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Chapter 1

It was supposed to be a boring job

"So, how are you doing?"

The voice belonged to that of a man in his late forties, but his gray hair and complexion suggested he was possibly older. He wore a brown uniform with a dark blue tie and boots, common to members of the Ground Forces of the Time Space Administration Bureau.

"Perhaps I should have accepted Subaru's idea of bringing some magazines with me. Maybe a book or two."

A young woman of about fifteen years of age, wearing a similar uniform to the older man, but there was a drastically obvious difference in rank between them. The girl had mid-back length purple hair and green eyes with a fair skin complexion and a black hair ribbon-tie.

"Well, you should have at least a month more of this before you can return to Mid-Childa. This is something everyone is assigned to do, especially for those involved in both the Navy and Criminal Investigations. It's a recommended experience to serve at least a short tour of duty observing undeveloped worlds. Just be happy it's not a full year, rather a few months," Genya Nakajima said to assure his daughter, Ginga, who couldn't help, but wonder who she accidentally upset to be shelved to such a duty despite what she and her father were told.

"I suppose, but this is arguably one of the worst jobs you can undertake."

"I prefer the term 'most boring'," Genya said trying to humor his daughter, who couldn't help but chuckle at the comment.

"I better get back to it. Give Subaru my best wishes and take care, father."

"I will. Just take it easy, Ginga."

With the video conference over, Ground Forces member of the Battalion 108, Private First Class, Ginga Nakajima returned to her duty of monitoring Un-Administered World #97. It was otherwise known as Earth, which was relatively peaceful ever since the Book of Darkness and Jewel Seed incidents eight years ago. But maybe peaceful wasn't the right word either as it was peaceful as far as the higher-ups in the Bureau were concerned; things were quite heretic locally.

Ginga wasn't the only one monitoring the planet as there were four other stations in places such as China and Japan, including a few smaller areas under her supervision, while the rest of the world was being watched from other observation outposts strategically positioned in orbit. As such, Ginga was briefed on recent history in the areas assigned under her watch.

One of the more recent major events that happened seven years ago, which happened to be in the same country where both the Book of Darkness and Jewel Seeds incidents took place. The result was, Japan was no longer an independent nation as on August 10th 2010 A.T.B. when the Holy Britannian Empire invaded the small nation, beginning a one-month war. By all accounts, the war was primarily to seize its Sakuradite mines, which was quickly becoming an increasingly invaluable resource. A key component in the production of Britannia's new war-machine, the Knightmare Frame was first used in the war against Japan's ground forces.

A month later after the conflict begun, Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi committed suicide to put a stop to the military's actions, despite having earlier called for a do-or-die resistance to the bitter end. However, rumors persist that the Prime Minister was, in fact, assassinated and the suicide was merely a cover story. But regardless, without Genbu to lead them, the Japanese government reluctantly surrendered to the Britannian Empire with Japan being renamed Area 11. The Japanese people were dubbed Elevens, losing their country's independence, name and culture.

This also forced the Bureau to remove their ground based agents since maintaining their presence in Britannia-occupied Japan became exceptionally difficult.

However, despite the defeat and loss of their country, much of the Japanese military that survived went into hiding, organizing into a resistance organization that would be known as the Japan Liberation Front. Over the next seven years, the JLF and other resistance groups that would form since then would attempt to challenge the Britannian Empire. Although some resistance groups were crushed, the Japan Liberation Front remained the Japanese's best hope for Japan to become an independent nation once more.

Regrettably, the success the organization made was limited and after seven years, Japan still remains as Area 11. But unknown to Ginga and others, something new was about to be introduced that would change everything.

At this very moment, currently inside a large up rise apartment building was a game of chess between an elderly man and a younger man in his late thirties, a member of the Britannian nobility playing for money for something or rather someone who was about to appear. He was wearing a brown suit with a blue tie, possessing an unusual hairstyle, but he had matching brown hair along with a beard and mustache as well as blue eyes. The elderly man wore a pair of glasses, had gray hair and a thin, scrawny appearance while wearing a white dress shirt and black vest with matching pants and shoes. Also present in the room were the nobleman's bodyguards as evident by the black suits they wore.

