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Every time I looked up at the sky that day it looked greener and greener. When I woke up that morning it was blue like always but as time went on it started to change. At first I thought I was seeing things but then I heard the other kids at school talking about it. I excused myself from class by saying I had official "hero" business that just popped up. Luckily it was one of my nicer teachers who didn't hate my guts for being a "dangerous freak." I contacted my cousin Gwen first.

She was in one of her college classes so she was a little ticked when I called, even answering the phone with a hushed, but still seemingly affectionate "What do you want you dweeb?" I explained what was going on in Bellwood and asked what the sky looked like from where she was.

She replied with "Now that you mention it, the sky looks kinda weird today, why?"

"Just get yourself and Kev over here as soon as you can." I told her, and then hung up. The sky changing from blue to a light green couldn't be good. Seriously, after six years of heroics I've developed a kind of sixth sense for when bad things were about to go down. To be honest though just about anyone could figure out something was off, especially if that anyone lived in Bellwood. This town is like a weirdness magnet after all. Except this time it wasn't just Bellwood. For all I knew at the time it could be worldwide, we share the same sky after all.

I remember thinking to myself that "I gotta stay calm. Gotta be cool. Make some jokes" as I dashed out of school and nearly tore the handle off of my car door before getting in. Those sentences circled in my head over and over again until I started my not so long drive to the Plumber Base.

That was when I started going through my usual self motivating gloats. The first one went by, "I'm Ben Tennyson! You know the wielder of the Omnitrix!" I subconsciously reached over and touched the watch-like device that was clamped onto my left wrist when I had to stop for a red light. Once I started moving again I continued my train of thought, "I'm Earth's greatest hero!" When that didn't make me feel full of myself I went further, "I've saved the entire universe more times than I can count!" My signature cocky smile never showed up and I started to get scared.

That's when I realized I didn't infor-tell Max, I mean Grandpa Max that I was headed over to the base. As I was about to phone in I got an incoming call from my partner, Rook. I answered the call with a rather uncharacteristic angry, but somehow calm sounding "What is it?" Rook was evidently surprised by my outburst as he didn't answer until I goaded him with a much less aggravated "Well?"

"I assume I would be correct in believing that you have noticed the change in the sky, Ben Dude."

It had been awhile since he called me that. It was a simple miscommunication on both our parts that resulted in me getting a semi-disliked nickname. You'd think that would have snapped me out of it, but it didn't.

"How could I not?" I replied without any trace of emotion. I should have said "No duh I noticed furball!" instead.

I didn't bother to lighten my tone as I said "I'm headed to the base as we speak." I then ended the transmission.

As I drove on I made a final attempt, "What does a big hotshot hero like me need to worry about? The sky turning green!? Pssshhhhhaaaaaaaa, as if that's scary! Hahahaha, whatever villain of the week caused this is probably lame as all hell! I won't even need Rook's help this time, no offence partner!", but it was too late by now. It had practically been decided as soon as I started speaking to Rook, maybe earlier. I wasn't going to be full-of-himself, cocky, jokey, and somewhat insensitive but still good hearted Ben who wouldn't leave a man behind even if it was completely irrational. No, for this mission I was going to be cold, calculating, no-nonsense-leader who can't make or take a joke and could get potentially violent, very violent, under the right circumstances. And that scared me.

I tried to remind myself that everyone was a little two faced. That we're all like coins, we have two individual sides. That's its okay to act opposite of our usual sides sometimes. But that didn't work when I realized just how different those two sides, my heads and my tails were. I didn't like to dwell on it too much but I have a feeling that the wide deviation between my two selves was caused by the Highbreed invasion. It wasn't the first invasion I dealt with, but it was the first I combated without Grandpa Max being there for me, to guide me. When it had started I was a pretty even medium of my two faces, but after Grandpa supposedly died my personality just kinda…went off into an extreme, an almost flanderized version of my more serious traits. It wasn't that bad at the time. Noticeable, but not to the point of anyone really caring. The change was understandable. Then the invasion was over and I had jumped to the total opposite of the spectrum. Going from a medium to an extreme is different than jumping from one extreme to another. People noticed, some were confused at my behavior, others were happy I finally was able to be a little more laid back again, while the rest were annoyed at my sudden change.

It's not like I could help it at the time. I was so happy and relieved that it was over. I had led a team and not a single fatality. Not only that but I brought peace between the people of Earth and the Highbreed. I had the right to gloat didn't I? Especially if it made me feel better, kept my mind off of what I'd do next time something like the Highbreed Invasion happened. However as time went on I've found it more and more difficult to find my medium. The longer I used one side the more extreme it seemed to become. The more it scared me. When I get like this it's like I can't feel anything other than neutrality or anger.

I wasn't surprised of course. When I went into the briefing room I mean. The others could tell. The Plumbers who've seen the worst of this side of me steered clear. Others gave me anxious looks, instinctually started "walking on glass." They were treading carefully around me, unsure what was wrong. I don't think I've ever seen Rook so confused in our time working together. He's only really seen my other extreme and my medium. He's never seen this. Then I looked at Grandpa, waiting for him to debrief everyone that was there, I couldn't help but notice he seemed sad. He didn't like when I got like this. In fact I'm fairly certain the only person who doesn't mind is Kev, but he was always weird like that, liked solving most if not all his problems with his fists.

Finally Grandpa broke the tension. He started to explain what was going on. There was something coming towards Earth. The Plumbers weren't sure where it had come from, or even what it was exactly. But they knew it was the reason the sky turned green. They knew it was dangerous. They knew it was big. I wasn't scared; we had faced these types of things before. If anything I was sad. I was sad because I had a very strong feeling, deep in my gut, that we wouldn't see the blue sky for a long time.