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You know what I learned about this death trap of a game called Total Drama, that anything can happen and you might just meet your perfect match on there I certainly found mine he has perfect eyes, hair, and a perfect attitude to match his looks, arrogant. She has long locks, a beautiful figure, and legs that can make even you go insane with a perfect attitude that says 'I get what I want'. When I seen him step off the bus with sunglasses on just how I did in season one I knew we were going to either hate each other or fall madly in love, we did both. When I took off my glasses and seen girls swoon over me and she didn't that's when I knew she's the one and only one for me. When we pretended to hate each other it was only to mask our attraction for each other now it doesn't matter as everyone knows of it now including us, not that we already didn't.

When he flirted with Leshawna and Courtney I lost it and in result I had something to do with sending them home and it felt great and when he kissed Bridgette I found out he's just as much as a worthy competitor as me making me fall for him even harder. When she flirted with Duncan I couldn't help to be taken aback, but I should've known it was just to make me jealous but at the time I was too blinded my love to see it. When I made it to the final four I could smell that money once again just this time I only hoped my hair doesn't get shaved off again that would be tragic. The money's just around the corner and yet only she stands in my way and so far we set the bar high I knew we would make it far we practically kept each other in the game. We made sure to cause drama each week or eliminate another player blindly to keep each other in the game we needed one another to feed off of each other to glance at each other evilly after all it is a competition right?

That's what she thought for me it was more than that I climbed up the volcano I seen the shiny silver case containing the half of my prize the other half of my prize just so happened to be walking up the volcano just as I was about to throw my sacrifice in it. I made it up the mountain just in time he stopped and looked at me with a look in his eyes I've never seen before called, sincerity. "You are gorgeous when you've lost" I told her being honest it's now or never and I'm taking the chance now as she started to cry I've never seen such an action out of her.

"I worked so hard and now your just gonna take the mill and vanish from my life forever, just throw your stupid doll in the stupid volcano already" she cried out tears rushing down her face quickly drying.

"What are you more upset about losing the million or me?" he asked making me blush.

"Are you cracked? I would never fall for a jerk like you" she lied she seemed to do that a lot huh?

"Then why are you blushing?" I asked I knew she liked me who doesn't?

"Um. hello? were like beside the hottest thing in the planet" I said lying again.

"Yea" Chris said assuming were talking about his 40-year-old ass.

"Admit it you're in with love me" I said trying to get her to admit the obvious.

"What? I don't love you I love!" I stopped realizing my mistake shit! I had to fix it "hate I meant I hate you"

"I know what you meant" I cupped her chin lightly before continuing, "and I must confess at first my attentions were purely strategic" I wasn't lying all this is the first time I've actually told the truth during this game.

"Can we hurry this up, kind of on a schedule here bro" Chris rushed our perfect moment.

"But that is no longer the case" I pulled her close, "because you, you have stolen my heart" I then heard the peanut gallery.

"Aw, that is so beautiful" Owen wiped a tear.

"Even if it is Heather" Sadie said leaning on Courtney's head.

"Our connection goes deeper than any game" I told her, okay maybe I did go a little over board but who can blame me? "Together we can take over the world"

"Wow I guess I might feel a, a little something" I said actually feeling something inside me.

"Mi Amour" That's when my lips crashed onto hers I didn't mean to force one on her but she responded nicely we both ignored the 'ewww' sound coming from the peanut gallery. The kiss looked weird along with my cheeks then it hit me like a ton of bricks my insecurity coming back this didn't make any sense? Where is this coming from? This guy played almost every girl in this game he's trying to add me to that list well not today my knee found his balls.

"A little something called victory! So long sucker!" I slapped him down that volcano jumping for my victory at the mill pumping my fist.

"NO!" I called out still holding myself gosh now I know how Harold feels I still had a smile on my face because I kissed her that was my goal. It wasn't that bad until the lava hit me everyone ran over me she didn't even stop to help me that shattered my heart I burned harshly and charred. Rejection never looked so bad and I couldn't help but to feel bad ever since that day. I never stopped thinking about her even though she put me in that robot suit her rejecting me only made me want her even more. I never knew he got put into a robot suit because of ME!

This experience was tragic but only brought us closer and now were back battling it out on TDAS together and hopefully he'll forgive and forget about what I did to him because now I feel horrible. This experience brought me pain, love, and anger but that's okay I have one more chance to resolve this and we both know one things for sure about each other.

Were both still in love...

-Alejandro and Heather known as AleHeather

What do you think? I'm done by the way and I'm not completely upset with today's TDAS episode but I just wish they already put Alejandro and Heather together because it's either him or her going home next because everyone else has a plot besides Scott then what? If this is the last season for the original cast then they need to resolve these plots fast because if I don't get my AleHeather I'm going to be pissed off to the extreme. Read and Review.