"Why don't you give it up already, old man? You don't have a chance against me," The noble declared, feeling absolutely certain of his victory while the elderly man he was challenging was trying to figure out a suitable move to make. But he was saved by a new arrival as the doors opened to the room.

"Oh, thank goodness, I am saved! I trust everything at school is going well?" The elderly man declared happily at the sight of a seventeen year old high school student wearing a black uniform trimmed with gold. He was on the thin and scrawny side, but he was quite tall for his age. He had black hair, purple eyes and a fair skin complexion with a bored expression on his face. Following him was a more sociable young man who the same age as he was except he had spikier blue hair, gray eyes and a more sun-tanned skin tone.

"What…a pair of schoolboys? I have to say, that is a desperate, but a very pathetic attempt at trying to win, old man." The nobleman commented, prompting the black haired student to grin before speaking.

"Well, look at this a nobleman…"

"I envy you boys today. You all have so much time on your hands. Time for regrets, that is."

The black-haired student took the seat that had previously been occupied by the old man, sitting behind the black chess pieces.

"What is your name?"

"Lelouch Lamperouge…"

"Whoa, how are you going to win this one? It's impossible, right?" Rivalz Cardemonde declared. Looking at the situation, the old man had been in position that was obviously needless to say pretty bad.

"Rivalz," Lelouch began calmly asking his friend a simple question. "When do you think we would have to leave in order to make our next class?"

"Twenty minutes, if we bust our hump."

"Well then, let's be sure that you drive safely on the way back." Lelouch readied himself after studying the chess board before him. "I'll need nine minutes." He turned to the old man beside him. "And about yesterday?"

"Understood, sir. We'll discuss it later." The elderly man replied.

"Nine minutes? You'll only have twenty seconds per move!" The nobleman pointed out as Lelouch calmly picked up the King.

"Plenty of time…"

"You start with the king first?"

The nobleman began laughing, but Lelouch only smiled, knowing that he was going to win.

Meanwhile in another part of the Toyko Settlement, but more closer to the heart of the settlement itself, was a large estate. Unlike most parts of the Toyko Settlement, it had a large number of trees and plenty of green grass. If you remove the walkways and the school buildings, the whole estate would appear to be a forest with large clearings. It was lunch time for the students of Ashford Academy as a particular group of students were sitting together on stone benches in a small circle eating box lunches together. They were all female students of the Academy, which was the same school Rivalz and Lelouch hailed from. They wore the same uniform, but there were differences in the socks they wore and the color of their uniform. The male uniform has a black coat while the females' were sandy colored and with a green tie.

"Where is Lelouch?" A busty, young eighteen year old woman with medium length blonde hair, blue eyes and dark blue socks inquired.

"I believe he and Rivalz have gone off gambling again. I think it was poker this time?" A quiet, shy girl with dark green hair asked. She wore a pair of large glasses and wore black socks.

"Those two are off gambling again!?" A girl with a slender and athletic figure possessing long orange hair and green eyes wearing a uniform identical to the blonde girl's. "Both of them are on the Student Council! I can't believe people as smart as them are wasting their talents on such stupid stuff! If they keep it up, they'll get held back."

"Oh, how cute…How I wish for my darling Lelouch to be more upstanding citizen of society," Milly Ashford teased which caused Shirley Fenette to blush.

"Please, madam President!"

"Good luck on that," The second to last member of their gathering spoke.

She was also a young woman around the same age as Lelouch with thigh-high white socks and mid-back length light brown hair, gray eyes and a fair skin complexion.

"Lelouch has been sneaking out of this school to gamble ever since he was sixteen. I find it doubtful you can break this habit of his easily." Aria Liese answered with a matter-of-fact tone.

"I agree, Sis. Lelouch is a very stubborn one," The girl's twin sister, Lotte Liese, replied as the only difference between them was a more excitable personality in contrast to her sister's calmer demeanor and longer hair.

