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Chapter 2

The Rise of Zero

A G-1 mobile base sat on the outskirts of the Shinjuku Ghetto while the Britannian Military under Clovis's command surrounded the ghetto. Clovis sat on his throne within the command bridge, where he was told seconds ago that his Royal Guards were found dead near the truck. The Viceroy was anything but pleased at this moment. News that the device was empty meant the girl had likely escaped during whatever had taken place.

"I am terribly sorry, Your Highness. We'll recover her, I assure you." Bartley said while under Clovis's gaze. But the blonde haired prince ignored him.

"We'll move onto the next stage of the plan."

"Your Highness?" Bartley muttered, knowing that the Viceroy had in mind.

"If word gets out about her, I'll be disinherited. Tell the homeland we're carrying out a plan for urban renewal." Clovis began as he stood up rising from his throne. "As Clovis, third prince of the Empire, I command you: Destroy Shinjuku Ghetto! Leave no one alive!"

It wasn't long before the Britannian Forces, having completely encircled the ghetto, began a one-sided massacre of the civilians living there as anyone in front of the Britannian Army was ruthlessly gunned down. No one was spared, not even children as the body count began swiftly rose. Artillery shelling ravaged the ghetto, dramatically increasing the body count.

"These filthy Elevens aren't even worthy of becoming Honorary Britannians! Wipe out every single last one of them!" Bartley ordered over an open channel as the massacre of Shinjuku Ghetto continued.

Lelouch hid underground within an old subway station, a distance away from where he had witnessed his first friend in Japan being shot in the back. The woman with green hair was still with him. As it was, the young man could easily leave her and escape, but something within him kept him from leaving. The ceiling above him rumbled as a result of artillery fire, which was enough of a sign for Lelouch that the Britannian Army was carrying out a liquidation of the entire ghetto.

All because of this girl, but just what is she?

"This chaos is all your fault, isn't it? Just what are you!?"

The woman didn't answer her, but Lelouch was combing through possibilities. Yet, without any additional information, he couldn't come up with any logical conclusion.

"Soul Abyss, scan the female subject and check for abnormalities," Lelouch instructed as the orb on the top of the staff glowed.

"Yes, sir," Soul Abyss replied before a wide-spread blue grid of energy scanned the young woman's body leading to these responses.

"Scan is complete…Unknown entity - the parameters detected are similar to an Anima Compositus."

I see. So could she be an Artificial Being? Like those Wolkenritter? Or something else?

The green-haired woman wanted to protest, but the binds over her mouth kept her from speaking.

"I'll have to investigate you later, but if you want to escape, then come with me."

A short time later above ground, a Sutherland was speeding by when he was suddenly waved down by what appeared to be a ground forces trooper. The Sutherland came to a sudden stop to speak to the ground forces soldier demanding.

"You there! What is your ID and unit, soldier?"

"I am Apolly Bay of 12th Reconnaissance Company," The soldier spoke before pulling a disc from his pouch pocket. "I obtained this disc from one of the terrorists. Could I ask you to transmit this to headquarters for me, sir?"

"A disc, huh," The pilot said opening up his cockpit. "I still need to verify your ID first."

"Right, understood, but," The Britannian soldier said before vanishing suddenly. The pilot standing outside of his cockpit hatch was confused before a magical blast nailed him, sending him flying from the cockpit. Lelouch appeared moments later before entering the cockpit, upon which he raised Abyss Soul over the controls.

"Alright, let's see if those special functions Peter installed in you work. System override," Lelouch commanded as Abyss Soul glowed. It began hacking through the controls wirelessly.

"Override Successful," Abyss Soul reported moments later as Lelouch was now in control of the Sutherland.

"Excellent, but we still need at least a dozen more."

