steel columns in the hallway. With a large groan, the loose parts of the pillars toppled over. "That barricade should hold the demon off!" They headed to a blank wall, and after pushing what were revealed to be blocks in a certain order, a very thick titanium door opened. "In here, hurry!" Isamu whispered. With a mighty heaving pull, Takeshi's parents closed the door tightly.

They fled down what felt like 20 floors at least until an immense armory came into view. Once they re-sealed its entrance, his mother dropped down to his level. "Now Takeshi sweetie, you listen to me alright?" The boy nodded fearfully. "From this point onward, we have to leave you."

"But why mom?" The child asked.

His father kneeled down as well. "Something very bad has happened. It's not safe for you here anymore, and you have to escape!" The man pointed to an unusually small door at the end. Both the wall and door itself were made of tungsten.

"But dad…that door isn't big enough for you and mom to fit inside."

They smiled sadly at him and answered in unison. "We know."

Umeko took him in her arms. "Takeshi…we love you so much! Please know that your mother and father will always be with you. And whatever happens...whatever happens, no matter how dark things may get, you must not lose yourself! Always remember who you truly are alright?! It will be hard, there are challenges you'll face, but please...never forget!" Still silent, the saddened child nodded once more.

"Please take these my dear son." Isamu handed him twin Wakizashi swords attached to two straps. The child put them on so it created an X on his chest. "I made them especially for you. When you become aware of your abilities, their true purpose will be revealed."

A loud bang cut this moment short. "How on Earth could it break through all of that metal!? Takeshi there is no more time, you must hurry! Once inside, there is a machine that will take you out of here; now GO!"

With a tearful goodbye, the boy ran towards the door. When he was about to reach it however, there was a thundering crash. His father and mother grabbed the best weapons in their arsenal: Katanas just like the one Isamu used to topple the pillars. Both knew they would need their entire years of swordsmanship prowess to defeat this opponent.

A fiery explosion blew the entrance wide open. Behind a wall of flames, a silhouetted cat-like figure walked towards them; its eyes glowing like the fire. "There you are, meow. Sorry it took me so long, but I had to take care of a few…minor annoyances." She brought claws out of her oversized paws.

His parents heated up their blades. "Not a step closer you freak!" Umeko screamed.

She cackled insanely and leapt towards them. They locked blades with her in order to block the way to their child. Itou opened the door, but when he looked back, his body became paralyzed in fear. It was surprising that the extreme heat of their blades didn't melt the claws on the assailant. The trio engaged in an intense battle, with the murderous creature hacking and slashing at its opponents.

They came to another blade lock. "You two are quite skilled, quite skilled indeed…but you're not going to win this, I'm afraid." In a quick motion, she slid the metal claws upward to create blinding sparks. Their bodies acting on a defensive reflex for their eyes, Isamu and Umeko reeled back and shut them tightly. The creature took this opportunity and skewered them both. It lifted them up without so much as a grunt, and displayed a wide, vicious and victorious smile. "I just came here for your son. You two could have just given him to meow and none of this would have happened. But unfortunately, time and again, you have insisted on continuing to be an obstacle for me. I can now see that the both of you will only get in the way of our destiny…so I bid thee farewell…" She finished by throwing their bodies to opposite sides of the room.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Takeshi sprinted to the assassin and brought out the heavy swords. It turned her head to look at him, and giggled lightly at his reaction.

"Awww. You are a brave one aren't you? And so handsome for someone so young…I knew that you were chosen for a reason." The creature mocked, while effortlessly blocking his sloppy attacks. After some intense counter-blows and minor scratches to his body, she swept him onto the floor face first. It hummed a cheerful tune whilst casually strolling towards the beaten boy and sat on top of his back with a carefully soft thud. "You have something that I want dear…something that's very important to me." She whispered in his ear.

The young Takeshi was expecting her to kill him. However, he felt quick and light breaths on his head, which managed to confuse him a little. But that's when it hit him; this assailant was sniffing him, as if searching for something. "Hmm…looks like you DO have it meow, but you don't have it at the same time. Must not have activated yet. I guess we'll need to wait until you're older for me to take my prize meow." The creature said with a sigh.

She got off of him and walked to the front of the weak body. He thought that this being left, but two metallic cat boots came into view. It kneelt down and picked his head up by the chin. Two of the three claws extended and held both sides in place. They were face to face now. The monster purred loudly upon seeing those silver eyes. "I am looking forward to the day we meet again. Goodbye my dear Takeshi, I'll leave you with this for neow…"

"MMPH!" It forcefully pressed its lips on his. Tears fell from the wide-eyed child as five abhorred seconds passed. Then it let go and knocked him out. She couldn't let him die, he is the key to what it's after. So she slipped through the door with ease and dragged his body inside. It gently placed him on what was a prototype teleportation machine. Then he was gone in a flash of light.

Torakaka couldn't believe it. By the way this man described the "demon" in his story, it sounded like a Kaka! But she had never known or heard of one to act so monstrously. "…How old were you when this happened?"

He looked to the other side of the wall. "I was only ten."

"What age are you now?"

"Twenty-six and counting. That Kaka destroyed my family, right in front of me! I have been waiting sixteen long and painful years to face her. I'll tell you this though; when we do meet again, I'm gonna tear that bitch apart piece by piece!"

And that's the first chapter. For those who are wondering, this (chronologically) takes place at the end of 'Calamity Trigger', and will eventually transition into 'Continuum Shift'. Hopefully, you will now have a point of reference here. If you have any concerns, then say so in a review or private message and I will respond as soon as possible. To be quite frank, I'm not really into this anime type stuff. But over time, the game caught my attention XD It seems good. Not sure if I would get it myself, but it's good. Games like 'The Last of Us' and 'inFAMOUS' are better for me, but that's just my preference. Everyone has different things they like. A final word is that I will try to make future chapters shorter. Goodbye for now:)