"You encourage him, Lotte!?" Shirley shot back at Lotte Liese as her sister Aria Liese calmly watched while trying to enjoy her lunch.

Elsewhere across town speeding along the highway was a cargo truck, seemingly unaware of the fact that a police VTOL was tailing them. The driver of the truck was a Japanese man in his late twenties with long black hair tied into a long-ponytail and blue eyes. He was wearing a blue uniform complete with cap on his head. Next to him sat a young woman with red hair wearing similar attire.

"Perfect, after all of the trouble we went through to finally steal this damn thing!" The driver snapped, noticing the police VTOL through his side mirror. "It's all because Tamaki couldn't follow Naoto's plan! And now we got a problem!"

A short time later Lelouch and Rivalz were leaving after in a time of less than nine minutes Lelouch had found the match. The duo exited the elevator after reaching the lobby where the two disembarked from as Rivalz congratulated his friend on his victory.

"I love playing against the nobility! Because when they lose, they pay out of pride! By the way eight minutes and thirty-two seconds is a new record!"

"He didn't have much time to move either. As opponents go, the nobles are tepid, nothing but over-privileged parasites."

"Well, why not challenge some of the Elevens? They are nothing like us Britannians." Rivalz suggested as the two boys walked outside, but before Lelouch could answer, the chatter of people outside drew their attention. A building-mounted television monitor displayed a terrorist bombing that took place in Osaka yesterday.

"What are these terrorists trying to prove by killing innocent people?" One bystander commented.

"Those Elevens terrify me." A female civilian commented as the image on the monitor changed to the Britannian flag, followed by a female announcer.

"We apologize for the delay. His Royal Highness Prince Clovis, the third Prince of Britannia will address the nation." The announcer spoke before the image faded away, revealing a young man in his early twenties wearing a royal garb complete with a purple and gold trimmed suit and white cape also trimmed with gold. Lelouch's eyes hardened at Clovis as the prince spoke in what was obviously a publicity stunt.

"To my imperial subjects!" Clovis spoke while Lelouch's eyes narrowed in hatred and disgust. "And, of course, to the many Elevens who cooperate with us!"

Yeah right…

Lelouch thought as Clovis went on to make his grand speech which was not only an obvious act, but it showed that Clovis was indeed a back actor.

"Do you not see? Right now my heart has been torn asunder! Into a heart filled with sadness and rage! However, as ruler of Area 11, I will not allow terrorism of any kind! The reason being that the battle we fight is a righteous one! A righteous battle to protect the happiness of all! Now then, everyone! Won't you join me in grieving for the agents who died in the line of duty for justice?"

"A moment of silence please," The female announcer spoke as everyone with the exception of Lelouch and Rivalz took part in the moment of silence.

"You're not going to join in?" Rivalz asked Lelouch, who was paying the meter that kept Rivalz's bike, a motorbike with a passage car attached to it, locked in their parking space.

"Are you?" Lelouch countered.

Rivalz chuckled slightly, feeling a bit embarrassed before climbing onto his bike, putting on a helmet, gloves and goggles. "It's sort of embarrassing."

"I agree," Lelouch replied before he added. "Besides, crying tears for them won't bring the dead back to life now, will it?"

"Dang, that's dark, buddy." Rivalz stated.

"It's all about self-satisfaction. It doesn't matter how hard you try. You can't do it. There's no way you can change the world…" Lelouch said, but in his thought he thought about it differently.

Not without overwhelming power at least.

As Lelouch and Rivalz were getting ready to leave the young man began musing to himself.

I was once born as Lelouch vi Britannia. But even so, the only family I have is a little sister who was crippled and blinded in the same incident that took our mother's life seven years ago. I was born the eldest sibling, but among the rest of my extended family, I am among the younger siblings, but my half-siblings are not worth mentioning. We were a prince and princess of the most powerful empire in the world until that man who was supposed to be our father exiled us to Japan when I spoke out against him. He denounced my claim to the throne after questioning him on his inability to protect our mother.