Sitting alone in the Student Council Clubhouse, but more specifically within the council meeting room, seated at a computer was a student. Browsing the internet, reading up on scientific articles and news reports, she was a young woman around sixteen and seventeen with mid-back brown hair that hung freely. She wore a pair of blue hair clips and reading glasses with large lenses. She was obviously dressed in the female uniform of Ashford Academy with white knee-high socks. Next to the keyboard, she was eating a peanut butter cupcake with chocolate frosting on top. Her brown eyes were reviewing an article before a faint beeping could be heard suddenly from a watch-like device on her left wrist.

Knowing who it was, she sighed in annoyance. However, she decided to accept the call, knowing he would just keep pestering her if she ignored him.

"What do you want, Lelouch? I'm busy."

"Skipping out on Physical Education again, I assume?"

"You're the one to talk, but why call?"

"Quattro, I assume you are in front of a computer, right? Could you give me the latest news? Anything about Shinjuku?"

"I can, but," Quattro began before she stopped her sentence midway as she bore a suspicious expression. "Lelouch, just what are you up to? I know you were going to engage in some more underground chess matches today, but you always returned to school on time."

"I don't have time to explain, but I will when I return. I am in a bit of a...situation here."

"What kind of situation?"

Lelouch sighed, but he knew if he was going to get Quattro to work with him, he had to come clean. "Well, I was on my way back to Ashford when there was a bit of an accident. A truck nearly ran us down, but it ended up crashing into a construction site."

"I suspect you decided to play the Good Samaritan again, didn't you?"

"Yes, but it happened after the power line on Rivalz's bike got cut during his effort to avoid us getting run down. The people gathered near the site like idiots, gawking at the crash."

"Well, what did you expect?" Quattro commented with a bored expression before taking a slip from her soda.

"Fair enough, but when I went to help, the truck turned out to be driven by terrorists who stole something from the Britannian Military."

Quattro spat out her drink in shock before demanding.

"WHAT! You…climbed into a truck being driven by terrorists!?"

"I know, of all of the trucks. Now, I'm in the middle of Shinjuku Ghetto and the Britannian Army is killing everyone. You know, gunning down civilians and bombing buildings?" Lelouch said rather casually, but he knew that Quattro would freak. He didn't even need to see her expression to confirm his suspicions as the young woman's face was frozen in a state of total shock. It wasn't long before she recovered and shouted.


"Easier said than done. The Britannian Army has this entire place surrounded and I have someone else here. She was locked inside a capsule, mistaken to be poison gas bomb. Abyss Soul detected some abnormalities; I don't think she's human."

"As interesting as this may sound, you need to escape. Just take the girl with you and we'll deal with it when you return to the Academy."

"I need to move her above ground. I haven't used dimensional travel with a second passenger before."

"Damn it!"

Despite being frustrated, Quattro regained her composure and quickly began thinking. The computer brought up the latest news related to Shinjuku.

"The only news on Shinjuku are traffic restrictions. Why its happening is unknown."

"Well, of course. Once they finish everything off, they'll release news that favors the military."

"Then, what are you going to do?"

"I'm gonna have to make an opening."

"Don't do it, Lelouch! The Bureau cannot find out about you."

"Then I'll do it the old-fashioned way. I got a terrorist communicator and a plan already in mind to turn this battle around without exposing my talents. I'll call you once I escape," Lelouch said before hanging up, leaving an irritated Quattro.

"That…ugh," The brown hair woman said before stopping her sentence.

Graham won't like this. I swear, as talented and intelligent Lelouch is, is he more trouble than he's worth?

Back at Shinjuku Ghetto, the former Britannian Prince was hiding in one of the old abandoned office buildings. The green haired woman sat quietly nearby as the sounds of battle echoed around them. Parked nearby was one of the Sutherlands he had stolen earlier while capturing a dozen more and hidden them in a mobile location. He was safe for now, but as Lelouch brought up a tactical display of the surrounding area with his Intelligent Device, he saw a three-dimensional map of the area around his current position.

They need to keep a lid on this information, so it will be hard for them to call in reinforcements. They will have to make do with the pieces on the board. But I'm stuck in here. Even if I could destroy a lot of them with Abyss Soul, I could attract the attention of the observation posts in orbit. Attempting to gain refuge carries its own risks as well. However…

In the distance, Lelouch saw a combat helicopter shot down.

