Assistance is required

Hello everyone. It has taken a while, but production on the latest chapter has finally begun. Unfortunately, an obstruction has recently been encountered. Also, after some careful consideration, it has been decided that some assistance is now needed. This archive holds about six hundred and eighty-one stories so far. Now, counting this, there are (more or less) six hundred and eighty-one individuals that are involved within the franchise in some light. On the aspiration of ever-increasing the quality of this Project, I shall require help from at least ONE of these numerous individuals. Someone here must have, at some point, read the entirety of the light novel "BlazBlue: Phase Shift 3". I will not say it here, but there is certain knowledge in that book that I desire, and since it is not within my personal reach, I am shooting for the next best thing: all of you. If you or anyone you know on this site has the book (and therefore, the knowledge) on hand, I eagerly implore any of you to send a private message to my profile, and we will discuss business from there onward. It may seem odd, but personally, it is imperative that I acquire the knowledge I seek. For those who even spare "Fear" a passing glance, your efforts will only aid in the process of the true Chapter 11's release. I look forward to speaking with one of you.


Updated note: I have acquired information from one of my contacts, but it wasn't everything that I needed. Now, I invite everyone and anyone who can provide what I desire from "Phase Shift 3". Whoever has it, again, please reach me through a Private Message, not through the review application.