My life was uneventful until that day, but since that time our lives continued to come apart all around us as we had nothing, save our names and the title of political hostages given to us by the Emperor. If anything, all we had were the clothes on our backs. Even after Japan and Britannia went to war, we managed to survive. But only by seeking the help of the Ashford Family, we could remain hidden from Britannia after being declared dead in the war to protect us from the royal family.

Even now our futures are uncertain, but a friend of a girl I knew has given me something that could change everything. I was skeptical at first, but I know what I can do and how this power I have can prove to be useful.

At the specialized television studio within the Viceroy's Palace at the heart of the Toyko Settlement, the cameras were turned off and pulled away on the movable arms. Viceroy Clovis stepped down from the stage towards a small group waiting for him. Some of which were beautiful women in expensive gowns while high-level executives in suits stood with them.

"That was magnificent, Your Highness! No one would guess you were attending a party while doing that."

"After all, the Viceroy is the lead actor of Area 11," Clovis said as two servants removed the white cloak he wore over his shoulders. "I need to change costumes quickly."

"My…you are so self-confident."

"It's all in the performance; the public wants a charismatic prince, so I give them one."

"Untrue," An obese man in a brown suit with a black tie spoke, obviously the owner of the television studio and likely a member of the nobility as well. "Prince Clovis, our key purpose in life is to support and assist your reign in any way we can."

"His reign is a pathetic slam."

A man was leaning against a wall away from the gathering, reading a folder he was holding in his hand and observing the scene in disgust. He was in his late twenties with blonde hair tied into a ponytail. He wore a blue jacket, matching pants with a red turtleneck and black shoes.

"Y-Your Highness!" A man of large stature with a bald head said as he hurried into the room seemingly alarmed about something. He wore a dark gray uniform with a black cape with a monocle over his right eye.

"A soldier," the newsman noted.

"Bartley, how boorish of you," Clovis said, noticing General Bartley Asprius hurrying towards him.

"I beg your pardon your highness," Bartley said before whispering something to the Viceroy.

"Not another appearance…I hope not as dreary."

"YOU FOOL," Clovis suddenly snapped, drawing the newsman's attention.

"The police were informed that it was medical equipment, that's all! If I scramble the army, they'll be able to…"

"Deploy the Royal Guard!" Clovis ordered, bluntly interrupting his right-hand man. "Launch the Knightmares as well!"

"So tell me something," Rivalz asked bringing Lelouch out of his thoughts, "Why did you move with the King first?"

"If the King does not move, then how can his subordinates follow?"

"What's with a saying like that?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do have ambitions of running a major corporation or something?"

"No way, ambitions like that ruin your health." Lelouch replied before the sound of a truck's horn was heard from behind.

"What the hell?" Rivalz exclaimed as he tried to move out of the way.

The truck closed in from behind, leaving the two in danger of getting run down. Panicking, Rivalz turned hard and sped up to get away from the truck. Unfortunately, the driver made a sharp left turn off the highway, heading into a construction site. But it was traveling too fast to slow down, crashing into a metal frame-work of the structure being built.

Rivalz stopped the bike as he looked at the dust cloud that had arisen from the impact.

"Was that our fault?"

"I don't think so," Lelouch replied.

A crowd began to gather, looking over the crash site while Lelouch dismounted the bike when Rivalz was unable to start it back up. Suddenly, a glowing phenomenon of some kind could be seen from the truck, prompting Lelouch to remove the goggles he had worn. He tried to look at it more clearly, but the glow was already gone.

"Oh, man. The power line for the bike got cut!"

Lelouch didn't quite hear his friend, but he was distracted by the light he saw.

"Yeah, say Rivalz take a look at this," Lelouch said, but his attention was diverted by the growing crowd of people who began to comment on the scene.

"What happened, some sort of accident?" A female citizen asked what should have been obvious.

"Probably some drunk driver," Another citizen said, but this time, it was a man in a business suit.

"Yeah, it's already some moron," A third citizen commented.