I want payback for being dragged into your fight. And Suzaku…they'll pay for killing you.

With a plan in mind, the green haired woman finally spoke.

"How are you going to create an escape path?"

"I have captured a number of Sutherlands so far. The only difficulty left is to give them to the resistance group fighting here without them seeing me."

"I assume you forced the pilots from the machines?"

"I used a few tricks I had, but besides the one I captured for my own use, I removed the IFFs from the others."

"Then, why don't I give you something to help?"

"What?" Lelouch said as the green haired woman managed to free herself from her binds before standing up and putting a hand on Lelouch's shoulder. As his world was about to go white all around him, an unseen force suddenly sent the green haired woman flying back as if something within Lelouch rejected her. "What was that?"

For once in her long existence, the woman was completely shocked as her attempts to form a contract with someone had never been rejected in such a way before.

"I don't understand it…I wanted to form a contract with you."

"Whatever you were trying to with me, it clearly won't work," Lelouch said. He wanted to investigate the matter further, but he didn't have the time for this. "I need to go to work and deliver these Knightmare Frames to the terrorists."

"How will you do that?"

"I think I have an idea. However, I need you to stay hidden for now."

Meanwhile, back at Ashford Academy, another student was about to become aware of events transpiring. In the chemical lab, a teacher was standing before the board was using a black marker to write out a chemical formula for his class to see. The teacher standing at the board was surprisingly young for his age, being in his late teens to his early twenties with mid-back blonde hair tied into a ponytail with a bow of black ribbon. He had a fair skin complexion and wore a black suit underneath the white lab coat with a red tie, complete with black dress shoes.

"Technically, chemistry is the study of matter," The blonde haired man commented before putting down his marker and addressing his class directly. "But I prefer to see it as the study of change. Just think about this. Electrons, they change their energy levels. Molecules change their bonds. Elements, they combine and change into compounds. Well, that's all of life, right? It's the constant, it's the cycle. It's solution, dissolution. Just over and over and over. It is growth, then decay, then transformation. It is fascinating, really."

His name was Peter Vanderfloog. As far as people were concerned, despite being a simple chemistry teacher, he was very popular among the students for his engaging science lessons.

As he eyed the classroom before him, Peter's green eyes came to two empty seats, one of which was normally occupied while the other was sometimes empty. As the chemistry teacher continued his lecture into chemistry and its fundamentals, he opened up his mind and began reaching out; using telepathy he had with one of the missing students in question.

Quattro, why aren't you in class? Did something happen?

Oh, it's you…Well, something did happen and you are not going to like this...

Does it have something to do with Lelouch?

Regrettably it does…

Peter mentally sighed having a bad feeling about it.

I assume you are on your way to get him out of whatever mess he is in?

I am. I'll do what I can, but the situation is already spiraling out of control.

What exactly has happened?

Apparently, some kind of incident has happened in Shinjuku. The Britannian Army is wiping out its population and somehow, Lelouch got pulled right into it.

Peter was stunned, but he carefully kept his expression from changing while he kept teaching his class, as if nothing abnormal was happening. However, on the inside, several alarms were going off in his head.

Quattro, hurry to Shinjuku and stop Lelouch. I am worried he might do something foolish like openly use his magic. I know we have taught him to conceal it, but an unpredictable battle situation in Shinjuku could bring about a situation where he has little choice. I'll contact Graham and inform him of what has happened. Hopefully, he'll rendezvous with you and help with Lelouch if need be.

I know! I'll hurry...

Back at Shinjuku Ghetto, the situation was looking increasingly grim for the resistance group. Fighting a losing battle as the death toll kept rising; they were hopelessly outnumbered and badly outgunned. Inside her Glasgow, Kallen Kozuki was doing her best and among the only few who made any progress. But success was very limited and not enough to turn the tide of the battle. After shooting down another attack helicopter with a slash harken, a pair of Sutherland Knightmare Frames with red painted shoulders had appeared on the scene.

