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She's good just as I am, but she gave me a run for my money literally sweet manipulation and patience. I toyed with her heart almost everyday and yet she didn't care all she could do is grunt and walk away . . . why does she always walk away? Not the reaction I expected but she's also not what I expected she's the female me and I'm the male her we clash every time we talk like a bull and it's horns. Yet something about her makes me want her more and it's definitely the fact that no matter how smooth I am or charming I can be she see's right through me, what a woman.

I don't know how she feels about me it's a mystery just like her. Her true feelings never show although I know her weakness which is me. I love her smile the way she walks, and talks that confidence she knows what she does to me and I can't help the way I feel. I never thought I'd fall for a girl like her but I did and I wish I can take it back but I can't . . . see what I mean? She adds new words to my vocabulary such as can't since when can't I do anything.

When she pushed me down the volcano my heart stopped for a moment was the kiss not real? Did I dream of it all? I wish I had, but no I am stuck with these thoughts for life never had she ever texted me she had all the time in the world to text me but she didn't it hurt so much to not hear from her. Another thing I find funny is how she could have not guess I was the one in the robot suit I mean I held her while we passed the island on the yacht making a cameo in season four. She doesn't care about me even when I was put on the Villainous Vultures with her all she could say is "keep your distance toaster" that hurt me it stung a little just like the scars the lava permanently put on me.

When I busted out of that pain Chris calls the 'Drama Machine' everyone gasped especially her I heard her shout out "you've got to be kidding me!" All I could do was shine my pearly whites and wink. As I came down I lost all the feeling in my legs (not really) I only made a big deal of this to make her feel bad about what she's done to me. I found the right key and enjoyed the masseuse this would be the first time I talked to her since Total Drama World Tour and all she could say is "quit hogging the masseuse". I pressed the fact she never called me and her excuse was this: "it's not like you ever texted me" she said I reminded her that I was trapped in a robot suit she'd be aware of that if she ever texted back. I couldn't help but notice as this conversation went on she has only gotten more beautiful.

Her once short hair turned long and she became even more radiant and conniving as the challenge started I walked on my hands until she started to feel bad about what she has done to me. I even let a crab pinch me that's how serious I am about making her feel sorry for me, I just want her to admit her love for me again like she did a year ago. We lost and I couldn't tell you how hard and fast my heart beated until her name was called right after mine I became relieved I now have one more day to try and win her heart again. I know she still likes me I can feel it she just needs a little push into admitting it again and now that I'm back in her presence for a second time she might admit that to me. I know she will and she's so close I seen her face as the crab came from underneath my 'asleep' legs she feels bad as she should.

Oh, and this she, her, minx, manipulator and conniving chica is mi Amour the same chica that rejected me a year ago the reason I'm back in this competition for being manipulative. This she and her is mi Amour, Heather.


I actually got bored and wrote this up it's kind of my thoughts about what Alejandro's thinking going into TDAS it's quite clear he's there for Heather all you ever hear in his confessionals is Heather, Heather, Heather which I don't mind at all, about time one of them admits there crazy for the other am I right? Yes. I'm going to right up Heather's next and for the third chapter I'll combine their thoughts about each other together (this is how I see it your entitled to your opinion and I am to mine) Read and Review.