"Hey, maybe someone should help."

All those idiots.

Lelouch thought disgusted by the lack of activity from the citizens, who should have been checking out the crash to see if anyone was alright. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Lelouch deposited his helmet and riding goggles into the side car of the motorcycle before hurrying to the crashed truck. As the crowd began commenting about Lelouch's involvement, the young man ignored them as he reached the trailer of the truck. But the driver cab was blocked to him.

"Hey, are you alright?" Lelouch shouted, but he got no response as he tried in vain to move a fallen steel beam cutting off access to the driver cab. When that failed, Lelouch began using a ladder on the side of the trailer to climb up and reach the driver seat that way. But as he did, Rivalz was forced to move the bike off the road, complaining about their situation.

"Yeah, yeah, I know it's the right thing to do. I wish the guy would quit flaunting his pride and give it a rest for a while! Now we're going to be late to school…"

After Lelouch reached the top of the trailer, he heard a voice call out to him.

It's you…finally, I found my…

What was that?

Lelouch shook the thought aside as he continued trying to reach the driver. But as he looked over an opening in the top of the trailer, the driver had regained consciousness. Once its driver, Nagata was wide awake, he quickly started the truck back up and threw it into reserve before racing away from the scene. His sudden reversal caused Lelouch to lose his balance and fall into the opening of the trailer, trapping him inside.

"Stop, I am in here!" Lelouch called out, but no one heard him. "Damn it, you would think they'd stick a ladder in here, too…"

"Stop the vehicle! Give yourselves up and you'll get a chance to defend yourselves in court! Surrender now!" A military pilot called out on a loud speaker as a trio of military combat helicopters closes in on the truck from behind. "Give up now or we'll shoot to kill!" the pilot warned before firing some warning shots to get his point across.

As the truck passed through a tunnel, Lelouch was stood behind a capsule-like device that the truck was transporting. But even if he found a way out of the trailer, he could either get shot or killed by falling onto the street below. However, when the door from the driver cab opened up, the young man took cover.

Lelouch watched as a redhead woman entered the trailer, taking off a blue uniform she had been wearing and showing a more revealing outfit underneath.

"Can you enter the subway through the Azabu route?" Kallen Kozuki asked as she began to board what resembled a Knightmare Frame at the back of the truck.

"Let's use it here! Why not?" The driver of the truck asked.

"Because that would mean a bloodbath!" Kallen snapped back as she climbed into the cockpit of a Knightmare Frame.

"Ugh…you're right…"

I have seen her before…

The young man could swear he recognized the woman from somewhere before, yet nothing came to mind. A few moments later after Kallen launched in her custom Glasgow Knightmare Frame, Lelouch tried to escape by jumping out of the back of the truck. It closed before he could even attempt such a risky escape.

"Damn it, these guys are real terrorists!"

Lelouch's situation was steadily getting worse and worse, but he still had a way out as he opened up the top of his school uniform to bring out a silver chain where at the end was a familiar blue marble.

Even if I use this, there is no chance I can make a clean getaway. I could be seen.

Other than the sounds of gunfire and explosions, there wasn't enough for Lelouch to provide a clear idea of what was going on outside. Yet from the way the truck was moving to the sides and increasing speed, it was clear that the military was in hot pursuit. As Lelouch contemplated his options, he found himself struggling to maintain his footing just as the truck made a sudden hard left turn. It was likely a quick evasive turn or quick escape in an effort to shake pursuers, although Lelouch suspected it was likely the former. The sound of gunfire and explosions faded, but the road became bumpy and the interior became darker.

It's getting darker in here and judging by the bumpy road, Lelouch thought before pulling out his cell phone to check if he still had service. I see. So we must be traveling through the old subway tunnels, heading for the ghettos.

Lelouch began looking around, but as his eyes passed over the discarded coat the female terrorist left behind earlier, he spotted a communication device.

I got to get out of here, but…Ok, I got it…I am not big on the military, but if I give them this terrorist communicator…No…I forgot…

The former prince thought he had a solution in mind, but quickly discarded it. He realized the solution could lead to further problems for him, especially considering the possible contents of what these terrorists might have stolen.