One of the Sutherlands was being piloted by Jeremiah Gottwald, the leader of the Purist Faction.

"Well, if it isn't our Glasgow friend."

Kallen spotted the two Sutherlands before taking off to evade them. They gave chase and it was only a matter of time before they close in on her. To complicate matters, she had thirty minutes left on her energy filler and once that was empty, that would be it for her. Yet, just as all hope seemed lost, an unexpected and unfamiliar voice spoke over the radio.

"The west entrance…"


"Use the tracks to move to the west entrance."

"Who is this!? How do you know this code!?" Kallen demanded.

"That doesn't matter. If you want to win, then you are just gonna have to trust me."

"To win?" Kallen said as she hurried along. After some careful consideration and knowing she had very few other options, she leapt onto the train tracks on a bridge and began traveling west. As Kallen moved along the tracks, she spoke through the radio. "Ok, what do I do now?"

Suddenly, Jeremiah's Sutherland and his partner's Knightmare Frame were catching up to Kallen.

"You pathetic eleven, if you simply run away, then this hunt offers nothing in the way of sport."

Just when Kallen was doomed, a train came straight at her as the voice spoke.

"Since you trusted me, you are going to win. Now, jump onto the train!"

"Got it!"

Kallen leapt over the train's main engine and hopped across the cars, leaving Jeremiah to catch the train with his machine as he slowed it down.

"Trying to escape through that way? Hm, if that is your plan," Jeremiah said as the train came to a complete stop. "You there, go after the Glasgow!"

"Yes my lord," The Britannian pilot said right before jumping. He never got the chance to chase the red machine as a pair of slash harkens hit his Sutherland in the waist and neck, knocking its head off and sending the machine off the bridge.

Hidden inside a bit of rubble within an overlooking building was a third Sutherland, which was the culprit that had taken out one of its own.

"Shot by friendly fire?" Jeremiah said to himself before calling out to the other Sutherland, unaware of who was inside the cockpit. "What is your name and your unit? We're after the one-armed Glasgow!"

No response was given save for the Sutherland opening fire with its machine gun, pelting Jeremiah's machine and costing him the its left arm.

"Oh my god, a terrorist!?"

Jeremiah tried to pull back, but a bullet took out a landspinner along with most of his left leg, stopping him in his tracks. In an effort to counterattack, Jeremiah took aim with his Sutherland's machine gun, but he didn't see the red Glasgow rushing back to launch a counterattack.

"You son of a-!" Jeremiah began but the battle cry Kallen gave alerted Jeremiah to the approaching danger, giving the man time to eject and escape a possible death at the hands at the Glasgow.

"You saved me. But how did you get a hold of a Sutherland?"

Kallen asked her unknown rescuer, but when she looked at the place where he had been hiding, he was already gone.

What, where did he go?

"Kallen!" A man outside of the machine called as he approached with a group of three others, consisting of two men and a woman. "What the hell was that radio message earlier!?"

"What? He contacted you, too?"

"He sure did. And Yoshida's group should be here soon." Kaname Ohgi replied as he received a call from their mysterious helper.

"Are you the one in charge here?" the caller inquired, asking the man in his early twenties with brown hair, wearing blue jeans, a large brown jacket and a tan shirt underneath with a red headband on his head.

"Uh, yeah…"

"I present to you the cargo in that train over there. There are tools for your victory. If you want to use them to win, then follow my orders."

Kallen went over to one of the cars and opened it up, revealing some Sutherland Knightmare Frames inside much to her shock.

"There's more in here!" Naomi Inoue called out after checking another car.

"Here, too!" Shinichiro Tamaki added before Yoshitaka Minami commented.

"There is even more here, too…Maybe we should give this guy a chance!"

"All of this, but how?" Kallen asked herself. But seconds later, she was called on again.

"Woman in the Glasgow!"

"Uh, yes?"

"Stay where you are. Your unit is going to run decoy, you got that?"