Suddenly, the truck hit a large hole in the middle of the tunnel it was driving through, stopping the vehicle in its tracks. Lelouch nearly stumbled over, but the young man grabbed hold of the large device the truck was transporting.

"What now, an accident?"

The truck's engine went dead moments later after struggling to get free. Lelouch took cover, but after the truck sat motionless for a few minutes, the doors on the left side of the truck's trailer opened up, revealing that the truck was stopped inside a subway tunnel. When Lelouch didn't hear anyone coming, the young man cautiously poked his head out from behind the device he had taken cover behind.

This is my chance. I better get the hell out of here.

Lelouch stepped into the open, cautiously looking outside the truck to make sure the area was clear before making a run for it. As he was about to run for it, a Britannian foot soldier flying through the air and preparing to strike the young man with a spinning roundhouse kick appeared suddenly. Lelouch deflected the kick with his arms, but the impact knocked him to the ground. Before he had a chance, the soldier seized Lelouch by the collar, pinning him to the ground.

"What the…are you Britannian?" Lelouch struggled to say, but the strong hand holding him down kept him from moving.

"That's enough mindless murder!" The soldier snapped as his gas mask slipped off, revealing his mouth.

"Wait! I am not with them!"

"Planning to use poison gas? Don't play dumb with me!"

"GET OFF OF ME!" Lelouch screamed as he tried to kick the soldier, who reacted by jumping away. The soldier got back to his feet, jumping back and assuming a defensive stance. "I am not here by choice! And if that's poison gas, it was made in Britannia, wasn't it?"

The soldier was shocked as he muttered, "My god."

"Mindless murder? Why don't you just obliterate Britannia!?" Lelouch shouted angrily.

"Lelouch! It's me, Suzaku," The soldier said as he removed his helmet, revealing his identity. Lelouch was shocked by this revelation as this was probably the last place on earth he was expecting his old friend from the days he had first come to Japan. They separated after the war between Britannia and Japan, having not spoken to one another since then.

"Suzaku," Lelouch said remembering the young boy he knew, his first real friend. But he was surprised by his career pathway, "You became a Britannian soldier?"

"Yeah, and what about you…are you," Suzaku began before Lelouch interrupted him.

"Just what are you saying?"

Suddenly, the capsule began opening up, emitting a hissing sound. Before Lelouch had a chance to react, Suzaku tackled the black-haired boy to the ground, putting his gas mask over his mouth to protect him from what the Japanese boy was sure would be poison gas. But instead, inside was a green haired girl with a white Britannian prison straightjacket.

"That's not poison gas. Who is that?"

After recovering Lelouch got up and demanded of the young man, "Poison gas; tell me the truth, Suzaku…this girl?"

"What's going on…the military is after this girl, but the terrorists assumed it was poison gas, weren't they?"

"I don't know," Suzaku didn't have an answer. "It's what they told us in the briefing."

Lelouch and Suzaku hauled the woman out of the truck and laid her out on the ground as Suzaku began undoing the restraints on her legs. But without warning, a series of large spotlights were turned on, illumining the area as over a dozen members of the Royal Guard stood in front of them. Lelouch's face paled as he immediately went for the blue marble he had moved into his pocket, knowing he was going to have to use it now, but…

"Stupid Monkey, being an Honorary Britannian will excuse you from this!"

"But sir, I thought this was poison gas!"

"SILENCE! You are supposed to follow orders!" The Royal Guard Commander snapped. He was a tall man, a typical racist Britannian at the worst with blue eyes, black hair and a scar on his face. He wore the custom red uniform of the Viceroy's Royal Guard. "However, in light of your stellar service record, I'll be lenient."

One of the commander's men handed his superior a pistol before handing it to Suzaku.

"Private Kururugi, you will use this and execute the terrorists."

Lelouch knew what this meant. He discreetly moved his hand with the marble out of his pocket and was about to activate his Intelligence Device, a vessel given to him by his new friends.