"Understood," Kallen replied.

In the distance, Lelouch hid inside his Sutherland on one of the upper floors of the old Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. In hindsight, it was fortunate that he decided to stash them aboard a train.

"Energy filler status?"

"About fifteen minutes worth," Kallen replied quickly.

"Then recharge it. In ten minutes, I'll contact you with your next instructions."

Lelouch ended the radio transmission before reclining back in the pilot chair. He was determined to pull this off, yet the question remained as to how he would get to Clovis inside the G1 mobile base. He could eliminate most, if not all of the Britannian Forces, but still there was the matter of getting through. He could use his illusion spells to get by the guards. Lelouch was then back at square one when it came to clearing out the command bridge of any guards protecting Clovis and the Staff Officers.

Perhaps, it's best to see how events will progress before I consider that.

The former prince thought as it was too early to really say how events would go; he still had a battle to win after all.

Quattro was cautiously making her way through the Toyko Settlement, yet traveling as quickly as she could without alerting the wrong people to her movements and capabilities. Ten minutes later, Quattro was inside an old building, but in light of the situation, she changed out her school uniform for her Barrier Jacket. It was based upon the old body suit she and others like her had worn, but it was all black with gray patches, mirroring the patterns of her old Combat Suit. She wore it quite literally her entire life for the most part until up to a year old, where she traded out the blue and light blue body suit for something new.

On her hips were three plates of black armor with additional armor plating on her shoulders. Her boots had a small green gem on the top near her knees while her gloved hands had a large green gem on her palms. She wore a white cloak trimmed with gray and black feathers around the collar, which came with long white sleeves.

Yet, that wasn't all that was new. Instead of either the old uniform she wore or a Barrier Jacket, Quattro wore a new type of Assault Suit designed to be superior to the Barrier Jackets used by most mages. However, Quattro's suit doubled as a hybrid Intelligent Device, integrated into her own suit by extension. It not only enabled her to use magic, but her device and suit enhanced her other abilities and skills.

Quattro stood alone in the old, crumbling room as a number of holographic computer screens appeared around her. As did a set of piano keys on a green holographic setup.

"Let me see if I can find your exact position, Lelouch."

At that moment in another part of the ghetto, the resistance group's counterattack under Lelouch's command was about to begin.

"Hey, are you sure about this? They all had their IFFs removed," Tamaki questioned, obviously having some second thoughts about the whole plan. "What if this is a trap?"

"The other side has total advantage in this war! They don't need to set any traps!" Ohgi replied. "Alright people, let's move. Get to your assigned points."

It wasn't long before Lelouch called them.

"P1, can you move?" the former prince asked. "It operates basically the same to what you are used to."

"Can't you at least tell us who you are!?"

"I can't tell you anymore. These frequencies could be intercepted," Lelouch said. He moved on to avoid giving Ohgi a chance to question the matter further. "If Q-1 is on schedule, then two enemy Sutherlands will reach you in twenty-three seconds," Lelouch noted before adding to their shock. "Shoot them through the wall."

"He's out of his mind!" Tamaki exclaimed.

"Everybody, double-check your weapons," Ohgi ordered in response, which was confident unlike Tamaki.

"Are you serious!?"

Almost on cue, the red Glasgow piloted by Kallen was spotted by the Britannian Forces.

"Enemy spotted at point F-31!" An officer on the G-1 announced to Clovis, who sat on his throne.

"A feint eh? How pedestrian."

"Tell Lazio's squad to go straight in! And then, have Hugo and Valerie strike from the rear!" Bartley commanded, expecting an easy victory. But as the two Knightmare Frames moved in, they were ambushed by Ohgi and the others who gunned down the two Sutherlands through the wall as Lelouch commanded them to do.

"Sir Hugo and Valerie's units have been lost!" An officer reported.

"An ambush?" Clovis asked surprised that something like that happened.

"An ID signal can be a double-edged sword," Lelouch began as he sat in the cockpit of his Sutherland. "Besides, if the resistance fighters follow my orders, then all of the conditions for my victory will be met."

Lelouch reclined in his chair and began issuing more orders.

"P1, P5 and P7, move to the right and fire your slash-harkens towards 3'oclock!"

"You heard him! Do what the voice says!" Ohgi replied.

"Damn, what else does he want us to do?" Tamaki complained.

"P5, ready?"


For the next few minutes, the battle for Shinjuku Ghetto was experiencing a sudden turn around. The resistance group stationed in the area that had been losing was now suddenly finding itself stopping the Britannian Military successfully in their tracks. They had a long way to go until victory was achieved, but Quattro was overhearing a lot of the panicked chatter on the open communication lines among the Britannians. They tried to frantically change their codes, fearing their transmissions were being intercepted, but Quattro had already deduced what was going on.

I see. So Lelouch used some of the illusionary magic I helped teach him and used it to trick the Britannian pilots to get out of their Sutherlands. He then captured their machines and gave them to the resistance fighters to fight back against the Britannians.

"The enemy is moving towards G-2-8!" An officer reported.

"Send Lazio's squad! No, I mean, George's squad!" A panicking Bartley ordered as Quattro was listening in on conversations happening within the G-1.

"This means...the enemy has our military weaponry?" Clovis inquired, finally realizing one of the reasons why the battle had suddenly gone against them.

"Well duh, dumbass!" Quattro commented to herself. "It's more than just that. Lelouch is a natural-born prodigy, with a genius-level intellect and keen mind perfect for tactical and strategic planning. You, on the other hand, are a pathetic excuse for a military commander! As are your Staff Officers! I am shocked the resistance groups in Area 11 haven't made much progress with such dumbass running the place."

No, wait. The Japanese are idiots, too. Because the so called resistance groups are a bunch of punk kids just fighting against the system and killing off their own kind as a result. The JLF is even worse because they are still fighting with outdated tactics and methods involving innocent civilians, that failed them badly in the war seven years ago.

Quattro thought, correcting herself mentally.

"Sir Williams has ejected! His unit has been lost!" Another staff officer cried out.

"Change our codes! They're intercepting our transmissions!"

"We already have, sir! Four times!" A second staff officer replied before Bartley snapped back.


You idiots, Lelouch is sitting in one of your machines, using the IFFs inside the machine to track your movements. Your moves are so predictable that it's even easier for him to swiftly counter anything you try.

"This failure is unacceptable!" Clovis shouted.

"Oh, someone is a sore loser," Quattro muttered teasingly. Someone new then appeared on the main screen as she hacked into the cameras on the command bridge to actually see what was going on.

"Good afternoon," A man with short light blue-white hair said to Bartley, wearing a white lab coat with glasses on.

"WHAT IS IT? We're in the middle of an operation!"

"Yes, and it's not going well. I say, it's time to deploy the ASEEC Special Weapon," Lloyd Asplund suggested much to the annoyance of Clovis.

"We have no time for this!"

"I am not sure how much the Lancelot could make a difference. Granted, its performance as a machine of this planet's technological levels are impressive." Quattro noted as she recalled hacking some information from the Advance Special Envoy Engineering Corps pet project. It was the first seventh generation Knightmare Frame, the Z-01 Lancelot.

I suppose that depends on the pilot, but I am surprised they found someone since I read a lot of test pilots had refused because of its lack of an ejection block.

Pushing the thought aside, Quattro began fluttering through the other chatter in the area. She was trying to find the communication lines between the resistance fighters and Lelouch, who was no doubt calling the shots. It wasn't long before the brown haired woman found what she was looking for as she heard a familiar voice.

"R2, fire slash harken!" Lelouch said as a resistance fighter took out a combat helicopter. "B7, use UN ordinance!" An armored vehicle was just taken out before the former prince added, which continued to amuse Quattro. "N-group, you will continue your advance."

A group of five Knightmare Frames advanced upon a group of four enemy Sutherlands that were suddenly trapped between them and another group of resistance fighters.