"I am sorry sir, but I can't do that. He is just a civilian and I cannot do that."

"I see," Suzaku's superior said before shooting him in the back with the gun he had intended to give the young man.


"Now, school boy, it's your turn."

"You are going to pay for that!" Lelouch said as his blood was boiling.

"And how would that be possible?"

The commander fired a shot, aiming for Lelouch's head, but an energy field of purple energy deflected it. With a look of vengeful fury in his eyes, Lelouch opened his hand, revealing the marble as he spoke.

"Abyss Soul, activate in device mode prepare for battle!"

"Yes sir," Abyss Soul replied as the weapon suddenly transformed into a device form as Lelouch held it. The artificial intelligence that drove the intelligent device, activated, as it began transforming into its combat staff form with the blue marble now the size of a tennis ball surrounded by a incomplete silver blade-like ring, two prongs that doubled as vents for the staff attached near the top while the rest was attached to a purple and silver metallic staff.

"What the hell is that!?" A Royal Guard said in fear.

"What do you call a Britannian who detests his own country?" Lelouch replied, ignoring the man's question, before aiming Abyss Soul at the Britannian Royal Guards. "Abyss Soul, Scatter Shot!"

The soldiers aimed their weapons at Lelouch, about to fire as a large amount of energy collected above the blue sphere on his staff.


A solid beam of purple energy shot out before breaking up into several separate beams, tearing through the shocked Royal Guards and killing them as some beams pierced their chests or heads for those unfortunate enough. The green haired woman was shocked as the Royal Guards dropped to the ground dead before Lelouch began laughing as his attire began changing.

At that moment, Abyss Soul initiated a second transformation while Lelouch's own appearance began to change as he donned what would be his own Battle Jacket, an extremely versatile and ubiquitous field-type defensive spell that is automatically cast upon activation of their device forming magical armor. The casual clothing he was in vanished as he became garbed in black robes trimmed with gold and silver. He had a flowing black cape with a purple interior, gold plates of armor on his forearms, white cuffs at the end of his sleeves, a sleeveless black coat with silver armor plating on the shoulders and parts of the chest where the cape was attached and a high collar that covered the lower half of his jaw. The coat had a purple interior and a black belt with a gold plate going across his chest, attached to a parted skirt of silver scale mail armor that protected his thighs. The rest of his attire consisted of a form-fitting black leather shirt lined with gold and it came complete with a white cravat that bore a small blue gem on it, matching black pants and black belted boots with gold knee armor and three silver buckles on the sides of the boots.

Gripping Soul Abyss tightly Lelouch looked down at Suzaku's still form while his eyes burned with a righteous fury.

"If they want a war…then I'll give them a war!"

The demon had been unleashed.

A/N: The Battle of Shinjuku Ghetto begins, but with the first of a new set of twists this time around. Lelouch doesn't have Geass, but he has Abyss Soul and his training in magic to back him up. And a few unexpected allies to make their appearance, how they became involved with Lelouch will be revealed in upcoming chapters following their appearances. Either it will likely change future events to come as well too and lead up to potent confrontations along the way too.

For those not familiar with Intelligent Devices they are needed for a mage to use magic as the device itself incorporates a sophisticated artificial intelligence in their design hence the name, enabling them to have some degree of autonomy and are sentient possessing their own thoughts and personalities. As such most Intelligent Devices choose their master since they cannot reach full potential with an incompatible master. Most Intelligent Devices seen in the series use the Mid-childan or Modern Belkan magic system, but Lelouch's uses a magic system that predates both of them. They generally speak Britannia, but Japanese-speaking models do exist.

Anyway read and review and tell me what you think, I already got seven chapters pre-made at the time of posting this fic so I'll post the next chapters after enough time has passed for enough feedback to collect so if need be I can make adjustments and etc to the chapters. A beta reader would be nice to help work out the grammar issues at least, but I'll try to correct as much as possible. I can make no promises through, but stay tune for the next chapter and thanks for reading.