"You bloody elevens! Arrragh-" The pilot cried out on an open channel before his machine went down.

"We just lost Lazio's squad!" A staff officer within the command bridge of the G-1 reported as all of their men fighting within the ghetto perimeter had been taken out.

"So, do it! We'll have to bring up Quincy's squad," Clovis commanded, not wanting to lose. But Quattro didn't need to be a gifted strategist to know that what he was doing was a bad move.

"My lord, that will break the encirclement!" Bartley warned.

A wiser move would have been to recall your forces to the ghetto perimeter and call in an airstrike. But you are not going to do that, are you?

"Close the breach with some of the units guarding me. All we know for certain is that enemy forces are here."

My god, that has to be the biggest tactical blunder I have ever seen! Lelouch is going to skin you alive for making such a stupid move! Now, how will you respond, Lelouch?

A short few moments of silence passed on the resistance fighter's end before Lelouch's voice was heard.

"You…Q-1, do you have an area map?"

"I do…It's a map of the old town, but it has no current landmarks."

"It will do," Lelouch replied as Quattro recognized the woman's voice for a moment there. She remained quiet and listened to Lelouch giving out new instructions before sitting back to enjoy the show. It was minutes later before the final stage of his battle was upon them.

"Alright, send in Bert and the others, too," Clovis replied hoping to crush his enemy with overwhelming numbers.

"You might as well order them to shoot themselves in the kneecaps while you are at it," Quattro said as Clovis's troops were closing in on what they were convinced to be the enemy's position. Little did they know that the resistance fighters Lelouch commanded had fled underground to slip away by traveling under them.

"Surround them, and then close in! Their forces are at that center dot. We'll finish every single one of them off!"

Quattro watched with a smile as she knew what was coming. The Sutherlands arrived at the center dot and unsurprisingly found nothing there. She imagined one of the Knightmare Frames at this moment, likely the last one taking up the rear, turning around and firing its slash harken to bring down the ceiling of the tunnel they were traveling through. In turn, it caused a devastating chain reaction as over forty-five Sutherlands were instantly taken out by the collapsing ground they had been foolishly standing on.

"Hook, line and sinker," Quattro remarked before clapping her hands together, applauding Lelouch's successful and brilliant display of tactics and laughing at Clovis's misfortune.

Seeing Clovis slowly backing away, she could imagine him thinking.

Who...who in the hell am I up against?

Cleary, the only person he could think of would be the legendary Kyoshiro Tohdoh of the JLF. But even he knew this was way superior to Tohdoh's capabilities.

"LLOYD!" Clovis called out as the man was clearly out of options.

"Yes, Your Highness?"

"Can it win? Will your toy beat them?"

"My lord, please be so kind to call it Lancelot."

That could be problematic, but whoever they got as a pilot will be the deciding factor.

After some careful consideration it was time to contact Lelouch directly.

Congratulations on your success so far Lelouch, but I think you know why I am here?

I was actually expecting you a little sooner. I assumed you enjoyed the show?

Very much so. You know, you got the ASEEC newest Knightmare Frame about to come after you.

I see, so what are you going to do about it?

Lelouch inquired to Quattro amidst their telepathic conversation. The response Lelouch got was the sound of chuckling in his mind.

I think I have a new toy to play with.

Minutes later near the G-1, the custom trailer carrying the Lancelot was preparing to launch the new Seventh Generation Knightmare Frame. While the Special Corps were preparing it for launch, a young man Lelouch assumed to have been killed right in front of him was just changing into a white and black pilot suit with a gold trim. Suzaku Kururugi, having survived being shot in the back, had been carrying a pocket watch that deflected the bullet, saving him from a lethal gunshot wound. Though the bullet's impact did some damage to his ribs, it wasn't enough to stop him from piloting a Knightmare.

"Have you read the manual?" A female voice asked him.

"Pretty much," Suzaku replied before exiting the medical trailer.

"Well done. You have scored at the top of your class in the simulator," Cecile Croomy said before Suzaku politely interrupted her.

"Hey look…about what you told me earlier."

"Huh…It could happen, but the possibility is zero."

"But that means there could be a chance, right?"

"Yes, I am afraid that's true," Cecile replied as Suzaku stepped out, heading towards the special dispatch trailer that carried the prototype Knightmare Frame while the tarp covering it was about to be removed. "Even so, you are not to do anything reckless; the new system is not outfitted with an ejection system."

"Ok, I understand Miss Cecile," Suzaku answered as the tarp came off, revealing a white Knightmare Frame. Its shape and design was unlike anything Suzaku had seen before, lined with gold and really looking like a giant white knight with green eyes. "Is that it?"

"Yes…the advanced weapon developed by us, the Advance Special Envoy Engineering Corps. Lancelot, the world's first seventh generation Knightmare Frame."

"Well, if you are ready, Suzaku, we shall begin with the initial start-up," Lloyd ordered as Suzaku made his way into the cockpit of the white machine. As Suzaku was entering the trailer, getting ready to board the Lancelot, Cecile began preparations for launch.

"Prepare start up, beginning from Phase 21. Equipping energy filler," Cecile said as the battery filler was installed and its systems began starting up.

But before Suzaku could climb in, the cockpit hatch suddenly closed. From there, everything went wrong for the Advance Special Envoy Engineering Corps.

It happened at the moment the energy filler was installed. Lloyd and Cecile lost control of the start-up procedures as the monitors before them were not responding. Suddenly, the Lancelot activated on its own before its connection cables disengaged themselves from the trailer. It turned its head to their shocked expressions before a feminine sounding electronic voice spoke.

"Nice toy! I'm just going to borrow it for a bit…BYE-BYE!"

The Lancelot took off at high-speed, leaving its pilot and a shell-shocked Lloyd and Cecile. The blue haired young woman was the first to recover as she tried to warn the G-1.

Lloyd Asplund was still in complete shock while Suzaku was completely speechless, uncertain of what to do or say. Upon mentally processing all that had happened, Lloyd Asplund suffered a complete mental breakdown. It began with his right eye twitching before he began screaming. When his voice tried screaming from his high-pitch, he began stumbling about. Grabbing the radio from Cecile, the very upset designer and creator of the beloved machine cried out on an open channel.

"Someone get me the army! The marines! The Royal Guard! OR THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND, BUT GET MY LANCELOT BAAAACKK!"

"Please, sir. Relax. I am sure it will be-" A nameless technician said, trying to calm his superior down. His attempts were met by Lloyd seizing the man by the throat and proceeding to strangle him.


"Lloyd, please get a hold of yourself!" Cecile pleaded with her superior, but it was no good as Lloyd picked up a wrench and with a battle cry ran out after his creation.

"Lloyd, no! That's suicide!"


"No," Lancelot spoke as it turned around and flicked Lloyd away like an annoying insect. As his body impacted against the side of the trailer, he was knocked out. He was surprisingly uninjured for the most part, muttering random incoherent nonsense and insults before he was silent.

Suzaku could do nothing. He merely stood there as he didn't have any better chance of stopping Lancelot than Lloyd did. Instead, he tended to the fallen Lloyd by helping an engineer, who was trying to check him for injuries.

Quattro, on the other hand, was laughing like a maniac. She was clearly having a very good day as the young woman was about to turn what should have been their savor to prevent their defeat into their destroyer.

Cecile made a quick call to Clovis.

"What is it, now!? You already have authorization to launch the Lancelot!" Clovis snapped upon seeing the young woman's face.

"Your Majesty, we have a serious problem. The Lancelot has been hijacked remotely by terrorists!"

Clovis's face went pale. The blood drained from it seconds before the Lancelot began savagely attacking the Britannian Forces around Clovis's G-1 mobile command center. Quattro was laughing manically as she used the Lancelot to gleefully decimate their forces before attacking the G-1's defenses.

"Now, Lelouch, is your chance for a big finish to this battle," Quattro said while projecting her words mentally to the former prince.

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